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Jun 20 13 8:37 AM

We could use some zaping nanobots that would target parasites like the terminator.   

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Jun 20 13 12:26 PM

 Well, I don't know......the jury's still out....I think it has promise.
Here is an excerpt from the BBC article: "Bacteria often evolve clever ways of evading chemical assaults, but they will always struggle to resist the old-fashioned way of killing them: heating them up. It takes only a relatively mild warming to kill bugs without discomfort or harm to tissues. So imagine if little electric heaters could be implanted into wounds and powered wirelessly to fry bacteria during healing before dissolving harmlessly into body fluids once their job is done.
This is just one potential application of the bio-absorbable electronic circuits made by John Rogers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his co-workers. The idea itself is not new: Rogers and others have previously reported biodegradable flexible circuits and electronic devices that can be safely laid directly onto skin. But their success in making their circuits wireless could prove crucial to many potential applications, especially in medicine."


This could explain why I always feel a little better after hot sea salt baths - I usually heat the water to 42 degrees and submerge as much of my body as I can.

Saunas are meant to be great too.

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