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Apr 17 11 4:16 PM

Hi ZarrrFreak,

Thanks for the very enlighting understanding of why so many with protozoa infections get the rectal itch. Can you tell me does Blasto have the same capabilities as the protozoa you have. It seems funny that some people who have blasto have the rectal itch but others don't. Could this be due to different sub-species or host genetic factors? Also my currrent protocol has help me overcome many of my symptoms including relieving the rectal itch. What do you think I can take from this, i.e does it mean a possible reduction in the number of the infection? Or is it possible that one or more of the strategies is having an effect against this stage of the protozoa? For me the rectal itch has always been the worst when the infection is at its worst and other symptoms are also very apparent. The only thing that hasn't improved much yet is any weight gain. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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Apr 18 11 7:52 PM

Hi Homer.
The itching could have been caused by a number of things. When you have a parasite like protozoa in the gut, cells will detect antigen and release mediators which cause a allergic type reaction. You may not experience the reaction until the molecules reach the anus, after pooping.

When women get vaginal itch from yeast, it usually is a result of elevated PH in the vagina due to hormonal fluctuations.

If your parasites are kept at an acceptable level, it should not interfere too much with your body chemistry, and therefore make life easier. Sometimes the parasites are actually beneficial to some extent, and more evidence is suggesting this. Your parasites are individual in most cases, and are wired into your genome.
It is when you contract a parasite that has to fight hard with your body that one becomes very ill.
Of course, I would be very grateful to experience life without my bugs!
I very rarely get viruses though, and I think it is because my immune system is always on guard, and my cells are always ready for invaders. Take that present status away.......I don't know.

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#63 [url]

Apr 19 11 5:55 AM

Hi Zarrrfreak,

Thanks again for taking the time to reply, I know your are very busy. Just a quick note. I have followed some of your posts at curezone and pls correct me if I wrong but you pointed out there or maybe here that you had abandoned taking anything until we know more about this micro-organism due to problems with resistance. Do you have a current protocol that includes diet, supps or anything else?

 In my own situation and in my wifes case we both have been very prone to viral illness, her only lately. She was tested lately by our Dr. and found to have very low neurophils and thyroid fuction, a supposed sign of a weakened immune system. All other tests okay except postive for Blasto. She has cronic fatigue like symptoms. Of course our Dr. doesn't beleive Blasto cuases any symptoms, but what would it matter even if she did, as there doesn't seem to be a cure currently anyway. In your opinion as a Microbioligist how long do you for see a potential cure in the possibility that phamarcutical companies may begin looking into it?

Also are you familiar with DR. Robert O Young of the PH miracle ( Microbioligist ) and do you think his work is legit?


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#64 [url]

Apr 20 11 11:40 AM

...It is when you contract a parasite that has to fight hard with your body that one becomes very ill.....


Contract a parasite? That I would like to see. Then again, maybe

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#65 [url]

Apr 21 11 2:15 AM

All other tests okay except postive for Blasto. She has cronic fatigue like symptoms. Of course our Dr. doesn't beleive Blasto cuases any symptoms, but what would it matter even if she did, as there doesn't seem to be a cure currently anyway. In your opinion as a Microbioligist how long do you for see a potential cure in the possibility that phamarcutical companies may begin looking into it?

Doctor has no idea what he/she is talking about.   There are cures for Blasto -  if you want more detailed info see

Also are you familiar with DR. Robert O Young of the PH miracle ( Microbioligist ) and do you think his work is legit?

Dr. Young has some good info, in that I mean that altering pH levels will always help, is it the cure all for a protozoa - no  - would help with toxin overload and quelling some of the viral issues. 

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#66 [url]

Apr 21 11 6:22 PM

Hey Lineup,

I'm familiar with Badbugs, and have been in contact with the CDD here in Australia. I have tried the cure for blasto (triple antibiotics) had improvments but short lived.I think Professor Brody is a brave man and they tell me there that there is a bit of race at the moment for the first country to declare Blasto a pathogen. They also report that there is strong resistance from the USA on this issue. MY opinion of badbugs is some what blurred. It does report good information but much of it is now quite old, in the form of peoples experiences. I also think they aren't exactly accurate with the success rate. They claim way to higher success rate. And I doubt whether they put up people who don't have  sucess. It's also $25.00 to be told the protocol. Thats okay I guess it does take time to run the website.

