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Nov 13 12 9:35 PM

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Nearly all the spices have medicinal properties with many of them being anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and toning to the body.  Turmeric is no different and studies prove its effectiveness.
Turmeric has many beneficial properties.   There is quite of bit of information that it is anti-microbial  (even shows properties against e histolytica) but also a potent cardiovascular helper and cancer killer.    It is well know for its balancing properties (adaptogen) and good anti-inflammatory herb.   I have read that higher doses are required since it is not easily absorbed and I have also read that heating it helps release the active properties.   I take about a teaspoon without heating.  

The article states that turmeric will help normalize the gut, furthermore it has anti-fungal properties and can kill worms when combined with neem and embelia ribes.   
This article supplies a wealth of information

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Nov 14 12 4:49 PM

From what I understand, taking with a little oil and phosphatidyl choline (I use PhosChol) will increase availability Linenup2.
Interesting regarding the neem. Have only used topically. Tough to get over the stench. What form & brand do you use? How are you taking it? Haven't heard of embelia ribes. Will check out.

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