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#21 [url]

Aug 3 12 10:31 AM

Just to add - the diagnosis of MCS was given by 2 mainstream docs / profs at a major teaching university in the midwest ----- not just by alternative docs. 

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Aug 3 12 6:28 PM

Day # 9 -

I feel tons better than yesterday.  I avoided any anticandida supplements last night and stayed with minimal supplements.  I slept fairly well.  I ache a lot - body aches - beach walk was bad in the loose sand but I did the full walk we make. 

I didn't lower L/X today - my stools were better looking - my ear feels better.  I am sensing lots of mucus up there by the Eustachian tube and if this process is to reverse what has happened then I feel I am doing that.  There is a lot more noise when I pop my ears and move my head.  3 years ago I remember having a large glob of mucus that would move back and forth when I breathed as if I was breathing through my ears,  I had done that before.  I hadn't had that sensation again in the past 3 years but feel close to it right now.   There is a lot of drainage again today. 

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#23 [url]

Aug 4 12 9:31 AM

There was a recent post about SB and different formulations, I think by Secmeth (?) that I can't find.  I tried SB + MOS which made me bloat horribly.  If someone can refer me to information on the site or a recommendation on good type of SB that would be great.

Also, is there a way to view more than the one page of posts by a particular individual?  Thanks.

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#26 [url]

Aug 4 12 5:15 PM

day # 10

took 2 SF722 and 1 GSE plus last night - didn't sleep that well - got up and didn't feel all that great

but ...........  stools were the best I have seen for months

worked on a "toxic" project - some caulking type work on outside of house - got this stuff all over me  (not ordinary caulk but Vulkem Polyurethane sealant) and my liver survived as least so far it hasn't talked back to me and I quit 3 hrs ago after 3 hr exposure. 

mind is fairly clear, mood is fairly good and this was after 3 hrs of toxic work -

I have also pretty much blown the low oxalate diet this past week and am not paying the price for it as much as I usually do - I did suffer earlier this week but not this past few days

something is happening and it is good

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#27 [url]

Aug 6 12 7:03 AM

@kelly123 Although S. Boulardii can be a tremendous help for gut infections and increasing SIgA, be aware that for immune compromised people it can be pathogenic. Any bacteria or yeast that you put in your body can overgrow, even the good guys. Mostly this is seen in cancer and HIV patients however it happened to me and I needed abx to wipe out friendly overgrowth throughout my body. I did cultures -blood, vaginal, stool - and everywhere there was an overgrowth of friendly flora. I also had several pathogenic bacteria and B. Hominis so it would appear that my immune system was completely crashed (no surprise as I have severe hypogammaglobulemia). S. Boulardii has been known, albeit rarely, to cause fungemia in immune compromised patients and that is a very serious fungal overgrowth which no abx will wipe out. My previous doctor in NYC was Leo Galland and he took me off all probiotics and even though he is a big proponent of S. Boulardii, he didn't chance giving it to me. I may be the 1 in 10 million that has this issue but just a caution that there can be too much of a good thing for some people. If you are having such a strong smell reaction to S. Boulardii you may want to give it a break and try something else in the realm of various probiotics rather than a yeast. Rhamnosis and plantarum along with the usual lacto and bifido strains may be a good start.

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#28 [url]

Aug 6 12 7:42 PM

I was already aware of problems with SB and immune compromised people.  I had seen references to a couple of journal articles on it.  It was part of the reason I was limiting it to a week at a time.

This is day # 12

I assume this is die off - much worse than last week - and so I will do what linenup suggests and stop and resume when this has passed.  I was at 1 t xylitol and 250 mg LF with a little more of each with the nasal douches.  I think the 1 t xylitol was a little too much as I took it yesterday too and had more symptoms yesterday than previous days.  I may continue with just the nasal douches and not do the oral L/X. 

I am not sure how much is die off and how much is the toxic caulking but I suspect this is more die off than the caulk impact.  The liver has been talking back to me today.  There are other signs of liver back up I see other than just abdominal pain.  The BP is also up some today and I am watching that closely.  The ears are still clogged.  The stools were more problem today.   There are other symptoms too and I am very tired and mentally in a fog.  I need to let my body get through this. 

However last night there was a lot of drainage on the left side in the area I am targeting.     Also there was better hearing in that ear during the night.  It was a long slow night with more pit stops than usual too.  There have been urination problems today too. 

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#29 [url]

Aug 7 12 7:52 PM

Day # 13 -

morning was rough but afternoon wasn't as bad. 

lots of headache - frontal

liver is bad but not as bad as yesterday (and I have seen it a lot worse than yesterday before) - ate bread and butter tonight and liver didn't like the butter I think - been sipping a lot of lemon juice and took milk thistle and dandelion for liver so far

suspect I am detoxing via urine too

only L/X is in the nasal douche - will use 10 ml twice today so that is 1/6 of 250 mg LF and 1/6 of t of X - no virastop -

haven't checked the BP today - took 1 pill (for years I took 3 - finally got off just over a month ago - slowly tapered it down so I still have pills around) but there aren't the palpitations like yesterday and those are always a sign it is UP. 

