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Jun 28 12 6:24 AM

Thank Nanci,
I dont think its the oxylates because I can eat all the beets without problems..havent tried it again since.

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Jun 28 12 6:45 AM

Dont forget that   you coudl  be  eating high ox  yet not  get immediate  symptoms.  Oxalate  overload  is not the same as  other  sensitivities.  THe  other  ones   are  dependent of  lack of enzymes. Whereas  oxalates  is  a slow  build up and   you may not  experience  a  sudden reaction  .. not until  you start to  go low enough in  oxalates  so that the body  reacts  in an immediate way.  

A person like me  with oxalate problems  can be  making  the oxalates   in my own body  so that  previous to    doing  supplemental   p5p and  thiamine  my levels  were  never coming  down.   WIht  adding in  p5p   ,  35 years of   kidney/ bladder ecoli    problems  went away..

That  would make  sense  about the oxidative level   being  involved .. I used to have nausea  all the  time.  I  stopped having  nausea  after  eliminating  all of my food  sensitivities.. ie  salicylates, amines,  dairy, gluten,and  finally   oxalates  two  years  ago . I was forced to eat  only a  few foods  for the past  two  years.  Not  considering  parasities  again until now.

I  had  begun to have nausea  just  at certain  times of  the day.. ie   4:30  until  around  10 am  . I  had  found that  supporting my  HPA  axis  using homeopathy and also  taking  epsom salts  soaks had remedied  that  for  some time.. Until   a month ago  I  went on  vitamin K   and  from there on  in  the nausea  and horrible  gut problems  were back  at night.     When I am trialling a  supplement  which  my body  could not  break  down  I would go into  what I termed  these oxidative stress modes.

I  had  done  parasite  cleanses using  herbs  as  well as drugs    previous  to  going  off of  all  food senitivities and also going  low  oxalate  diet   ,  but had  had no  results..I had  contineud   with  bad  nausea,  fevers, sweats fatigue.. ie liver  stress .  Now  after  doing  those other  food protocals   I  just started to take   diatomaceous earth  three days and  so far  wonderful  results  but for the   drying/ constipating  affect.     

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Jun 29 12 6:22 AM

Thanks again Nanci, I might have to experiment to figure it out. 
I tried for a while and it helped slightly with hypoglycemia but depleted my minerals and caused insomnia. Mind your magnesium levels while taking it. 

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Jun 29 12 12:14 PM

Thanks  Fanatic..  I  have upped my magnesium as well as  potassium as my kidneys  did show   signs of stress when I first  started taking it..  SO  far  so good  .. feeling  so much better as long as  I  continue to take  the allithiamine   dose I have  been on.. ALlithiamine is  a combo of  thiamine and allicin  so makes  sense  as  allicin is  garlic  derived  and  good for killing of the badies..

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