The centre for Digest disease has three lines of attack. The first two are normal oral combination of antibiotics with the last being delivered by enema. I have considered the colonic anti's  but seriously have my doubts about the sucess and the potential for resistance and negative side effects scare me off a bit. I think it is impossible to get them all, so until we know why the inmune system misses them I think they would only come back, 1,2,3 or 6 months later. I think the reason there is a supossed success rate as high as 99% is because intially the numbers are decreased so much people feel normal agian, temporarliy.

But at least some one is trying, good on Professor Brody, at least some in the medical instutions are listening.



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#68 [url]

Apr 25 11 3:50 PM

Hi Homer,

Sorry for the delay.
My findings with chronic fatigue sufferers, are often from a variety of things. Blasto is a very complicated organism, and I see it morphing into fungal forms. I have seen this in several clients (this is seen afterwards in controlled experiments). The thing to remember about blasto, is it can disseminate into blood system through phagocytes. This may precipitate into cytokine amplifications.
I now have matched two different people with a similar organism, which I originally thought was blasto. It seems fungal, but reproduces like protozoa.There may be other stremenopiles, which cause diseases. I think I have even seen Ommcetes spp, It seems to be present where thick mucus is a problem. I even have a theory that CF may be caused by something like this, in certain susceptible people.

I have a long list of nasties that I have found, and think that we are only beginning to scratch the surface. My latest finding is very disturbing; a species of microscopic porifera in blood which is basically from the sponge family.
I have learned that biotech companies have been using these things for years in tissue\nerve regeneration experiments..

As for my own treatment, I think I need to address the fluke before anything else, which takes money.
These parasites often carry their own germs, and parasites which can explain a lot of things.
Protozoa also do this as well.

I have just learned that antibiotics taken with Imodium can increase the efficacy of the treatment by a large margin.


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#69 [url]

Jul 5 11 2:44 PM

thank god for this site.  i wish more people would post their experience with diffferent drug regimes and have it organized and matched with their diagnosis however.   i was super hopeful to have found the 3 drug regime from australia but apparently some aren't cured with that.  
my symptoms are 
insane diarrhea
intense fatigue

hanging out with this is not an option.  the body feels like it is being ripped to pieces.

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#70 [url]

Jul 5 11 5:51 PM

Anytime anyone wants to post their experiences, please do so.  I encourage this.  

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#72 [url]

Aug 1 11 7:24 PM

I see this site has grown since I first and last posted about ldn and am so glad for it as a resource. More on ldn another time. I read a few instances of severe food intolerance. I have tried many things that have failed to get rid of blasto, which I do hope to sometime get posted as well, but wanted to talk about symptoms as I was so curious that someone else had to basically stop eating like me although thought that was with d.frag and not blasto. Also just a quick note that while I have talked for close to a decade now with badbugs and appreciate all the time and energy someone has put into a resource as she has, and lineup has done, and as the blastocystis research foundation has done....I was able to email the CDD in Sydney and ask for their protocol and the paper about the colon med implant as well and they emailed me a packet, that was titled for overseas patient,s without any payment. I am a big fan of Dr. Borody as he personally consulted with my doctor about c.diff 7 years ago now.

Which brings me to my symptom list for now:

  • total food dairy, complex carbs, sucrose, fructose, nuts, all grains, all fruits, most vegetables, many supplements like colostrum and chlorella
  • all I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack everyday for many years now is chicken, zuchinni, green beans, canned pumpkin, tomatoes (not sure why this one works) and occasionally beef
  • hunger - not stop constant
  • ear itching
  • joint pain
  • anal itching
  • chronic fatigue
  • muscle fatigue sometimes drying my hair exhausts my arms
  • severe weight loss
  • high uric acid output as a result of high protein diet
  • kidney stones, gravel and crystals
  • hair loss
  • plaque build up on teeth as a result of chicken diet
  • huge huge dark circles under my eyes
  • hot spot on my lower right side - pretty constant
  • abdominal pain
  • intense gas pain
  • diarrhea
  • 4 hour trigger - 4 hours after I eat something that feeds the blasto I have an attack
  • complete intolerance to probiotics - tried them all
  • re-occuring c.diff from trying to kill blasto and instead killing my gut ecology
I was wondering if anyone else has this intense hunger and complete intolerance to food? The food intolerance is just insane. It makes life so hard. Also does anyone else who is trying to kill a parasite have c.diff? That makes life even harder. Wondering if anyone has stayed on vancomycin and tried the triple cocktail at the same time?

