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Sep 2 11 2:45 AM

With the C. Diff and the B. Hominis, I'm wondering if you ever tried S. Boulardii?

I would say that  S. Boulardii has made the single biggest improvement for myself (and many others I've read), then adding in Vitamin A (Not Beta-Carotene), Magnesium, L-Glutamine (or N-Acetly Glucosamine if you can't tolerate Glutamine) and things have really actually improved. I notice I'm tolerating some probiotics now without issue and will continue to look into this further.


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Nov 17 11 8:52 AM

- Metronidazole (aka Flagyl) 7 days
- Bactrim (aka Septra DS) 7 days
- Tinidazole (aka Fasigyn or Tindamax) 4 days, followed by Paromomycin (aka Humatin) 7 days 
- Mebendazole 3 days(?)
- Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbs) and acupuncture 
- Probiotics
- Secnidazole, Diloxanide Furoate, and Bactrim for 10 days followed by TCM for 10 days (though I had 3 months of relief from this) 
- Neem
- Screaming in frustration (though I keep trying this) 

P.S. These were taken for blastocystis hominis


I think I have an amoeba infection like E. histoylica from the positive charcot-leyden crystals on stool test and am on 10 days of flagyl.  I am only experiencing improvement at day 7 of flagyl and it seems slow to work
I was having blood in my urine on lab samples and that is clear now and also the feeling of agitation/restlessness/anxiety is better and the increased heart rate.  but I am still wheezing
I also have a throat/respiratory/nasal infection at the same time as this UTI and taking amycin/amoxicillin did not really help.
it seems that herbals will just not work, that even our own immune systems cannot clear out amoebas naturally.  I tried a jar of black walnut pills/wormwood combination from vitamin shoppe which didn't work.
what gave me relief was hydrocortisone suppositories but this only masked my symptoms temporarily

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Nov 17 11 2:18 PM

protozoa have a number of sophisticated defense systems - typically lumicidal drugs are needed following the flagyl  so you might want to talk to your doctor about that. 

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Mar 7 12 7:30 PM

Nothing has worked permanently. I have a positive for PPTU from Metametrix.

Iodine (Lugol's liquid solution and Iodoral tablets) - provided about 1 week of relief. This had the most powerfully beneficial effect of anything I've tried but it didn't last long.

Albendazole - provided about 1 week of relief. Also provided a big relief.

Humaworm - about 1 week of relief. Symptoms reduced about 70% but it all came roaring back.

I've tried all kinds of herbs and combinations of herbs over the years. They never work for more than a few days or a week. Various candida combinations, parasite cleanses, etc...

I tried the CDD triple therapy based around Nitazoxanide. Did 10 days of that. Had about 3 weeks where I felt great. I knew it was coming back by the 4th week. By week 6 I was completely wrecked again. Fatigue, stomach problems, mushy stools, dull headaches, joint problems, etc...

I have the drugs for the CDD triple therapy based around diloxanide furoate. I may try to wait and see how lineup's efflux pump inhibitor strategy goes before I take another crack at it.

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Mar 8 12 4:20 PM

Welcome Previn!,

Funny you should mention the lugols. I just started another trial of it (along with serrapeptase, bromelain and natokinase) and am having great relief from all symptoms. Its been about a week for me. Are you still taking it? Do you know why it stopped working or were you taking anything in conjunction with it. 
I spent an hour reading reviews from lugols iodine on amazon and other sites and notice many felt it relieved infections of all kinds. Some say it took many months though for this particular effect and one person noticed toenail fugus started to clear after about a year. 

I think this could be a good long term supplement with no serious side effects and very inexpensive too. 

Would love to hear your /anyones thoughts on lugols. Perhaps I am having extra benefit from taking it with the enzymes which eat away at the biofilms. (??)

Im thinking about fasting plus iodine plus enzymes as my next trial. 

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Mar 8 12 5:18 PM



I  have been supping on and off with lugols for years, I read in Klinghardts protocol, iodine is the no.1 deficiency in people with chronic infections. He recommended painted patches on the arm until it remains visible for 24 hours. He also suggests vaporizing and breathing it in with SSk12. I take lugols 2 drops in a glass of water. Also are you still on the Salt/c protocol and if so how's that going?


