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Jul 10 12 3:08 PM

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Day...I dunno. Today. 

My s boulardii from thorne arrived today, finally. I will start to take it three times a day for a week, to get used to it, and next week I will up it to 1000mg a day. I need to take it at least for 14 days, like in the papers. 
I also got cucurmin 500mg each, and I will take 1 this week, before lunch. 
I am still taking less than 1 tbsp of psyllium, still increasing. 
I started with freezing garlic, and thawing one clove up before meals, cutting it in slices and swallow them. Three times daily. Oh, I also take some leftover cheap oregano oil (7 capsules a day ), it will have to do until my ADP (biotic reserach) arrives. 
Besides lots of fat like flax seed oil and coconut oil, butter, cheese (hmm, brie) and meats, I do not take anything else atm. 
I have found I can tolerate cauliflower, small amounts of pumpkin and onions. 

I prepared an awesome chicken liver pate yesterday, wow, it was easy and it tastes divine, and it has so many vitamins, especially vitamin A. I eat at least 1 tsp three times daily. Hmm. 

500g chicken livers, wash, marinate them in yoghurt and water overnight, dry them with a papertowel. 
Heat 3 TBSP coconut oil in a pan, sautee the livers for 6-8 mins. Then add sage, rosmary, salt, pepper, 3 cloves garlic and 1/cup stock, boil for 1-2 minutes. Let it cool down, and stuff it into a blender, blend. Keep in fridge for 1 week or freeze. 

Woke up feeling crappy, and I still feel crappy today. I was depressed all day yesterday. 
So I fried up some bacon and made me an egg, but I am not sure if that was a good idea. 
On the other hand, Dr. Svensold wrote that Blastos live off everything they can get: probiotics, lipids, carbs...small wonder I feel like I do. 

My partner made it safely to New York. Only two more weeks and he is finally back. 

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Jul 11 12 3:12 PM

Hello, day two. 

I had some trouble to find an oregano oil with more than the tiny amount until the ADP comes, but I found some and ordered it. Since it has to be 600mg a day, it is 4 tablets, 3 times a 
I will have it by tomorrow. No wonder it never worked. 

I found that as pumpkin, carrots are too sweet, too...or that I simply try to eat too much, and the bugs are happily sharing with me. Today I will try to eat more often, but smaller potions. It also makes sense, I mean, I am thin as a stick, but I dont want to gain weight too fast with all these high-fat stuff I am taking. I mean, a whole camembert as an evening snack? 
Any way, my weight has increased a bit. looked like being 43kgs this morning. Okay, period starting soon, so one kg will be water, but anyway. Great news for me. 

To S. boulardii and the garlic: I froze the garlic and had one, sliced up, with water before meals, and the s boulardii 4 capsules between meals...This morning, my BM was much easier. I was fearing I am going to prolapse soon, so much I strained over the last months. So far, so good. 

The pain is still there. Okay, I should not expect any wonders, lol. I upped my oregano oil again (the crappy one, only 17.5mg a capsule) to get ready for the stronger stuff (should be there tomorrow morning, weee)

My Bf will fly to LA today, and then drive by car to San Diego. He is an illustrator, computer game designer and is planning to learn organisational development, to be a coach. But first, he has to earn money, and he is planning to approach the publishers over there at the comic con. 

I had a thin cup of decaf this morning, the first one in a few months, and nothing ever tasted so sweet, lol. I am a caffee addict. Cannot wait until I can have soy milk again, or even normal milk... oh well, snails pace. 

Yesterday was overall crappy. Strong pain. All day. I rate it a 3-4 (1 being awesome and 6 being "so bad I want to die")

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Jul 12 12 5:07 PM

Third day. 

Wow. I upped the dose again of the oregano oil (still lower than 200mg, but still) and the psyllium (1.5tsp, twice daily) and I feel more energetic today. Not only that, I also dont need the hot water bottle to deal with the pain yet. This is new. Good BM, too. 
Still taking 1000mg of s boulardii, (in two doses) too. And 500mg of cucurmin

I got my ox bile, EPA and HCL today, will take it today, too. oh, and 200mg oregano oil today

I even had a cup of coffee...and no increase in pain or bloating. Wow. Okay, pain is still there (like a grandpa threatening me with his cane) but definitely better than might be just one of the random good days, but who knows...

I have ordered long pepper, too, and I am planning on making garlic and long pepper wodka, lol. 
its 100g, so there should be more than enough to still use it to cook, too. 

