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Feb 14 11 8:31 PM

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Alright, so I've started enough supplement posts today, though I hope that they will be of some use.

Anyway, this one is another question to those with experience.

Vitamin D levels seem to get out of wack when one has a chronic infection.
There seem to be three different views on this.

1. Marshall Protocol - Which seems to believe that Vitamin D supplements and Sun Exposure are both very bad for those with chronic infection or disease. The idea (very simply put) is to avoid Vitamin D in any form for years in order to reboot the immune system and destroy pathogens.

I feel odd about this due to the fact that Marshall followers seem to think it will cure everything and almost seem angry when you claim it may not be best in every situation.

2. Vitamin D Council - That vitamin D deficiency is the cause of all these problems, or a factor and that everyone should get plenty of Sun Exposure and supplementation.

I feel strange about this one because it is being pushed so heavily by everyone and everything. News, websites, doctors....etc.....something seems a little odd about it.

3. In the Middle - That sometimes Vitamin D is necessary, and sometimes it needs to be avoided. This, like everything, seems likely it would most obviously make sense.

Regardless, it doesn't make things easy. I'm trying to pay attention to long term stories and the experiences that people have had.

I know I feel better if I take it at a low dose - much more energy, libido...etc....though after a while of using it, I feel a bit anxious. This goes away if I take Magnesium with it (and apparently those with side-effect are often low in Magnesium).

Anyway, the point being I can't decided on this one - Good or Bad? Obviously more research needs to be done but does anyone here use it? How does it effect them? Know anyone who got better and was using Vitamin D when things turned around?

Thanks for any info...

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Feb 17 11 10:43 PM

I haven't been tested on my vit. D level but it may also have something to do with where you live. I moved to a sunny climate on a different latitude. It seems to do something to be able to get strong sunlight almost every day. It may just make my mood better. I'm not sure if it is really physical or not.

I like getting out in the sun. I try to make a point of going for a walk or sitting outside for at least 20 minutes every day. The sun here is very strong in the summer, so I try to work it up so that I don't get a sunburn when the real heat hits (I'm Caucasian). I read that people of color need to get an hour of sun every day due to the pigmentation of their skin.

If you live in a place where there is less strong sunlight, you may be deficient...? I'm not real big on the idea of the Marshall protocol. There is something to be said for infrared light, as well. I haven't noticed a drastic improvement in my health from getting more sun but people are more friendly in general in sunny places. Just an observation...

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Jan 30 12 4:25 AM

there are studies on vit D helping respiratory disease and asthma.  I'm not sure what a safe daily/weekly dose would be, I've been given 50000IU by doctors but it seems too much.  I'm trying it now for my asthma

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