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Sep 18 10 3:52 AM

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We can post our own personal symptoms here?   I think we should also include what treatments have been tried etc.  

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Sep 18 10 4:14 AM

I will try to post my personal experiences as a framework::  I think we should follow some sort of structure like this. 
Male 48yo 
Predominant Symptoms: (includes past and present)
Cushing's Disease (overproduction of adrenal hormones)
Joint/muscle pain
Mental (depression/anxiety/memory loss/brain fog)
Adrenal (Cushing's or overproduction of adrenal hormones)
Co-infections (dysfunctional immune system)
Sore Throat
Distended abdomen
Chemical sensitivites
Breathing difficulties (including wheezing)

*many of these problems have diminished.
short history:
I contracted a PPTU some years ago which has caused so many problems and of course has been misdiagnosed as many things including CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) FM (fibromyaglia)  manic depression, depression, laziness, crybaby syndrome :) 
((crybaby syndrome includes things like 1) you just want people to feel sorry for you  2)  you like going to doctors because that makes you feel good etc.))  Oh and I must not forget that "God was punishing me with this because I had pride"!  
It began in the fall before I went on a religous retreat.   It has many stages in that it was not an acute attack where I fell really ill within a couple of days then had diarrhea etc.   Mine was a slow burn, in other words it developed over time and became progressive.   The first obvious sign was nervousness/anxiety, restlessness and then hostility or anger/irritability because I felt tormented.   Of course it didn't help to tell my then evangelical friends these symptoms because they automatically assumed I was demon possessed :)   Of course they aren't my friends anymore but that is another story.   Incidentally I had about 1 millions demons cast out of me, unfortunately they were assuming the demons were spiritual and not biologic demons!  Now I am pursuing a chemical exorcism instead of a spiritual exorcism :)
Things get blurry from there.   I began to have severe sleep problems like waking up feeling I was in a boxing match with Mike Tyson, I woke up more tired than when I went to bed.   Then I developed brain fog and began having crazy thoughts, I would say I was mildly schizophrenic, I was having unbelievable depression as well.  
Then I began to have joint and muscle pain very bad.   I remember not being able to wash my hair as my arms hurt so bad.   I began having problems with breaking out in a sweat.  I became exhausted walking even a 1/4 of a mile, and walking up stairs became nearly impossible.     I was a former member of the Special Forces (Airborne). 
*I will have to come back to edit. 
Treatment failures::
Traditional herbal dewormers (multiple products)
Oil of oregano both enteric coated and liquid
Ozone (rectal insufflation)
Chinesis Coptis
Colloidial silver
*I will state that some of these are able to control the infection but not eliminate

Treatment successes:::
Caprylic acid from Solaray*
*unfortunately I took 3 days off and the parasites adapted to it.   I took about 4-6 caps per day and by day 5 the inflammation in the abdomen began to subside, I could breathe much easier.   (Monolauric acid is a close cousin to caprylic acid and there have been reports that these 2 in combination was able to eliminate blastocystis. 


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Sep 18 10 2:23 PM

Male 31yo 
Predominant Symptoms: (everything since my first crash on April 5, 2010)
Crashing - Sudden and profound weakness (feels like my body is giving out) occurs at least twice a week. Can last for hours sometimes days, weakens my body to cause all my other symptoms.
Anxiety - Restlessness (this can last hours where I literarely can't relax no matter what I do, the most frustrating symptom)
Brain Fog (Scary)
Dream like experience, feels like I'm disconnected from reality (by far the scariest symptom) 
Headaches - Have these most of the time, sometimes they turn into migrains  
Insomnia - Kinda related to the restlessness

All my problems started after I return back from Peru on April 1st of this year (2010). Before this I was as healthy as ever... never had any issues with anything, never had headaches or weakness. I was bright cheerful and in general enjoying life :)
During my time in Peru I had explosive diarrhea for a couple of weeks but that was pretty much the extent of it (no mental or physical symptoms). I did get really weak for one day but recovered quickly the next day. On April 5th, 4 days after getting back home, I was enjoying a Starbucks coffee when I had my first MAJOR crash. Never in my life was I so sick, all the symptoms mentioned above to such an extreme I would never had though possible. After about a week I though I was maybe recovering when the second major crash hit me and thats it... I haven't been normal since then.
The first and second month were very tough, I literary thought I had experienced a phycotic breakdown. I was constantly cycling through all the crazy mental symptoms and the constant weakness to boot. In the past month I'm mentally abit more normal but insane weakness is still there destroying my body and my life. I literaly don't get more then a few moment of normal before its. I would write more but it's a very hard to focus while this thing is eating me alive at the moment... If anyone has some ideas, please post... I would trade in anything for my health back...

Treatment failures::

- Humaworm - I did a round of humaworm and kill a few things but not what's constantly irritating my body.
- Vermox - Again, large parasites are not my problem (pretty sure)
- Albendazole - Same as above
- Doxycycline - I was diagnosed with Lyme in May and I've been on this for awhile, think it cleared some of my mental issues. But not the core crashing symptom...
- Anti-Lyme Herbs - Same as above...

