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Oct 20 11 1:31 PM

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Serrapeptase enzyme may be effective against biofilms.

Serrapeptase teamed with antibiotics delivers increased concentrations of the antimicrobial agent to the site of the infection.

In an attempt to prevent this bacterial immunity, researchers have experimented with various means of inhibiting biofilm-embedded bacteria. Bacteria often endure a process called biofilm formation, which results in resistance to antimicrobial agents. 

One study conducted by Italian researchers suggests that proteolytic enzymes could significantly enhance the activities of antibiotics against biofilms.

Antibiotic susceptibility tests showed that serratiopeptidase(Serrapeptase) greatly enhances the activity of the antibiotic, ofloxacin, and that it can inhibit biofilm formation. [Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 1993; 37(12): pp.2618-21]

Another double-blind randomized study evaluated the effects of administering the antibiotic cephalexin in conjunction with serrapeptase or a placebo to 93 patients suffering from either perennial rhinitis, chronic rhinitis with sinusitis or chronic relapsing bronchitis.

The serratia peptidase treated group experienced significant improvement in rhinorrhea, nasal stuffiness, coryza and improvement of the para-nasal sinus shadows.

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Feb 28 12 8:38 AM

I have been taking high dose serrapeptase for three days now, energy has increased at least 50%, I actually feel like getting things done. Stools have firmed up a bit and mind is clearer. Clearer sinuses and smoother skin. Oddly no die off.

 Has anyone tried high dose treatment with serrapeptase for any length of time?

Im taking around 12 caps per day of 40,000 units per cap on empty stomach/drs best brand.

Ive tried high dose before but ended up stopping due to pin prick blood spots on skin and too low blood pressure. So far not a problem.

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Feb 28 12 8:40 PM

I have only taken 2 caps a day for a short time. I'm curious about the high dose idea also.

Wanted to share info I was just given today on not only Serrapeptase but also suggesting taking nattokinase and lumbrokinase all at the same time. This article covers a wide topic of illnesses and not directly parasitic infections, but it does talk about chronic infections and biofilm.

Has anyone tried a combo of these to break up the biofilm and then added in chelation for metals?Then hit it with an antiparasitic, either an herbal combo or pharma combo?

I have done chelation and get practically nothing.

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Feb 29 12 5:58 AM

I was trying out high dose after running into many lyme testimonies about how high doses diminished or got rid symptoms all together. i can say that it works great at lowing inflammation and loosing mucus. Yesterday a few of my moles got itchy red and today one of them is scabbed over; dont know what to make of that. I've read high dose can kill warts too. Im not running into problems so I will keep at it varying the dose if needed. 

By the way four of my capsules equal one capsule of the extra strength Dr.s Best so not sure I am on a super high dose to begin with. 

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Mar 3 12 10:04 AM

Just a follow up,

after the initial three days of taking serrapeptase I had two days of normal/formed stools, bloating was reduced enough to feel greatly relieved in my abdomen. Clear head and energy remained so I decided to add natokinase and bromelain around day five. This caused  loose stools and raised my inner temperature quite a bit especially after going to bed at night.  

The following two nights I had what I can only describe as bone pain--aches deep below where I have felt muscle pain from die off. These pains occurred only during the night and were gone by morning. However I felt like id been in a bad fight bodywise (anyone know anything about this odd effect?) Usually any pains/aches I get from die off is constant day and night.... This type of pain was a little scary as I wondered if the enzymes were breaking down my bones. I have low bone mass as it is. 

Anyway since I have insomnia and havent been able to sleep at all with the bone pains I have cut back on the amount of capsules per day and now I take them earlier in the day. This has relieved the night pains and body heat. 

Bromelain seems to negate the debloating effect of serrapeptase.
Also all those enzymes increased my heart rate, caused warts to get hard and painful. 
Mole that scabbed over is now half its normal size. 
Also notice when I floss there is hardly any build up to floss. Makes me think this is helpful for breakdown of biofilms, I usually have a lot of build up on a daily basis. This build up has fluctuated with the symptoms of bloating. 

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Jun 12 12 4:09 AM

I have read this about Serrapeptase also. I have learned to read bottles if I can before purchasing them. I bought some and right on ther bottle it says not to use if you are taking Warfarin. Apparently it affects the incidence of Warfarin and Warfarin is keeping me alive right now.

I wanted to take it for Morgellons.

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#11 [url]

Feb 26 15 9:34 PM

which brand of natto+serra+lumbro is the best? not all the brands seem to have the same potency

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