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Mar 9 12 8:26 AM

hello Lincoln,

so you take 2 drops every day of lugols? What is your periodic dosing and at what percentage strength? Have you accumulated any notable benefits? 

I do believe I have a deficiency in iodine and I can tell that it has abiltiy to work on infections because I get die off headaches from it. I am going to stick with lugols long term this time and see how that goes. Before I was just on/off  a week here and there when I thought of taking it.  Also when my adrenal fatigue was bad it would cause me low blood pressure and I would have to stop. Im not having that problem this time around. 

(do you by chance know if lugols is reduced in strength after its been opened? This bottle Im using is more than three years old)

I tried the salt/c protocol once again and found it does indeed have many positive results  however after about two/three days my insomnia gets to the point of no sleep and I have to quit.  I have low potassium and magnesium and can tell right away that salt exaggerates these deficiencies.  

One thing positive I have noticed is that lugols helps enormously with my potassium levels. 

Are you still trying the salt protocol? Any results?

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Mar 9 12 4:27 PM


I still take Iodoral or Lugol's but it does not provide any relief of symptoms. The symptoms gradually came back and since then there is no relief of any kind. I do not know why this is the case.

I also had/have low blood pressure issues as well as what my doctor thought was adrenal fatigue.

I no longer believe that I truly have low blood pressure issues or adrenal fatigue. I believe it is directly caused by this thing in my gut. I say this because during periods where I've experienced some degree of relief, the low blood pressure issues and supposed adrenal-related symptoms all disappear.

My magnesium levels were low as well and even after taking large doses of magnesium orotate supplements, it still remained quite low, although they did improve. Again, I believe the low magnesium is directly related to this parasite.

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May 14 12 12:04 PM

With the C. Diff and the B. Hominis, I'm wondering if you ever tried S. Boulardii? I would say that  S. Boulardii has made the single biggest improvement for myself (and many others I've read), then adding in Vitamin A (Not Beta-Carotene), Magnesium, L-Glutamine (or N-Acetly Glucosamine if you can't tolerate Glutamine) and things have really actually improved. I notice I'm tolerating some probiotics now without issue and will continue to look into this further.James


just started taking vitamin a and have noticed improvements in symptoms 
found this 
Giardia interferes with the absorption of fats, sugars and vitamins, especially vitamin A, carotene, folic acid, and vitamin B12 

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May 16 12 5:29 AM

thank you for posting the link between sIGA and A and D!  I was looking for info on D and the immune system. I forgot to report that I switched from chewable D to liquid lanolin D three weeks ago and right away noticed improvements in symptoms all across the board (which is why I decided to try the vit A).  

 My nine year old had been having bad stomach cramping for over 6 months after meals and they were gone a week after the vit D drops. 

We are both sleeping better too.  

We are taking around 10,000 iu per day. 

I would recommend anyone taking dry D to try the oil version. My vitamin D levels came up with dry D but I never saw improvement in my health in any way. 

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May 17 12 1:33 AM

Thanks ilove for telling us this -  I use a oil capsule (not dry) - is this what you are talking about?   Could you post the product.  Thanks. 

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May 17 12 5:44 AM

I tried oil capsules too, didnt notice much from them either -but I dont recall if they were the lanolin type of oil. I have always used the same chewables because my blood levels rose with them...but I never saw my levels rise to the numbers recommended on the grassroots vitamin D website.

I came across an article online which recommended the D-drops under the tongue for better absorption, then researched the forums online and people did comment on better absorption with the drops. 

Im using "Liquid Vitamin D3 drops 2000 iu" . I take 10,000

I have  noticed that for me 10000 iu/day increases my calcium absorption and blocks magnesium. I've read that high doses can do this so I will probably lower a bit.  

I used to have reactions that I assumed were allergies from eating too many greens and that is now resolved. This for me is a small miracle. It was the weirdest allergy ever. 

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Dec 7 12 10:58 PM

so much interesting info in this thread! I'm curious about noticing Magnesium levels declining - is that through symptoms/body sensations, or tests? and if tests, which kind? i heard Mg was difficult to test for, and that deficiency is very common and has a broad array of symptoms, so i'm very curious to learn about it from people's own experience.


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