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Oct 2 12 9:44 PM

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Do you have Gu?

Avreed sent this information over to me, which I found quite insightful.  Dr. Fruehauf's article on the take of parasites from a Chinese perspective and the problems they cause.  He has several formulas Lightning, Thunder and Dragon Pearls which are herbal preparations based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.   The feedback from the products have been positive and can be used for protozoa, Lyme spirochetes and other nasty pathogens.   

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Oct 3 12 9:43 AM

I have a barely opened bottle of Thunder Pearls - tried it for a few days and couldn't tolerate.  If anyone feels this diagnosis is a good fit and wants to try this product, and trusts getting an open bottle from a stranger - send me a message.  These were not cheap and I would be happy if they were able to help someone.  Please  do your homework though.

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Oct 3 12 2:45 PM

tilly - that is certainly disappointing news about not being able to tolerate the herbs. I called the Fruehauf clinic for an appointment and had a long conversation with an acupuncturist there. I told her I was SUPER sensitive to all drugs and herbs and was afraid I would not be able to tolerate the remedies. She assured me that they had patients who were intolerant to all medication who were very ill and could take the herbs. This is a big concern of mine as I am booked to travel from south Florida to Portland, OR at the end of the month. The trip alone is going to be incredibly difficult for me as I am also in stage 3 or 4 adrenal exhaustion, not to mention expensive. I truly am looking at it as my last option. However, your post makes me pause and rethink this. I'm sure they can modify formulas for individual patients but I'm wondering if I shouldn't request a phone consult and/or try some of the herbs first before embarking on what I view as a death defying trip across the country all alone. Were you prescribed the herbs by a practitioner or did you try this out on your own? Not that it really matters but I was wondering if another formula might have been better for you. I guess i'm just trying not to burst my own bubble as I had so much hope for this. Any other info you could supply about the herbs and/or formulas would be great. Thanks so much and take care.

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Oct 3 12 3:19 PM

tilly - P.S. Does the Thunder Pearls formula have Artemisia in it? I know I can't take that. There is a modified formula without it but I don't know what it is called.

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Oct 3 12 5:48 PM

Hi avreed - sorry, didn't mean to throw a wrench in things.  I don't see Artemesia in the formula I have, here are  the ingredients:

Also, I should explain that I ordered these on my own w/o seeing a TCM practitioner so I take full responsibility.  I learned about them from someone on a blasto forum who said they really helped him.  At the time I was sure I still had blasto but I now know it was E. hist causing symptoms.  The person who claimed they helped WAS seeing a practitioner and he said there was some minor discomfort (gas?) that I think went away after a few day.  Increase in gas/bloating can be traumatic for me and because I didn't know what was going on with my body and whether I even still had a parasite I took them for a few days and then gave up.  Frankly, I'm not sure it was the smartest thing I tried but I guess we all know about desperation.  It may be if I had actually seen a TCM dr. he/she would have prescribed something else or they would have modified it - I'm the first to admit I know nothing about TCM.  I hope this helps and you can find all the information you need to feel good about your decision. 

Also, after thinking some more about possible consequences of sending meds (even herbs) to someone I don't know I believe I should retract my offer to share these with others.  Sorry.

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Oct 7 12 10:26 PM

avreed sent me this article which is a take on Gu Syndrome  "Who's in charge inside your head"

This is an article on how parasites change  the host.  Which should explain the changes some of us have had following infection. 

tags: blastocystis, b hominis, parasites, protozoa, infection,  physical changes, mental changes

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Oct 9 12 6:01 AM

Hey lineup - I think I started w/ 2 per day, then took a break and tried only 1.  But I am figuring out that I have pretty severe colitis, apparently from E hist and exacerbated by treatment.  I am making some slow progress.

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Oct 11 12 5:58 AM

tilly - thanks so much for the explanation and the other info. I did speak with a doctor at the clinic (not Fruehauf) and he has suggested 3 formulas which I believe are Thunder, Dragon and Earth Pearls. Not exactly sure as I got this message last night from the receptionist. I will be calling the doc again the day after tomorrow to discuss the protocol and whether or not other supportive things should be added such as various nutrients and liver/kidney supportive strategies. I havee a lot of other issues besides the parasite infection - some which may be caused by it but other metabolic screw ups brought on by menopause and an iatrogenic overdose of steroids. So it's not quite as cut and dry as just getting rid of the parasite, if you can call eradicating any parasite cut and dry. Anyway, I'm exhausted by all the doctor appointments, allopathic and other, and right now feel like my nervous system is completely done in. Temporarily, I'm back on Alinia just because I was getting too sick to move. It helps but is not the whole answer. I'll let you know what shakes out after my next call to the clinic and how I do on the herbs. You're probably right to not sell the herbs to anyone unless it was a good friend. You don't want to be responsible for someone possibly getting ill and then blaming you. Sad state of affairs these days. All the best.

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Oct 31 12 1:01 PM

I actually saw an MD Ostiopath yesterday and she recommended I look into the Thunder, Dragon and Earth Pearls and also set up an appointment with Brehan Crawford at Dr. Fruehauf's clinic so I will let everyone know how that goes but the earliest appointment is Jan 10th, over 2 months away.  Ugh.

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