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Jun 22 12 8:46 AM

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Hello Lineup,

I have a PPTU, and Endlomax, but my condition might be complicated by SIBO and a high levels of Sacchaomyces yeast. I would like to try the Lactoferrin/Xylitol protocol. I have been told not to ingest Xylitol because I have SIBO. Is it possible to get results with the protocol without the Xylitol? Is there any substitute for Xylitol?   Can I use Xylitol  at lower levels if I am unable to tolerate it?

Also you seem to have great knowledge of digestive problems and treatments. I wonder if you might be able to verify a suspicion I have about antibiotics. My illness began after I had taken cipro and doxy for extended periods of time. Also during my treatment for SIBO I was given neomycin, erythomycin. I know most of these antibiotics are manufactured from Streptomyces bacteria or synthetically to be similar to those derived from Streptomyces. My Metamatrix stool test showed very high levels of Streptomyces bacteria and low levels of almost all other bacteria. Can my use of these antibiotics have caused an increase in my Streptomyces levels at the expense of other bacteria and can this be a cause of some of my symptoms.?

Also is it possible that parasites can cause SIBO? I tested positive for high methane and hydrogen levels on a breath test. Can parasites produce the methane and hydrogen found in my breath?

I greatly appreciate your insights.


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Jun 23 12 9:56 AM


I never took any sacchamyces supplements, However I was baking my own bread at the time my symptoms first arose. Also I was drinking beer but not to excess. I am baffled why my Metamatrix test showed high levels of yeast. I am hoping that it is because I drank beer the night before the test but I do have symptoms consistent with yeast problems.. 

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