Treatment successes:::

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Oct 1 10 4:29 AM

My symtoms,
anal/rectal discomforts, feeling of itching/crawling around the area.  Have actually become extremely "anal" in my hygene because of it.
The itch can be extreme.  Can happen anytime.
It's caused my yeast problems.  I know they will continue if I can't get to the bottom of this.
Never been diagnosed with pinworms and have submitted samples numerous times.  Many kinds of samples, worms themselves, paddle tests, tape tests.  I don't think I have them anymore with all the colon cleansing/and things I've taken.  What I'm left with is still an itch that is so miniscule.
I've never had digestive symtoms.

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Oct 1 10 5:27 PM

I have been sick with Blastocystis (hominis) since 2005 after being run down with stress and overwork.  I contracted the Blastocystis from Indonesia in 2004, where it is very hard to avoid. Or I could have had it from living there previous to then.

I have not had a positive test since 2007, but I still have symptoms.  If I take anti-parasite herbs, my symptoms are reduced.  If I stop, they get worse again.

This parasite has caused chronic fatigue syndrome and has drastically affected my life.  My symptoms are chronic fatigue, tired legs, cold legs, dizziness, hypoglycemia, chills at night, reduced immunity to infection, heartburn, palpitations, exhaustion, panic attacks, sinus infections, IBS symptoms, weight loss and gain, and food sensitivities.

When I treat the Blastocystis with anti-parasitic herbs the die-off reaction is so strong and causes extreme hypoglycemiaI have to cut back, so I am never able to get rid of it.  I took a full course of Flagyl and Paromomycin and neither got rid of the Blastocystis.  If I need to take antibiotics, they kill off the good bacteria, allowing the parasite to proliferate even more, giving me more symptoms. My doctor didn't think it was pathogenic, but it is. My naturopath also does not think it's much of a problem, she says my main problem is adrenal fatigue, but what is draining me? I know it is the blasto and maybe candida too.

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#5 [url]

Oct 2 10 3:07 AM

b. hominis is very draining and the symptoms you provide are typical.   There are 10 sub-types of blastocystis which are pathogenic.   The problem is that with 10 sub-types you get different protocols with each sub-type.   Metametrix will be able to detect subtypes of blastocystis soon and this might be helpful to you.   Then if you know the subtype you can probably find the best combinational drug approach. 

Do some google searches on subtypes and blastocystis and Indonesia.  I have read some articles about geographical locations and subtypes.   This article says that subtype 3 is more predominant in Indonesia but you will have to do some more searching

Could you list the supplements you think have helped.   I personally feel that a multiple approach is necessary with probably drugs.   Did you see

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#6 [url]

Oct 2 10 3:09 AM

I would also add that yes adrenal fatigue is going to be an issue as well as liver congestion.   But it is the parasites that are causing the adrenal fatigue.   You can remedy the adrenal problems with some supplements.   I am trying to finish that post under the category Supporting the body.   

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Nov 28 10 8:15 PM

My story starts in October 2008 about 6 weeks after starting in a new relationship where I feel I was infected with the 2 parasites I am dealing with now. I am not totally sure if I caught the parasite through human contact or possibly animal contamination of bedding or house hold surfaces. At that time I had also moved into the country with well water that was not treated for micro organisms.  It stared with nausea and I went to my PCP to see what was wrong. She started with blood work which for the most part came back pretty normal. She started me on anti nausea medication which did not help. By December of 2008 the nausea got worse and the week between Christmas and new years I had a really bad spell after eating 2 big meals I felt a popping sensation in my right side and then  I started to shake all over like I was going into shock. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where they did more blood work and a cat scan of my entire mid section. The only thing they really found was that I had a lot of stool built up in my colon! They sent me home with more anti nausea medication which was worthless. The very next night at dinner same reaction to food I started shaking. The shaking with food went on for months. That has not happened for sometime now. I then had an appointment with a GI specialist who wanted to have some tests run. So I was scheduled for a EGD, Gastric speed study and hida scan colonoscopy. The scheduling was out over several months. Before I could get all the testing in I got so sick I ended up in the ER one evening where they decided to keep me. I was developing numbness in my arms and the brain fog was horrible.  They did and cat scan of my brain and mri of my brain an mri of my spine and testing to see if I had MS some kind of electronic testing of my eyes. They also look for limes disease and a ton of other things.



All the GI tests came back normal except the hida scan which showed that my Gallbladder was running slow. Not infected no stones just slow! After 4 surgical opinions and a new PCP I finally let them take my Gallbladder out. What a big mistake that was then I really got sick.   The GB surgery was in aug of 2009 and I switched doctors again by November and found a doctor who wanted me to have a stool test done by genova diagnostic. The test showed only Blastocystis H. Treated for Blasto with a combo sulfa drug and alina help for a bit but not for long retested still blasto. Had the GI 2100 test ran thought metamatrix and it came back with Blastocystis H and Parasite present taxonomy unavailable. So I have 2 parasites. In July of this past year I asked the infectious disease doctor to start running any other test that might shed some light on what is going on so he started running immunology panels and it showed my cd4 count down and cd3 count down they checked for HIV I AND II plus looked for virus load  and HTLV I AND II plus a ton of others all negative.  I am now seeing a hematologist to see if there is something going on with my blood.


