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Feb 23 11 11:51 PM

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Please help us by reporting your treatment strategies here.   Name of the product, dosages and length of treatment would be helpful.   Any other pertinent info should be included as well. 

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Feb 24 11 1:00 PM

I had already posted this under a S. boulardii topic, but here it is for this topic:

I'm currently on five week use of Florastor (take in the morning) and Nutricology (take in the evening) brands. I have noticed at least 70-80% improvement in symptoms (severe bloating, lose stools). I used to have symptoms every day after every meal, but right now it usually only happens after supper and not always then. Stools have been perfect on most days (one movement/day). However, I am taking other things as well (Vit. C (250-500mg daily asorbic acid), Vit. A (10000 IU daily - Solaray Food Carotene), (L-Glutamine (500mg) or N-Acetyl Glutamine rotated every other day), an occasional whole foods multi-vitamin, organic flax seed oil (1 tbls daily), organic grapeseed oil for Vit. E (1tbls daily), Doctor's Best MSM (usually 250-750 mg daily - the pills are 1500mg each) tablet occasionally coconut oil (1 tbls), Green super food in the morning, whey protein in the morning (no soy), two raw organic eggs in the morning, ocassional raw pumpkin seeds, occasional dandelion leaves, occasional small chunk of jerusalem artichoke, good probiotics once daily, Lactobacillius GG (every other day), very, very  little sugar but sometimes a tsp of raw honey, a large cup of homemade Kefir each morning, very little fruit, sometimes natural or organic peanut butter as a quick snack, no refined wheat and generally healthy eating overall (no processed or fast foods rarely), ample water but not too much). I stopped drinking all coffee for the time being but might have an occasional small cup. No soft drinks which I never did drink much anyway. No artificial sweeteners and try to limit any foods with anything artificial or preservatives. It definitely takes some time to eat this way but you get used to the routine in a couple of weeks. A good digestive enzyme, too.

I was severely limited carbs but lost too much weight (168 down to 160), so I started eating healthy carbs (gluten free oats, vegetables like beans, carrots and such, an occasional apple). and have gained back 3 pounds. I didn't see too much of a change in symptoms when limiting carbs anyhow. Right now, I am trying to be gluten free to make sure the problem is not related to gluten. It is hard. I keep a daily log of what I eat, supplements, bowel movement stats, exercise, general well being info, supplements, etc. I'm looking for any patterns, especially around gluten right now. I recommend everyone keep a log. Google docs is an excellent place to store the document and can be edited anywhere. I've created a sample log file for those interested (link below). Day 1 starts at the bottom so you don't have to scroll down to enter new data as the log begins to fill-up.

I'm also taking at each meal the following, and eight/day of These two products were recommended by the owner of those products and website. Fortunately, he is in my local area. I do not mention this to generate sales for him or get discounts for myself, but only to give you the complete picture of what I'm taking. From his website, he holds a conference call each Monday night, Might want to call in to that. Not sure if he stills has this call or not, but I just noticed that page when searching for the URL's for the two products I take. Another website they have is Their websites have much to be desired but the owner is very intelligent in nutritional supplement healing.

Too soon to know if this will last but we'll see. I had some good bacteria missing in my stool test so I'm not 100% sure if the blasto is the main culprit of symptoms. I don't really care if I totally eliminate the blasto but will be very happy to get my intestinal immune functions back in shape to at least keep it at bay.

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#2 [url]

Feb 27 11 3:26 AM

So nothing in terms of killing items (drugs or herbals) but looks strictly about getting the gut healed with probiotics, diet and supportive nutrients.   Thank you for posting.  

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Feb 28 11 7:23 PM

Exactly. I initially tried the herbal approach, which did help as it does for most everyone for a week or two. It was a big waste of money. The human body has the ability to overcome these parasites, otherwise, we'd all died a long time ago. I strongly believe that a few months of very healthy eating and living will cure this problem. Stress must be dealt with first and foremost.

