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Jan 19 12 12:31 PM

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This is a product which many Morgellons sufferers are beginning to use, myself included.  If you do a search on it you will see that it is made by Coeus Technologies,

I just talked with the person at the company to order it and he tells me that a Dr. came to talk to him about it in regards to Morgellons. He gave me the name but I forget it. However, I know whose Dr. it is and can find out.

The company mant told me how to use it in the wash for clothes, towels, sheets, etc.  After the last rinse you should rinse them again to make sure all the soap is out and then do another rinse with the Monofoil. For a whole load it would take 8 oz. but this will last for 25-30 washings. So in other words, you don't use it on clothing that has been treated until it is about he 25th or so wash. It is $79.95 a gallon. They are giving a discount to Morgellons sufferers, otherwise it is $109. a gal and $99. at Amazon.

I intend to use it on both my clothing and myself, esp. to wash my head and face with it.

I will post my experiences with this product.

The girl who sees the Dr.  above told me that he has her put it on herself 3 x day.  I don't know if I am going to follow that.

One thing with Morgellons is that there is biofilm outside the body on the skin.  I think it may be safe to assume that when this is present it may be a calling card for other pathogens.  I am only assuming and speculating here, I wish I knew for sure. I am not a Dr. or Nurse. I try only to come to some prudent assumptions which I hope may be helpful to me since the Medical Community won't/can't help.

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Jan 26 12 8:57 AM

Began using MonoFoil yesterday.  I washed my head with it and put it all over my body.

I will keep this updated.

One thing I can see is that from using my hands while washing my head, there is layers of biofilm craking up and off of my hands. It is not dry hands. I know the difference as I have issues with dry hands before. I am using a moisturizer as well.

Once you have M it is easy to differentiate biofilm from dry skin. No, I am not an expert; just been through the experiences of changes in my own body. I think we all know our bodies and know when something is not right.

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