Until tomorrow. 

Rate today...uhm...maybe a tad better than 3

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Jul 15 12 7:42 PM

6th day. 
I still feel okay, but I have a bit of pain again. On the other hand, I eat too much. 
I am now at: 
600mg oregano oil (the not so good brand but what the heck)
2 tbsp Psyllium
1000mg cucurmin
1000mg s boulardii  a day, as well as ox bile, HCL, garlic and EPA

New additions: 
fermented cod liver oil (Vitamins D and A)
2 tsp nigella oil
3x 250mg GSE. 

I also got my long pepper, and I will read the papers on how to prepare so they are most effective. 

I am wondering a bit if the oregano oil and the GSE kill my probiotic yeast...on the other hand, I take them a few hours apart from each other, so they don't come into contact with each other.
I am bloated as hell again. I really hope this works. My energy is still pretty good, no die off symptoms, though. 

I have to go and see my GI guy today, to discuss the findings of the colonoscopy (there will be nothing). I doubt he will listen to me...he never does. I will give him the paper about blastos and IBS (the good review) and tell him I will come back once I got the MM results. I am still waiting on those.  
A girl here in chch got paromomycin for 7 days only...she felt awesome for three days, then once she stopped, all came back. Now her doc insists she has IBS and is not agreeing to try the CDD treatment. I will not go down that way. IF they will prescribe me paromo, then I will insist on it being at least 14 days, and only if I can get nitazoxamide as well. Paromo works by killing off the main food for blastos, but they need a few days to starve. Sheesh. Nitazoxamide is the main solution for most of these buggers. Anyway, lets see how my scientific herbal approach works on my bugs. Since I am now on the right dosage, I have now 41 days to go. 

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Jul 16 12 4:23 PM

Day 7. 
Had a long day yesterday. Not only did I mess up by eating 1/4 tsp of sauerkrautjuice, but my computer catched a worm, too. Spend three hours to get rid of it instead of sleeping. 
I also suspect the fermented cod liver oil in giving me outchies, too. I will leave it out today and take another VitD supplement instead. 
I also reduced the GSE, since I fear it kills my s boulardii too fast. 
The pepper is yummy to cook with, and the nigella oil has a nice cumin taste, really interesting in my soups. 
I feel better than yesterday, but I also know that it will take at least another day to get rid of the pains again. 
So: 600mg Oregano oil, 4 capsules s boulardii, 1 GSE, 1000mg cucurmin, garlic, 2 tsp nigella oil, ox bile, HCL, vit D, 2tbsp psyllium. 
My lymphnodes hurt today, but It also can be the flu, since it is flu season here and everybody around me seems to be sick. But I am fine. Or its die off, I would not mind that. 

I also went to see my GI guy, and I have no clue what has must have been his evil twin or something up until know...He was suddenly reasonable, and he listened! We talked calmly about the vit D, about elemental diets, my blood test results (liver enzymes normal, thyroid hormones normal, B 12 down to normal (took high dose b12 before).only Vit D nearly non existant. 
He then asked me how felt on the picoprep, and after I told him it was awesome, he blinked confused. He then told me that this is news, since it means I have not IBS, and that it can be fixed. He also told me that in hindsight, he should have the lab test for blastos specifically in the liquid he took from my gut. He likes the idea of me making my own jones medium to test for blastos once it is confirmed I still have it and recieved treatment. He wants me to wait for the DNA test and asked me to email it to him, since it is cheaper than me seeing him. He wants me to write him what I am thinking about the results, and if it is Blasto, he will sign me the letter for Dr. Borody in Sidney. He told me he knows Dr. Borody, since he used to live there during his studies, and that Borody is a really clever man, and has done awesome work on clostridium before he stopped being "mainstream". He says if it is blasto, and I can get the meds here, he will try to get it for me or signs whatever is needed, even if it is from mexico, lol. He is willing to monitor me durng the CDD treatment, if I need it. 
...I was speachless. Who was that and what has he done to the GI specialist I know? He was also suprised but happy that s boulardii and oregano oil reduces the symptoms slightly, and asked me to send him more info on blastos....