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Mar 13 11 7:00 PM

I've recently added pantothenic acid, Saventaro Max Strength cat's claw, and Unique Vitamin E to my supplements. I've also been sowing some wheat grass and chewing some every day. As well, I've been taking a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses daily or so.

The past three weeks have been my best in a long time. I had 6 days of no bloating and normal stools, followed by 5 days of mild/medium bloating after supper only, followed by 6 days of no bloating and normal stools. I'm taking the pantothenic acid because I'm am sure I have had (and continue to have) a mild case of adrenal fatigue (AF), either caused by the parasite or the AF caused me to become susceptible to the bug.

I tried the gluten free diet for about 2 weeks, at the same time I added additional supplements. Wanted to make sure I was not gluten intolerant.I slowly added back in whole wheat bread without any effects. I continue to stay away from refined carbs (inc. sugar)  as much as possible, but I eat lots of regular carbs.

Like I've said, my goal is to heal the gut and get rid of my symptoms. I don't care if the parasite leaves or not, but would be happy if he did.

I was going through a spell where my heart rate would rise and I'd get fatigued doing just basic yard work. This, as well, has improved. I've stopped heavy weight lifting (and hard running) at the gym and now just doing light/medium reps. No doubt, pushing myself physically at the gym and on home projects, along with some emotional trauma got me in this mess. It took several months to get here and will take several to fix.

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#6 [url]

Mar 28 11 10:36 AM

Below I have posted part of an email I sent my doctor in response to an email he sent me with recommendations he's gathered from his colleagues. This post contains my current and last protocol. As background, I have both PPTU and Endliomax Nana. Last fall, I was on a protocol of natural substances, Interfase Plus, & Paleo Diet and felt better than ever in my adult life. Noticed that days I wasn't bloated, my other symptoms had disappeared also - muscle aches, fatigue, brain fog, swollen tender breasts and food cravings. The improvements disappeared after stopping the protocol (continued Paleo Diet). Subsequent pharmaceuticals (with biofilm product) have only increased symptoms.  
Protocol You Recommended at March 2011 Visit
For approx. 1 1/2 weeks, had less bloating and felt somewhat better, then major bloating returned (think because resistance was developed, nothing else changed). Never had dramatic symptom relief - energy, adrenal and hormone changes - that I experienced last fall
(3 times day on empty stomach)
*Took during 2 1/2 months last fall, so suspect resistance
First section, you recommended:
Diet - only meats, non-starchy veggies, nuts, stevia, white tea, healthy oils, apple cider vinegar & coconut milk 
Interfase Plus (taken 1/2 hour before others)
PE - Microdefense* (contains black walnut, olive leaf, Artemisia, clove, grapefruit seed extract) - 2 or 3 caps 

T- 10-Undecenoic Acid (50 mg) – 150 mg

Narula Soy Isoflavones (100 mg) – 2 caps

Eucalyptus Oil (tried couple doses but stopped - burned esophagus and not sure of food-grade of oil - from food company but distrust)


I added:

Pomegranate (seed & fruit extract by Solaray) 400-600 mg

N -Immopad* - 2 caps(Andrographis, etc.)

Saccharomyces Boulardii (intermittently)

MSM (intermittently to control diarrhea it causes)

lactobacillus salivarius (intermittently)

Bilemin & Bile product from Biotics (~once day)

Quercitin 500mg



Protocol on for Last Five Days

Feel very bad few hours after protocol (die-off?), bloating significantly reduced, esp. in last 2 days, but precarious as bloating returned dramatically when stayed up late Sat. night. Have not have dramatic symptom relief - energy, adrenal and hormone changes - that experienced last fall last fall


Same diet

(Three times day on empty stomach)

Interfase Plus (30 min. before others)

Neem Leaf Extract

Artemesia Extract

Black Walnut Extract

Concentrated Yucca juice

MSM (1000mg)

T- 10-Undecenoic Acid - 150 mg

Pomegranate - 400 mg  

Quercitin - 500mg

Saccharomyces Boulardii (intermittently)

lactobacillus salivarius (intermittently)

Bilemin & Bile product from Biotics (~once day)


