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Sep 18 10 4:35 AM

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 Thank you for stopping by. This forum is set up for victims of protozoa infections, and specifically for those who have received a PPTU (Parasite Present Taxonomy Unknown) from Metametrix, however all are welcome.   

**Update:  there have been many people who have seen Dr. Kevin Cahill in NYC who does innovative testing which is quite affordable.  His fees plus an airfare should cost less than $1000.  He has diagnosed e histolytica in many of them in spite of Metametrix's results showing PPTU.  
You can see the separate category for information about his treatments. 

**Update #2:  ParaWellness Labs offers testing through the mail and preliminary results are favorable.   Cost is about $300 and the wait time for results is about 3 to 4 weeks.  He identified parasites for me that others missed.  These are considered to be non-pathogenic but they are discovering sub-types that are pathogenic  please see this post for more information 

It is my opinion that there are species of protozoa parasites that have not been recognized as pathogenic. This should come as no surprise as medicine is slow in understand new concepts.!
This is a group forum in that all should participate and provide input for all to see, it is not a forum where people 'grab and run'. That is, please be respectful to those who suffer by offering your treatment protocols and outcomes whether positive or negative. The purpose of this forum is the find treatment strategies for protozoa parasites that have yet been understood. All treatment strategies are welcome including pharmaceuticals, herbals, homeopathy or other therapies. We do not hold a sectarian viewpoint on treatments.

Anyone visiting this forum should understand that this forum is for education purposes and these treatments are experimental in nature and that you will not hold this forum liable for any bad outcomes. It is up to you and your healthcare provider to decide the best treatment strategies.
This forum is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.

 Please do not be shy in posting, there are no bad questions to ask. We are all here to learn and to share.   If you become a member, you are given a mailbox which is located at the top right of this page.  

Lastly I would prefer that posting should hold some value based upon some scientific theory and you should post some valid reference to that.

We will not tolerate rude, insensitive remarks, this is a forum of respect. If you cannot respect others then please post elsewhere.

Please note we are conducting a study in which we ask for your participation:
This is a study in which your identity is protected. We ask that you would answer some questions mainly about treatment approaches you have tried and some general symptom questions. It should not take too much of your time. The purpose of this study is to generate some data that will help us eliminate therapies that have no value. So please help yourself, those on the forum who are suffering and future generations that will come to this forum searching for answers. Please send a PM to either myself linenup or outoftime if you would like to participate. Thank you!

Update (Aug 8, 2011) ::: I have tried to organize the forum as best I could and it probably needs some cleaning up:) I was hoping for more participation on the forum so that we could quantify the information so that we might be able to make a better treatment plan. So far that has not worked out like I hoped.

For the most part the popular parasite herbal complexes do not work, at least in the reports of many people. Typically they are designed for worm type of infections and not protozoa which are different animals altogether. It has been my experience and others that herbs will have the capacity to hold back the infection but not overtake it.  I would not discount that there is a herbal combination that could work, we have not found it as yet.   I have been doing Cubeb peppercorns, black seed, cinnamon and cloves along with Albendazole and have been getting consistent albeit slow results.   
For Blastocystis sufferers: If you have been diagnosed with blasto the best treatment strategy is the drug cocktails. has extensive information of drug combinations or the triple drug cocktail. I have read many success stories using this combination. It should be noted that Blasto has many variations (subtypes) and yours may not respond to the normal therapy in which case the alternative combinations should be considered.  Dr. Stensvold has great research on blasto and you can read his blog at 

Drugs seem the most logical choice and in my experiences of reading many stories it appears that a 'drug cocktail' approach is necessary. I have found these to be resistant, Flagyl by itself is generally not going to work.

There are categories of resistant bugs that cause many problems and these are pathogens that form biofilms. A biofilm is a community of pathogens that when set in the biofilm , protect themselves with a multitude of defense mechanisms. Biofilm research is still in its early stages, however the best thing I see is Quorum Sensing disruption which articles can be found in the Biofilm Busters category. I am thinking that it would best to start on a quorum sensing protocol then attack it with drugs.

If you have questions, please send me a message here on the forum. I hope you find your answer here and I ask if you do to kindly share that with the community so that others may be able to enjoy good health again.
Patrick (linenup)

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Sep 20 10 7:19 AM

Hello Linenup!

Thanks so much for setting up this new forum!  It looks great!  I'm sure that this will be a place where people can connect and find helpful information to questions concerning their health!



~* Alegre *~

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May 23 11 2:47 PM

I finally signed up on this forum.
Thanks for sharing and doing so much research linenup.

I like to create a "Online Pharmacy & sources list" thread on this section of the forum.
I will place some links to some Pharmacy or sources (eg pippali rasayana) that I had experienced. A list of links to online pharmacies can be very useful to people which are self treating or just looking for less expensive medication. Please share your links there too.

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Sep 1 11 2:48 PM

Hello Fanatic!

Wanting to thank you for the time and effort you have put into building and encouraging this forum!
I have finally worked up the courage to participate on this forum. I have much to learn in this realm of "Taxonomy Unknown" ----  In order to cope,  I am approaching this 'problem' of mine as if I were writing my own series for a Star Trek revival; "The Internal Generation: The Invasion of Romulanzoa.

I look forward to learning from 'all' of you....

Kindest Regards,


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