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Feb 7 12 1:12 AM

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This may be a tad off topic as it's not specifically parasite related, but does anyone know of an antibiotic activity database that is open to the general public?

I'd like to know MIC (Minimum inhibitory concentration) for various antibiotics on various different types of bacteria and I can't seem to find any very good databases. I'm suspecting they're all only accessible by medical professionals.

I want to investigate nitazoxanide specifically, because it's apparently not just a good anti-protozoal, but a great anti-bacterial and anti-viral as well!

I also remember seeing some really nice guides the doctors use in their clinics for choosing antibiotics. I'd love to get my hands on one! :)


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Feb 7 12 3:39 AM

Did some basic checking and did not see anything.  I purchased a antibiotic handbook which may have contained this information.   As a side note, Nita is also a worm killer.  

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Feb 8 12 2:13 AM

Seems like it's an everything besides fungus killer! I didn the blasto triple therapy a few years ago and had 100% remission for 1 1/2 weeks before relapse, but no protozoa has ever showed up again on stool test. Besides pptu of course.

I'd give it another go, except the first attempt darn near killed me, I've never really fully recovered and suspect it triggered off my autoimmune disease. I lost 5kgs in 10 days!!

Those 1 1/2 weeks were heavenly though. I've since gone on to develop very extreme MCS as well as EMF sensitivity.

I've spent a lot of time wondering which drugs helped the most....

furazolidone?  nitazoxanide?  I know it was secnidazole as I've done the 'other' triple therapy too and it did nothing besides make me worse.

I suffer pyroluria and it felt like my pyroluria disappeared after that initial triple therapy only to return. pyroluria is so not genetic!!

This is the best antibiotic comparison containing nitazoxanide I could find:

It's only target at SIBO though, I want something more comprehensive.


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