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#73 [url]

Aug 1 11 9:32 PM

Your symptoms seems fairly common of D.Frag and B. Hominis.

I have had the food intolerence, and I had D.Fragilis and B. Hominis. After I got rid of D. Fragilis, they food symptoms slowly started to go away - but massively overall. Blasto remained an issue and I found that fighting has been a huge waste of time at this point - the best things I have done have all been to heal myself and build my body back up. I am reacting to less foods now and can eat a fari amount of carbs again, I've even put on some weight (10lbs) - all still with Blasto.

The main things that have helped are:

- S. Boulardii (Taken 2-3 months on 250mg each morning/night. Then off 1-2 months. Then back on when I feel its needed.)
- Vitamin A (10,000IU every second night)
- L-Glutamine (or if you react badly - take N.A.G.) - 2 grams night
- Vitamin C (1-3 grams Daily)

I'm going to start on some Saventaro (Cat's Claw extract) and Kefir soon. There are also other supplements I take on occasion.

Another MASSIVE step was understanding how my hormones are doing through all this and getting my Adrenals tested (4 Point Test). Finding my morning cortisol was extremely low and nighttime was high has allowed me to get more of my energy back (especially less brain fog). I take Isocort to raise moy cortisol first thing in the morning only, and phosphatidylserine to lower cortisol at night. My sleep has improved alot, and I'm actaully waking up within a 10-20 minutes instead of being tired all day. I also don't feel beat, or as beat when eating something sweet (cortisol helps regulate blood sugar and I'm trying to figure that all out right now).

I still have issues with high sugar foods/ juice if taken often, but I can have some now and have minimal effects.

I'm getting my Thyroid checked next, and I'll post the results.

Healing and balancing are working FAR better then anything else I've tried so far, even though I will eventually love to get rid if this. I'm not sure if you've tried this approach, just wanted to give you an idea of what is working for me so far.

Gotta run for now,

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#75 [url]

Aug 2 11 7:24 PM

James - thanks for the suggestions. I am interested in trying the vitamins for sure. I also have plain l-glutamine but have not gotten to try it yet. I tried the metagenics product glutagenics and it sets me off. 

Linenup - as far as supportive nutrients....not faithfully. What I have been doing the last few weeks is not typical for me. I tend to tolerate very little and got so tired years ago of shelling out so much money for supplements I could not tolerate or made me worse that I have stopped most kinds of support. Besides the antibiotic for c.diff and the antifungal for yeast I have done the following over the last month and a half.

  • bentonite clay occassionaly to get my system to slow down - have had episodes where I lived on this stuff but works much better for blasto control than c.diff
  • BioMatrix DHEA and Pregnenolone - but need to order more
  • rotated in over weeks 2 and 3 grapefruit seed extract, artemisinin, oil of oregano and GI Microb-x - stopped now though - yes this is crazy but I am trying to knock the yeast down and the blasto down and could do so without fear of c.diff since I am also currently trying to clear that infection
  • on occasion - SerraGold- brand name for serrapeptase
  • s. boulardii - worked from 1 up to 3 450 mg pills a day
  • naltrexone - ldn - 2 @ 1.5mg capsules at night....but this I also stopped when the c.diff came back positive. This was my first post and I have been on it ever since trying to gear up to fight the blasto but it still makes me very restless at night.

I have had my adrenals tested last year the most recent and showed I could use the support - that is why the BioMatrix products.
Anything I can do supplement wise is only going to help me fight the current infection so I can get back to status quo and start working on the parasite again.
I will search the site but am interested in enzymes and adrenal suggestions for sure and the vitamin ideas. And especially what not to take besides the obvious things that make me sick when I try.

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#76 [url]

Aug 3 11 12:40 AM

some things to consider:

Colostrum - which will support immune health and help with GI repair, I suggest reading about it.

