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Mar 14 11 5:44 AM

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Hi all,

Could anyone report yet on the effects of LDN on their symptoms? Also Woody could you pls advise on your situation with getting LDN into Australia? Do customs allow it?


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Oct 5 11 1:17 PM

Yes, talking about Naltrexone -   nobody has reported back on this -  I used for a short period of time and obviously did not do it for me - but that does not mean it will not help you.

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Oct 8 11 6:26 PM

I tried LDN. I went on it first starting at 1.5mg for over a week or so day, then added the second pill to bring the dosage up to 3mg. I had a Rx from my functional medicine doctor and had a compounding pharmacy make the capsules. I consistently took it every night between 10:30 and 11:00 pm. For the first week I felt terrible, alot of fatigue, no change in d, muscle fatigue...alot like c.diff was coming back. But I stuck with it, and those symptoms died down. I stuck with it because there is a doctor at Hershey Medical that has had great success with reversing Chron's disease and my sister-in-law knows someone at the hospital she works at who was a patient out at Hershey and she said it reversed her Chrons's. So I figured it could help the body fight what ever bacteria caused her disease, why couldn't it help my body figure out a way to fight a parasite. 

I stayed on it for close to 3 months faithfully and after the initial worsening of symptoms, I had some minor improvements. My bowels were ever so slightly formed, my fatigue was a little better, and the biggest thing was my gut inflammation really seemed to be reduced. Less swelling across and less pain on my right side. 

I had night sweats all the time....but I get these several times a week anyway with blasto. I could sleep no problem (it is such a low dose) but I did have wicked dreams. Very scary real dreams about family members.  

It alone for me is not the answer. I stopped after close to 3 months for a few reasons. The first is it was costing $95 a month and that just seemed like alot for something with not such great results. All these out of pocket expense cost to much and I have to pick and choose.  And second I was still taking herbs to try and keep the blasto at bay and ended up with active c.diff again and stopped everything but getting on vanco to get that bacteria infection under control. I am still keeping it on the possible list and actually filled my last Rx and have it ready to go.

I plan on using it along with with some sort of biofilm blaster, and maybe vitamin c, when I try and go on another round of antibiotics for blasto.

Let us know how  you do on it and what else you are taking at the same time. Maybe the key is the combo of things.

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Oct 9 11 8:09 AM

The doctor gave me the website to check out. I was going to fill the prescription locally but they started to give me a hard time and i waited a week with no prescription so I decided to go with the Pharmacy that is one of the first to compound LDN and does more than any other. The cost is $35.50 for 30 3mg of LDN and that includes mailing.  The things i am doing are an IV every 2 weeks i am taking T4/T3 38/9 MCG 2 a day Cellular forte max3 by integrative therapeutics  1 probotic pearl  lactobacillus and bifidobacteriumlongum 1 billion 1# carlson cod liver oil  1/2 a scoop of energy revitalization system berry splash flavor by enzymatic therapy. That is about it right now. I am mostly eating a cave mans diet. I started the LDN last night will keep you posted in a week or so. Thanks Brian

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Jul 27 12 12:02 PM

Sounds like to me you may have Lyme & co-infections  I used 4 types of Antibotics & detox to get better 2 years + still on Abx & getting better.  Night sweats will go way if you take Artimisia -2 by zang..  29and 39

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Jul 27 12 12:09 PM

I have been on the LDN  3.5 for a week now to boost system to fight Lyme have also been on 4 types of Abx for 2 years & 1 more to go aprox... About 90% to 95% better ! The LDN has caused a small herx reaction in me acne on forehead,  muscle ache & moody....  so it is working...

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Jul 27 12 6:40 PM

OH BOY that is way too high to start LDN.. no one should begin at tha thigh a dose.


GO to Facebook and get into the group LDN and talk to Diane Gale, she is the go to know it all for LDN.

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