Substances Suggested in Your Email


Parastonil (from Apex)* - took lots last fall, tried again in March - little effect then
Black Walnut* - took lots last fall, am taking now because had some left over, will probably continue - not expensive
Artemesia* - took last fall in MicroDefense & taking now in tincture form, HOWEVER, very interested in Artemesinin from Allergy Research Group, if, as you say, is supposedly very potent form
Candibactin AR or BR (from Metagenics): this is oregano oil* - is in GI Synergy - took lots last fall and some early March - little effect in March
Coconut Oil: Will try this but I already eat at least 3 tsp a day in diet - but will try higher dose.
HCL-Prozyme (Apex) - Take with every meal unless out to eat and forgot to bring.
Cipro for PPTUs - Something to consider. I took 3 days worth 2 years ago for a gram negative bacteria and, for 2 days, afterward felt great. Then stayed up until 3 am working and effect was gone. Subsequent GI panel showed eradicated bacteria but always wondered if the Cipro had affected something else. Thinking might need more than 3 days though based on this experience.
Other Thoughts
20-day Alinia + Interfase Protocol -- Spoke with doctor friend in Asheville. He had a client who could not shake a protozoa infection. Finally, eradicated with 10 days of Alinia ($900). I've done a 3-day protocol of Alina (without Interfase Plus) twice over the past two years, when I only had PPTU - before I contracted the Endliomax Nana. Maybe the 3-day protocol wasn't long enough for me.  I've seen several references on the Internet to a 20-day protocol of Alinia for persistent protozoan infections. If current natural protocol fails, will consider a protocol of Interfase Plus + 20 days of Alina if can find it cheaper than $1800. It's my understanding it might be possible to get it much cheaper from an online pharmacy. Will investigate.
Omega Wash -- this is a product from England (mostly essential oils) developed by a Third World missionary that has gotten good reviews on the PPTU forum. It would be about $200, including International shipping, for the recommended round. Will consider adding it to other natural substances.
Parasitology Panel -  would like to do just the parasitology portion of the Metametrix panel on both my partner and me. I assume that both protozoa remain because of my symptoms. However, want to know exactly what I am dealing with, especially if considering spending large amounts on Alinia.

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#7 [url]

Mar 28 11 9:55 PM

Thanks ann for posting this.   I did not know Solaray had the pomegranate product.   I posted about the Omega Wash and the jury is still out on it.  I think there are some solid principles behind it...

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#8 [url]

Mar 29 11 6:32 AM

Above, where I listed my current protocol, the neem, artemisia and wormwood are all liquids -- thought this might be of some significance.  Ann

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#10 [url]

Mar 13 13 4:11 PM

Hi there,

So, here is what I've tried on my son, who has SIBO and blastocystis hominis, and what we are doing now.

1. I used all sorts of enzymes trying to rotate them and using as much variety as possible. I tried EDTA first but then moved to lactoferrin. I used antifungals/antibacterial/anti-yeast (garlic, GSE, 10-undecnoic acid, lauricidin, something with tannins (I cannot remember the brand), oil of oregano, peppermint, caraway oil, silvercillin). Then in about 1 hour he took a tea spoon of clay. All this for about 6 weeks. The results: nothing. No die off, the symptoms are still there...

2. I'm trying Biofilm defense now and so far I am not impressed. I just  ordered Bolouke because it is supposedly so good but we tried lumbrokinase so I don't expect a miracle. I'll report in the product section once we are through this. Again, the idea is still the same: enzymes + lactoferrin - wait for 25-30mins and try antibacterial/antifungal. I'm trying Regimint for a change and cannot tell if it's doing anything. We are about 2 weeks into this. The only thing that actually helps is removing practically all carbs. Then he doesn't have gas, his eczema clears and so does his nose but it's very hard for a kid.
I don't know what else to try... Is it possible that it's a very hard biofilm to break? Or is there a biofilm at all? It looks no matter what we do nothing changes.
I'm planning on testing him for mthr mutation but I'm not sure how this can help with the biofilm...
Any input is very appreciated. Thank you, Olga

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