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Dec 8 11 9:40 AM

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This is not a normal symptom of mine. 
I recently started juicing beets, onions,and celery two weeks ago. After the first week I started to get nausea and mild pain right before a bowel movement with immediate relief after going to the bathroom;  this increased to having nausea happening during peristalisis at various times throughout the day. It usually passes in a few minutes but is really strong and worrisome since it happens about five or more times per day. Also associated sometimes with gas, but Ive never had nausea with gas. 

Is this a symptom of concern or am passing toxic matter that causes this as it passes through the intestines? 
Anyone have similar experiences?  

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Dec 9 11 12:54 PM

This stuff is all my theory and I hve talked to Dr's both natural and normal about this and gotten no feedback.  Have had this symptom for 3 years now.

Hey, its weird that I have this problem big time and no one else really does.  I have posted about this a lot and have not seen that much.   I have some theories but don't know anything definitively. 

I get very sick prior to and during bowel movements.  Eyes flashing, sometimes rashes or welts, hangover effects, upset stomach, flu feeling, etc.

This is the biggest problem I have had even when I am not having a toxic overload.  When I have waste in me about to come out, I am way sicker, eyes are tired, anxiety.  When its out I have releif.

I get a coated tongue during a bowel movement which indicates the toxicity. 

It is for sure somehow related to toxicity, but why only prior to bowel movements?

1)  I don't think it is candida related because it does not seem to be common with candida sufferers.

2)  With die-off (like I am going through now), it is often worse when I am fighting things.  I just went hard after H. Pylori with L/X so I am more toxic as a whole.

3)  When I am letting toxins out through my skin, I have the same eye flashing, so it is a sign maybe of toxicity being released.

4)  I think it is somehow related to endotoxins getting in the body from bacteria or other junk. 

But the reason I think it gets in so much is because of a problem with the valves.  The houston's valve and ileo-cecal valve can be open which allow the waste to go back to where it is not supposed to go.   Google these valves- they related to applied kineseologist.  If I press on my houston's valve, I can feel better instantly, which indicates they are not working right and are open.

So the question is why are they open when they are suppoed to be closed?  Food in sensitivities, yeast, parasites, etc etc. 

Another theory is leaky gut.

Somehow though the toxic buildup is getting into your body when the waste is in the lower part of the large intestine.   So what I know for sure is:

1) greater toxicity causes worse effects
2) passing waste out of bowel is same effect as other ways getting rid of toxicity
3)  manually pressing houston's valve can help.  If I have the right person do it, I will feel detoxed from it being pressed in.    Somehow the valves are not working and waste is going to body and making you sick.
4) Enemas help, which explains a cleaner lower intestine is a part of the problem.

Anyway this is pretty disjointed, but its a combination of a bunch of theories where I have not gotten any information.  I recommend you see an applied kineseologist and tell him you think you have houston's valve problems and go from there.

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Dec 9 11 4:34 PM

Outoftime, one thing that popped out (not pooped out!) for me was the flashing in your eyes.  I had that experience several years ago, and when I called my eye doctor and described it, he said it sounded like classic migraine, triggered by something.  I said I thought migraine was a bad headache, but he said there is a kind of migraine that may not involve headaches.  Anyway, I quickly figured out that my trigger was a supplement I had just started taking called DHEA.  I stopped that and have never had another classic migraine.

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Dec 18 11 8:56 AM

Thank you for responding outoftime, your response is very helpful. 

 I quit the beets/onion/carrot/celery juice and my symptoms slowly subsided over three days. Really scary as I could not function properly like that all the time. 
I am wondering if your symptoms are just during periods when you are cleansing and releasing toxins or all the time? 
I would like to continue the juices to cleanse and could power through if I knew this was a cleansing reaction and not creating a permanent situation.

Do you know what caused this, particular situation or event that set it off?

I am going to research the valves. 

Hope you feel better soon

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Feb 21 12 5:56 PM

Discovered I can eat beets, carrots and celery with no pain. I only get the pain from the juice.
What if anything can I infer from this observation? Maybe I should go back to juicing?

