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Aug 25 12 4:48 PM

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I've been reading in the Lyme community that Ivermectin has helped purge many parasite infections, as lyme is most likely a protozoa.

Here's an example post

Might be worth looking at.
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Aug 27 12 3:49 AM

Sechmeth, how long did you take the horse paste and what dosage per day do you feel it was equivalent to? From what I've read 3mg 4 times daily is the recommended capsule form.

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Aug 27 12 5:57 PM

I took it according to my own weight, 5 days, once every night, 1 hour before bedtime, and 4 days break, then again 5 days and so on. 
It is sold for a 700kg horse, and it has notches with weight on it to dose it right. I am only 47 kgs, so I took just enough to get to the next 50 kg nick each time. One paste tube was enough for over 14 days for me. Since it tastes yuck,  I put it on a spoonful of yoghurt and drank a glass of water after.
My partner took it , too, but he weighs less, so he took it to the 70kg notch. He just swallowed the stuff just like it was, with water. 
Cost effective: 8 NZD for 10-14 days. Just make sure it is really only Iver in it, and not iver, prazi and whatnot. 

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Aug 29 12 4:47 PM

Thanks for the info. I've found a compounding chemist who will do 3mg x 100 for less that $100. A lest I'm aware of the dose and it has a non-allergy filler.

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