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Dec 8 11 6:07 AM

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Hi guys, please help me disifer what this doctor didn't explain much....


Predominant Bacteria:
Oblique anaerobes...the lows
Bacteroides sp.   1.9   range  >=1.3     range is 1.6 to 6.7 
Colostridia sp.  3.9      >1.0        looks normal on here range 1.5 to 6.2
Prevotella sp.  3.8   >=1.1     Looks normal  range 1.6 to 6.2
Fusobaceria sp.  1.7   >=1.1    very low!   range is 1.6to 7.4
Streptomyces sp.  1.9  >=1.0   range 1.6 to 5.8
Mycoplasma sp.  2.2  range 1.7 to 6.2

Facultative anaerobes:
Lacotacilllus sp.  7.4     >=1.2   range is 1.8 to 7.8    (this looks good, normal)
Bifidobacter sp. 2.3  >=1.8    range 2.3 to 7.6

Obligate aerobes:
Escherichia coli  1.9  >=1.1   range 1.7 to 7.7

No opportunistic bacteria
Pathogenic Bacteria
all registered as normal   ( <0.01  )

No significant amounts

PPTU      (ugggggggggg, same old same old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Adiposity Index:
Firmicutes  73  <=80
Bacteroidetes 27  >=20

My doctor says:   Low bifido bacteria is not signifigant, something about overwieght people, which I am far from  (I weigh 105).  
She says to build up my bacteria   (which I've been trying to do with doses of 50 billion or more a day for months now.  I tried to do more, but can do what I can tolerate.  I tried VSL but it sent me running to the bathroom!!!!!! )
I'm on her probitoics:   Klaire Labes Ther-Biotic complete 25+billion.  she wants me to take 100 billion.  It's a good probitoic, agrees with me, but very expensive.  Many many strains, but mostly of 7 lacto's 4 bifido's  1 strep....  
I am also taking my own, Ultimate Flora critical care 50 billion.  )
always trying to up my doses, if I am home.  (close to bathroom if needed)
she also said, if I can up my dosage on the bacteria, she thinks it will take care of the rest, PPTU.  I didnt' agree!!!!!!!!!!!    wishful thinking.  I've been on ballbuster herbs/supplements, RX for the PPTU.  It was gone the last stool test, but now shows up again.  I don't think upping my probitoics will get rid of PPTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I do think the probiotics have helped to control the yeast that I had though.  Last stool test said +4 yeast.  plus, I've been on some maitance supplements to control the yeast.    Maybe be that the herb/antifugals are killing the bacterias.  I try to take them way apart from each other......
     Would really like some feed back on these results!   Thanks to all!!! 

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Dec 10 11 1:22 AM

doctor is not informed regarding probiotics killing protozoa - never going to do it -   why not go back to your therapy that eradicated them?  I would think about adding some lumicidal drugs and the lacto/xylitol combination. 

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Dec 10 11 5:03 AM

Yeah, I know.  My thoughts exacly.  
what is the lacto/xylitol combination?  Can  you direct me to the link?   Those sound like  are supplements, not RX's??!!

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Dec 11 11 1:06 AM

gibby:  the issue with the chronic infections are the biofilm environments - pull back the biofilms and they should be available to kill.   Yes about 5 people on this with results - read the outline carefully - 

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Dec 11 11 4:34 AM

Lineup, how are you taking the xylitol?  straight, or mixing it with anything??  I do think it's a good approach.  I know it causes stomach issues with many people.  I think I'm ok with it though.

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Dec 11 11 11:33 AM

sounds easy enough.  i just don't want to pound my body with tons of parasite killing herbs etc.  Been there done that.  This sounds like a more tolerable way.  I also don't want to kill all the good bacteria I'm trying to build up.  I know xylitol does tend to kill good bacteria though.

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