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Feb 21 12 9:07 PM

Juicing concentrates sugars, this maybe why. Beets are great for detox but contain certain types of sugars that feed good and bad probiotics. Try again with small quantities water downed to dilute the sugars.


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Feb 22 12 7:23 AM

Thanks Homer
Im thinking it was a cleansing effect because of the nausea that and pain that would occur right before a bowel movement. After which I feel immediately better and my bloating diminished some. Also lost a few pounds without altering diets. Maybe the beet juice was flushing out the liver or kidneys?

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Feb 22 12 9:11 AM

I still have this problem:  toxicity, nausea, etc right before bowel movement.

Its either leaky gut, houston valve problems, the fact that I am not digesting food well, or a combination of all factors of bad digestion.

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Feb 22 12 10:06 PM

I've been feeling much better lately, thanks I think mainly to adding digestive enzymes and bitters and vinegar with my meals, esp any meal containing meat, which seems to cause pain the most.  I also had a SIBO breath test today, I'll keep you all posted on the results when I get 'em. My doctor (the one who did my colonoscopy two years ago) also prescribed Hyoscyamine which may have helped the pain somewhat.  He told me there was no sign of inflammation when he scoped me, which would explain why the anti-inflammatories I've taken haven't helped much!

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#11 [url]

Feb 23 12 2:02 AM

Yes true, thanks for the update.

I am trying to up my enzymes and actually started swedish bittrs as well recently.  Feel really good to take them.

What vinegar do you take?  ACV?

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Feb 23 12 6:23 AM

Can you give some brands and elaborate exactly how you are using them thisiland? I might like to try them again. I was concerned about people saying swedish bitters were estrogenic. Something I dont need. How long until they began to work and exactly what symptoms do you find they work best for? 

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Mar 15 12 11:04 PM

OK, Here are the results of my SIBO test, as promised.  It came back negative, as I sort of expected.  The lactulose level stayed around 3 or 4 all the way through, and hydrogen elevated a tiny bit after 75 minutes (and then went down), but the doc said the test was negative for SIBO.
This nonsense is so frustrating.  I've tried so many drugs, herbs, etc, to no avail.  Sigh!

I wonder if there's any value to getting another MM test, or is it just a waste of money?  It's been about 8 or 9 months since the last one.

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Mar 16 12 1:31 AM

Thanks for giving us an update, I think woodie said he thought his problem was sibo -  maybe he will comment.   I really don't see any reason for retesting, send the money to me     Sorry about the outcome of the testing.   We are still working on this so I am optimistic -   

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Mar 16 12 5:34 AM

I think/thought I have/had SIBO also, however like yourself I was taking things that would reduce SIBO for some time before I took the test. Namely apple cider vinegar, hydrochloric acid, enzymes and other natural herbals. My test had a suspicious elevation..but dr. said it wasnt high enough to be SIBO. 

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Mar 17 12 5:58 PM

I should have also mentioned the Amitriptyline my doc prescribed.  I've been on that for a couple weeks now.  He said that should reduce the spasms in my colon, and perhaps it has.  Anyway, I must be doing something right!

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Jun 28 12 2:09 AM

I  did not read the whole thread  but if  it has not been mentioned..  Beets  are high  in oxalates  which becomes  a  toxin.. I    do  not know if the juice is as high ..  Celery  .. I was eating it  as my only vegetable and I started to  have  alot of liver / gallbladder area  pain..

 Often the  reaction is not immediate  with oxalates  ... so maybe not the case  here..  but just  sharing that  oxalates / food reactions /  problems   processing  things that  my body does not have  enzymes  etc  to cope with   has given me  alot of pain in my liver..  and  no sign of anything medically wrong..

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#20 [url]

Jun 28 12 3:24 AM

nanciswell:  Thanks for contributing.   Oftentimes with the parasites, the oxidation levels become quite high as a result of the immune system trying to kill of the buggers.   Liver congestion is a common attribute to the high oxidation.   I have some information posted under 'supporting the body'  that might be helpful.   

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