Vitamin  A - to support mucous membranes (colon etc)

Magnesium - #1 mineral needed by most people - UltraMag by Source Naturals is a safe bet

Rice & Pea Protein Alive  - it is  super food complex that has made a noticeable difference for myself and others

Superior Greens

Forgive me for giving a plug to iHerb but they have better prices than my wholesaler.   If you use PAT385 in the coupon code, you get $5.00 off and I receive a small commission.  (sorry for commercial aspect of this :(

I have good info posted about adrenal support under "supporting the body' category, you might want to reference that.  

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#77 [url]

Aug 19 11 3:21 AM

new person here...

symptoms started 2 decades ago. possibly related to antibiotic use or pre-ulcer condition. was also related to thyroid meds as i was on synthroid. also could be related to something in beer as i was drinking from a keg when this all started and happened literally overnight as i was drinking.

initial onset of fatigue i went to doc and they said 'pre-ulcer'. i had another episode of burning in abdomen/nausea one evening. in hindsight it could have been a gallbladder attack. woke up the next morning with tonsils swollen and white and feverish. drank a few quarts of water and my whole body was dripping wet with perspiration, the fever broke and tonsils subsided.

all summer i was on prescribed zantac for stomach acid and had diarrhea for months.

mid summer i noticed that about half my strength was gone/athletic ability. so i was sort of half recovered and then two years later i had a sudden onset again while drinking keg beer. the next morning i woke up and was basically disabled, completely unable to function, digestion was shot, severe fatigue, muscle/ joint pain, insomnia, lots of cfs symptoms.

flash forward 2 decades and a lot of alternative health books under the belt. here are a few of the relevant things. about 2 years after disbling episode i saw a nutritionist who put me on a paleo type diet. i started passing hard impacted stools. (intestines started to clean out). after about 5 -6 years of this i began passing all sorts of parasites. the first one was a 3 foot ascaris, and i identified about 4-5 other species over the course of 4-5 years. i am still passing impacted stools now 20 years later. the worms lasted about about 7 years and then very rarely i will pass one now.

current symptoms are persistent bloating. usually best in am then worse through the day.

i  was concentrating on other problems for a long while, and everything is much improved, energy, concentration, no muscle pain, but my gi symptoms are not good. went to doc recently and she wanted to take a breath hydrogen test. i haven't taken it yet. i think i would rather just mess around with some natural remedies for protozoa or see what people can come up with here. part of the problem is that whatever bacteria is proliferating also has some sort of beneficial effect because it is eating away at impacted intestinal waste.

recently i am more inclined to try some new therapies because i have improved a lot in every other area except the bloating, so i have to re-evaluate what is going on.

one interesting thing is that the two foods that will send me to the hospital are black pepper and vinegar, both of which i know are strongly anti-parasitic.

during the years of parasite cleansing i never had any pain, just a lot of fatigue and ill-feeling. but with the black pepper i am experiencing severe pain.

i'm taking some paranil now 4 caps a day without too many of the old symptoms.

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#78 [url]

Nov 3 11 8:07 AM

Just a note for those suffering joint pain.
I used to have joint pains and was able to get rid of them in the following way..

Bile acid capsule (1-2) in between meals during the day and on an empty stomach before bed. The first day of treatment created more pain in joints, the second day I felt like I had the flu with full body muscle aches and fatigue; around the third or fourth day I was feeling better and noticed the absence of joint pain thereafter. I didn't start out taking the bile to cure joint pain I was trying it out to cure bout of diarrhea and bloating-which it did. The joint pain stayed gone for a year and then when it came back I did the bile capsules again and they went away again in the same manner but with less flu like symptoms.  Joint pains have not returned.
Hope that helps someone.  

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#79 [url]

Jan 25 12 12:33 AM

if you take vitamin C won't it make things worse because it boosts your immune system?  I've read studies though that it can help asthma inflammation at some higher doses and improve FEV1 scores so I take it but it doesn't seem to prevent infections for me

maybe I could have bechet's disease?  but my GI doctor has done almost every test and all they found was charcot leyden crystals in my stool and I am still having bleeding and upper stomach discomfort

on vit C and zantac/nexium I no longer have diarrhea or blood in my stools at least

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#80 [url]

Mar 12 12 1:10 PM

if you have pinpoint rashes on your legs is that an infection like fungal or viral (some filled with pus) or is it some vasculitis?

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