Now to something completely different: my partner is finally coming home on friday. He has enjoyed his stay at san diego comic con, is madly in love with Nathan Fillion now, has asked Alexander Skaarsgard for a kiss and got finally Bruce Campell to sign his beloved zombie comic. And he got me a signature from Bruce Boxleitner, on an original age old pic from Tron, since I love Tron since I was a tiny 6 year old with piggy tails. My mom never understood me. And Bruce apparently looked a bit confused when he asked him to sign this specific pic. Guess noone is that old to remember anymore, lol. And it even says "get well soon". This is as epic as the pic of me and Ian McKellen after his Shakespear show here in Chch. 
Geeks untite. 

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Aug 3 12 4:37 PM

Hi all, 

I am 4 days into the standard eradication protocol for helicobacter, but I am still doing a stomach cleanse, an immune system (IS) build-up and the additions I mentioned in the helicobacter info thread. 

Since I switched the yeast probiotic from "with food " to "on an empty stomach", the bloating subsides pretty good, to maybe...hmm...20%. I still bloat pretty badly in the evening, but I guess I eat too much for dinner. At least the pain is still pretty much gone, although the spot were it was feels sore after eating (I bet its an ulcer)

I have found a stomach cleanse protocol in a book I bought about helicobacter, and I adapted my supplementations to match. 

Here is what I do atm. 

After waking up: 
1 cup PauD'arko tea: protects from candida invasion (damn PPI), kills helicobacter, stimulates IS
1 Zinc carnosine: for healthy stomach lining
1 s boulardii
1 mastic gum: kills helicobacter, aids gut functions. Some people react badly to it, though
2 Broccomax: Broccoli is very good for a healthy gut, protects from cancer, and sulforafine kills HP
1 Serrapeptidase: against biofilm
1 MSM: good for mucosa, bugs loose grip, another antibacterial, antitumor sulfur compound from cabbages
1 vit D3

with breakfast: 
Antibiotics and PPI 
4 caps oregano oil (Biotics research ADP, slower uptake, less irritating, strong, against all pathogens
1 vitB6 in high dose (I have cryptopyrroluria, so yeah. I should have taken it more often)
1 cup herbal tea :Fennel, lemon balm, lemon verbena, camomile, etc.)
1 lactoferrin: Iron scavenger
1 immune advantage: Immune globulins

morning tea: 
2g Vit C
1/3 cup  Kefir (self made)

1 GSE: to protect from candida invasion
2 high strength, 12 strain probiotic (before food!)
1 Acidophilus (before food)
4 oregano oil
1 Vit A (high strenght, to heal, do not take if planning to get pregnant)

Afernoon tea 
2g Vit C
1/3 cup Yoghurt (self made, no lactose)

same as BF

Before bed: basically same as after waking up, I just add the high strenght probiotoc and an acidophilus, too. 

My diet has no carbs, no tea, no coffee, no milk, no fruits or artificial sweeteners, and I cam still careful with vinegar and tomatoes, since the acid can make me worse. 
Else I eat eggs, meat, fish, coconuts and almonds, and cooked veggies, like cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin. 

I made coconut pumpkin pancakes this morning, and yesterday I made a fake cheese sauce to pour over my carrots and brussel sprouts made out of cooked cauliflower, cooked onion and cheddar. wow. Not to mention the huge meatloaf I made. 
I will try some beans today and see what happens. 


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#7 [url]

Aug 12 12 4:32 PM

Hello all, 

I am seeing the light. No, not the lights of an ambulance, but the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I am really convinced that my observations and my last diagnose was correct: I have an ulcer due to Helicobacter pylori, located in the jejunum. 

Since then I have avoided all that is sour, acidic, or irritating (sadly this includes my coffee, too). I am on SCD again. And you know what? I had no pain on sunday. NONE AT ALL! 

I still take a crapload of supplements, but most of them are for healing the ulcer (lapacho tea, mastic gum, zinc carnosine, msm, DGL, Vitamins). I also eat lots of yoghurt and kefir, and take probiotics. 

I have finished my antibiotics, and started to add 1/4 tsp of honey a day. What a relief. 

I am still nauseous often, but it is hard to say this is from HP or from the ulcer, both cause nausea. I will do a breathtest for the HP in a few weeks, and eventually I can get something to speed up the healing of the ulcer. 

One way or the other, I finally know that I can heal. I am already on my way there. I even got my period again, after more than a year without. What a relief. I just hope the ordeal didnt leave me infertile, but I will worry about that in a year or so, back in Germany, since I dont trust doctors here in NZ anymore. It only took them 2 years to diagnose an ulcer. 

See you next week, hopefully with even better news.

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