Jun 20 12 4:56 AM

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Hi all!

I found an interesting study about the effectiveness of praziquantel in treatment of intestinal amoebiasis and giardiasis:


Mohammed KA|Strak SK|Jawad AM|Al-Sadoon IO|Mahdi NK
Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. ; 4(1):161-163.

Praziquantel, in a single dose of 40 mg/kg body weight, was effective in more than 80% of patients with amoebic dysentery and in 70% of those with intestinal giardiasis. These results were comparable to the effect of metronidazole, the difference being the use of a single dose of praziquantel, the rapid disappearance of clinical signs and symptoms and the ability of praziquantel to eradicate the cysts of E. histolytica. (excerpt)"

I found it while I was searching for a connection between Praziquantel and protozoans. My wife took two doses of it and after that she was feeling better. No bloating and gas for two oder three days. The gurgling was reduced, her stool was perfect and she felt generally better. But just for a couple of days. I guess the dose was not high enough and she took it to short.