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Aug 17 12 9:43 AM

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I was recently diagnosed with Blasto and just found this website among others.  I have been reading everything I can and came across the Parisitology Center, Inc. in AZ.  The founder, Dr. Omar Amin is touted as the leading doctor (worldwide!) in regard to parasites.  I have emailed back and forth a couple of times with regard to their product FCR.  His son, Managing Director,claims and I quote..."....we have had approximately a 90% success rate when treating Blasto and the 10% that is has not eradicated were in heavy chronic cases".  (Too good to be true?)  I am hopeful about this but thought this is an excellent place to post this kind of information,to see if anyone has heard about it and/or used it with success.  It is completely herbal, but treatment is a long 2-3 months daily.  Please post any/all information/comments....all appreciated.  Thanks.

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Aug 17 12 10:19 AM

Many on here are going to Dr. Kevin Cahill in NYC.  He does a signioscopic test that no other doctor does, and has his own lab.  Look into him.

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Aug 18 12 1:26 PM

HiG Gibby..
Thanks for the information...appreciated. do you happen to know anything about the Parisitology Center that I mentioned and/or the protocol that Jackie Delaney recommends through the BadBugs.Org website? Mr. Delaney sent me the exact protocol outlining a combo of 3 specific (powerful) drugs and claims that it has shown an effective rate of of 82% for Blasto specifically. I am definitely a newbie to all of this and obviously to this forum so I am trying to find my way. If you have any insight/experience/comments about what I've mentioned...I'm all ears. Thank you.

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Aug 19 12 11:00 AM

I vote for Cahill.

from curezone..

"....Then someone referred me to Dr. Omar Amin of Scottsdale, Arizona, as he is claimed to be one of the best in the field of parasitology. The guy found nothing in me. Utter waste of time and money; then he tried to sell me his herbal products. Can you believe a doctor doing that? Amir too does typical stool testing and antigen testing.Then I flew to NY and saw Cahill and Bang, within a day he found what I had and now I am on meds. and feeling already better.....I called Amir to ask why he missed what I had with multiple tests I did at his lab, and asked if he was familiar with Cahill's method, and he was very peeved with my questions."

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Aug 19 12 3:46 PM

Interesting, I just did a search on Dr Omar. It lead to me another curezone link - it looks like Briboy saw him too-?

There is  also Dr Galland & Michael Biomonte (nutritionist) in NYC. Michael Biomonte claims to cure Blasto through herbal & rotation. My friend had a terrible experience spending hundreds up front for nothing. Although it was not for Blasto.

Obecurious, I'm sorry for the negative reply's on Dr Omar. But at least you are lucky to have others who have been through these doctors & have found out the hard way. Most of us did not have this kind of information at the beginning. I see everyone on this forum as very open minded to find someone else out there that can really help with parasites.

*Also on the same thread, another person talks about how they went to Cahill, diagnosed and cured, from another parasite called Ascaris! Very nice to see, especially for those out there who are skeptics of Dr. Cahill, saying he only diagnoses E. His. This is simply not true!!

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Aug 19 12 6:58 PM

I have done the three drug nuclear blast from the bad bugs page, and it did get rid of the blastos. However, I still have helicobacter and/or an ulcer. 
After finishing the standard treatment for helicobacter a week ago, today I had halitosis  (very bad breath) again. I ate a pinch of rice, maybe 5 kernels. I don't think I got rid of them. I also have heartburn again. I hate the fact I have to wait 5 more weeks until I can be tested . 

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Aug 20 12 1:07 PM

Obecurious, I'm sorry, I can't help you with the other protocalls.  I have heard of people going to the Parisotology center in Arizona on curezone.  I think she had cured her PPTU or Blasto or taking chapparel or something.  I took it for a long time as well.  I thought I had gotten rid of it as well because it was absent from my stool test finally!  But I was taking mega amounts of other herbs as well.  The next stool test showed it was back, so no cure for me.  I am sorry to not be of any help.  Gibby

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Aug 21 12 5:33 AM

it's okay...thanks for the response...i am overwhelmed and distraught by what's ahead.  Are you in the States?  My doc doesn't seem to be on board with helping me.  Don't know what to do at this point.

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