I need a decent night sleep - those are few and far between anyhow

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#30 [url]

Aug 8 12 8:14 PM

Day # 14 -

not ready to resume L/X yet by any means - liver is still way too sensitive - most of the pain is now local to the liver (I get liver / gall bladder pains elsewhere I have discovered over the years) but there is also some brain fog still and the ears are very full / clogged

been trying to do some lymph drainage (not experienced in it really) and may end up trying more liver flushing and possibly homeopathics that have worked for me in the past - I also went to 2 doses of bentonite a day for now to see if that helps

I noticed today after lunch the abdomen made tons more noise than usual - I normally do an epsom salt bath then and it was during that I noticed it -

as much as I don't have any kind of "gut"diagnosis - i.e. no official parasites etc.  this protocol sure did something to the gut - I am not really surprised and it is again a reminder to proceed slowly

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#31 [url]

Aug 9 12 5:47 PM

Day # 15 -

morning was rough but feeling much better this afternoon - plan to resume :L/X at half dose where I stopped tomorrow and see (so this will mean I plan to take 1/2 of 250 mg LF and 1/2 t of X plus the nasal douche)

stools are actually delayed (no urgent half hour after I got up having to empty it all out) and what has passed has shape today - liver doesn't ache as much as last night (I took one dose of a homeopathic I have used before and think it helped) - brain is still foggy but not as much as this morning - eyes have been bothering me - ears are not nearly as clogged / full as yesterday - mouth is not as irritated / metallic as last couple days

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#32 [url]

Aug 12 12 6:50 PM

We are now on Day # 18 and also a year older -

Yesterday wasn't super great but today is better.  I am taking 1 virastop then half hour or so later 1 250 mg LF and 1/2 t X.  I am doing 2 nasal douches of 10 ml of solution each (1 LF, 1 t X in 4 oz water).  I may go up to 3/4 t X tomorrow.  There are other supplements I take but been trying to minimize these - antioxidants, a B complex, minerals mainly trace, minimal calcium, and magnesium as well as some probiotics.   

My liver is close to feeling normal today.  I feel my ear / throat area is better but only time will really tell.  There is more noisy fluid when I pop my ears and since I passed that stone 2 weeks ago the eye pain hasn't been as bad in the evening.  I have more constant drainage on the left side and I think that is good; of course if I were to go to a doctor about it they would want to dry it up and I have read several places that isn't a good idea.  The drainage has been saltier; it was salty like that 8 years ago too then had disappeared.  There wasn't eye pain back then. 

I am writing my story here for lack of a better place to do it but want someone to find it if they google with similar problems.  I am pretty sure of biofilm in the head (ear, sinus, tonsils etc.) and probably have it in the intestines too.  

I found the L/X protocol at an autism board (don't have autism), a Morgellon's site (don't have Morgellons but had belonged to a forum 2 years ago when I trialed DE),  at curezone (I can't follow that place though I have tried - gave up there long ago) and here.  The protocol is best spelled out here on what to do.  There are a few "commercial" sites that have similar protocols too. 

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#33 [url]

Aug 13 12 9:32 PM

Day #19

did 3/4 t of Xy this am - did okay with it or so I thought -

but tonight after the second nasal douche the liver got really painful - might be something I ate - might be that I took a bunch of EFA / fish oils - don't know but back to a little less tomorrow again 

mind is fairly good - no brain fog just liver pain and hot - had lots of ear pressure couple hours before the liver pain and it settled down some but still present - no burning mouth tonight which I had expected based on how much oxalate I have been eating lately (and oxalate could be behind the liver pain too I realize) 

stools today looking more normal - good shape - smaller quantity - more frequent than just one giant dump

so back to 1/2 t Xy tomorrow and will see - don't think there is a problem with the LF but could be - each day I have taken it I took one full capsule (not half like I planned a couple days ago) and then small extra amount in the nasal douches - the X has been the one I have tried to work up with

I still think the ear / throat area is better - not great yet - still lots of sticky noise and drainage

oxalate and biofilm?  - anyone know how they are related? 

I am wondering if the oxalate digesting bacteria are being hidden behind the biofilm in the gut and as I am gradually getting rid of it, (or so I hope) they are being exposed and are handling the oxalate in the diet better - this is what I suspect might be going on - also other things are being exposed too and are releasing the stuff my liver is dealing with 

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#34 [url]

Aug 23 12 7:08 PM

I had returned to L/X and was trying to build the X back up .  3/4 t no problem but then I added a nasal douche with 3 ml of a Grapefruit seed extract solution (same % as the nasal spray I had made a while ago) and 2 ml colloidal silver - that was too much (swallowed it none came out the nose).  That seems to be the most logical answer but there were a couple other things it could have been too like a skin brushing  or a few extra probiotics (I made a list of the changes). 

Whatever set it off, I got a major liver overload.  I had to stop the L/X again.  I am finally getting some relief in the "brain" area but I spent part of one day on the couch with chills and being cold even though this is summer (yeah I live on the coast and summer isn't super warm but still I was under blankets with cold feet).  I have had a lot of toxic and metallic tastes with this too which are finally settling down.  I reek too or at least I think I do - I know the sweat this morning was pretty overpowering when we moved some boxes and furniture around. 

Biotin seems to help it.  The liver is still very sensitive and I don't want to push it.  Sleep hasn't been very good and I need it. 

I am not sure when I will resume L/X right now.  This "die off" was a lot worse than the other one was.  I am seriously looking at a liver cleanse fairly soon. 

We have a floor being redone tomorrow and the next day and the cleanse looks it will be in the next few weeks assuming I have what I need.  If not I will work with what I have.  I have done them before for gallbladder - I don't think the gallbladder is a problem this time. 

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