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Dec 18 10 5:09 PM

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I have tried a lot of immune stimulators like AHCC, Beta-glucan in the past but I didn't notice any improvement. The reason I believe I didn't have success with these immune stimulators is simply because my immune system is not immunocompetent due to the parasite infection. So I can take all the immune boosters but as long as my body doesn't recognize the infection ( antigen), the parasite will continue to hide from the immune strikes.

There is some simple protocoles to make the body immunocompetents but it takes time. One protocole that really does help me is this one:

Vitamine A to help the activity of Treg cells.
 S.boulardii to reduce the toxins load in the gut and to increase the IgA concentration in the gut
Garlic to inhibit the protease of some protozoa.
Multiple strains of probiotics to activate the immune system in different ways.
L-Glutamine to restore the mucosa.
Colostrum to build the mucosal immunity.

Some protozoa, like B.hominis, makes a big mess in the immune system. They induce the production of inflammatory cytokines.


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Feb 3 11 2:17 PM

This is the protocol I've been on for a couple of weeks now. Way too soon to comment on results though. I'm not taking the Colostrum but have had it on my Amaz. wish list. I'm also taking probiotics, Lactobacillius GG, Digestive enzymes, a small daily serving of Jerusalem artichoke and some dandelion leaves, organic Flax seed oil (for the omega acids), organic grapeseed oil (for the Vit. E).

I'll probably makes things worse with all the fatty, but I just take 1-2 tsp/day of one oil, sometimes both each day. But, since I've cut down on carbs I do need some weight gainers (protein and fats). I'm not a large person and don't want to lose weight. (5'9, 163#). Also taking a glass of two of whey protein drinks (no soy).

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Jun 14 11 3:22 PM

jyt, I agree that the immune system has to be playing a big role here. 
I am also taking Vitamin D, Glutamine, and started s. boulardii again. Magnesium/Vitamin C helps with some of the cognitive symptoms. 

I haven't seen any mention here using Iodine/Selenium to support Myeloperoxidase . I've begun taking some.

One of the best sites/blogs I have run across is "perfecthealthdiet" :

Just finished with the book too (most of what's in the book and more is on the site). Their approach of combining nutrition, supplements, and drugs is impressive. We need more sites that use real science to cure these diseases instead of the mumbo-jumbo 'alternative' health sites.


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Jun 14 11 10:11 PM

I posted some relevant information under Zarr's education about the role of AMP and how pathogens can defeat these peptides.   Supporting of the immune system is helpful but will not eradicate these monsters under normal circumstances, this is why I am continuing searching biofilm disruptors, efflux pump disablers and prescription drug combinations.  

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