Jul 2 12 3:33 PM

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Hello all. 

I survived the week in Auckland, and more or less okay, but the pain increased due to the unfamiliar diet. Grrr. 
I had done my MM stool samples before I flew and had sent them off to Australia. Yesterday i recieved a call the the australians are sending the samples to MM in the US. WTF? Why couldnt I send them to the US in the first place? How long will it take now to get my results? 

I also gave a ton of blood together with three stool samples in PVA fixative to the hospital here. And I will have a colonoscopy on friday. 

I have started with the GAPS diet, and I feel okay. less pain (only a bit in the morning, due to lactoferrin, and in the evning gurgling, due to colostrum), but overall headaches and tiredness. 
I am in stage 1, and use whey as probiotic food. 
Supplements I take so far is 1 lactoferrin with 2 biokult first thing in the morning, 1 zinc, 1 glutamin, a cal/mag/vit D and 1 oregano oil with breakfastsoup ad garlic, 
1 zinc, one cal/mag/vitD , oregano oil and glutamin for lunch, 
1 phosphatidylcholin and vitA with oregano oil for dinner, and 2 Biokult with a colostrum before bed. 

I have orderred EPA (fatty acid), bile salts and HCL , and I am going to buy some flax seed oil and some cod liver oil today. 
I prepared some sauerkraut, and cannot wait to get my kefir. 

I will eat some veggies with my soup until thursday, since I am not allowed anything else than clear liquid on thursday and friday anyway, so these will be my bonebroth only days. Once I am done with my colonoscopy, I will increase the biokult and the lactoferrin again. I also want to try eggyolk on the weekend. 

My partners stool samples were negative, but the doc said that it is normal, since they didnt use fixative or culture, and said he would have taken at least 6-9 samples if he would have been in spain for longer. 

Depending on what the colonoscopy, the stool samples or MM test will say, we will try to get better treatment. But until then, I am on my own with GAPS. Who knows, maybe the probiotcs I take will push the bugs out...at least I feel a bit better, less pain. 

If anyone is interested, I could post the GAPS intro outlines. 

Cheers, Simone