Has anyone else had the immunology test run and found similar results with this condition? I have had a ton of test run and willing to share all my test results and medical records to help find a cure for this horrible condition. I am off the see the hematologist tomorrow to get results of further blood studies on the immune system.





Symptoms I have had (some come and go and not all at the same time)



Mushy stools


Left rib and side pain

Right side pain

Lower back pain

Weight loss ( form 168lb to 145lb after gallbladder removed )

Brain fog


Rash and hives

 Fatigue / exhaustion

Food sensitivities



Tests run


EGD with Biopsy

Hida Scan

Gastric Emptying Study

Abdomen Liver Gallbladder and Pancreatic Sonogram


CAT Scan head and mid section From Diaphragm to Iliac Crest

MRI spine and head



Blood tests


CBC W/ Diff and PLT


T Helper Cell

Hepatic Function Panel




Arsenic Blood

H pylori breath




T4 Total

Estradiol free

T3 reverse

Testosterone free   % free and total


Cortisol am and pm

Tetanus antitoxoid AB

Epstein Bar vca igg ab

Lyme igg and igm wb

Herpes virus 6 dna

Prealbumin serum

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D 25 all test

HIV 1 and 2 all tests

Toxoplasma igg ab

Iodine serum

HTLV 1 and 2


And I think there are more I will add if I find results

Thanks B

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#8 [url]

Nov 29 10 9:07 PM

brianb:  Thanks for posting your details, I am sorry that you have had to go thru all of this :(  Yes the profiles in both symptomology and lab studies are similar to my experiences and others.   Unfortunately the medical system is not well versed in parasite related issues so these get overlooked :(     Concerning the b hominis have you looked at other resources such as  Also you might want to look up Ken or Kenneth Boorom who has email newsletters and research on his site.   

One of the key features concerning blasto is the sub types.  Sub types are variations of this species. If you research the case histories on you will see that different people respond differently to different protocols, which basically supports the idea the sub type theory.  In other words since there are 10 known subtypes, they require different treatment strategies.  

I would consider looking at the South American herb protocol some of us are using, it has been the only protocol to date that is giving results.   I would also look at Amoeba by Deseret Biologicals which has the nosode of blasto in it.   Nosodes are quite interesting and there have been reports of people getting rid of blasto with this.   It certainly could not hurt.   Please keep us posted.   Again thank you for joining and posting.  

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#9 [url]

Nov 30 10 7:34 AM

Ok cool i will check those things out! Does the messaging between members work i sent you a message through the PM just wonder if you received it? I am wondering if anyone has had there white blood count go down and any other immune deficiencies?  Thanks Brian

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Dec 26 10 12:29 PM

My symptoms started 12 ( years ago as a chronic diarrhea. The diarrhea became worst with time to the point that I used to get it right after eating. The smell was very bad from my stools.

With time I started having chronic burping, acid reflux, bloating, diarrhea. In 2009 I had the first eposide of heart palpitations. I saw a doctor who said that my heart was fine ( it was like my heart jumped).

in 2010 I moved from Quebec to Toronto and I saw another doctor for the same issue ( heart palpitation that concerned me the mostt). He said that I have GERD. He tested me for H.pylori by blood and it came +. He prescribed for me HPAC for one week. The treatment helped me while on it but as soon as I stopped it I got all the symptoms back.

A GI specialist did an endoscopy and found no h.pylori.

My symptoms:

Unformed stools. Diarrhea.
dyspepsia ( acid reflux, chronic burping, bloating, flatulence)
Chronic fatigue.
Ringing in the right ear.
itchy feet.
Joint pain ( left knee)
Brain fog

Treatments I tried:

HPAC contains: Amoxocillin, Clarythromycine and Lansoprazole ( PPI but I found out that it has some antiprotozoal activity).

Mastic gum ( Did nothing)

Caprylic acid ( helped me but the bug became resistant to it).

Monolaurin ( helps a bit).

Sweet annie  helps a lot during the first treatment. I got all my energy back and I became happier but after two weeks the bug came back and it became resistant to it also.

I tried Flagyl but unfortunately for 1 week. It helped me but I think the treatment was not strong enough to kill the bug anyway ( My doctor didn't want me to take high dosage).

I'm willing to try the combo : Clarythromycine, Tinidazole and cipro for 4 weeks.

Also I'm willing to try the badbugs combo.

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#13 [url]

Dec 30 10 5:09 PM

Hi everyone,

I wonder if some of you suffer from chronic burping and acid reflux?

For the doctors acid reflux equal H.pylori. But after reading the stories of people suffering from parasitic infections at, so many of them suffer from acid reflux including Jackie herself.

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#14 [url]

Dec 30 10 6:11 PM

Hi Jvt,

I have blasto, but don't get chronic burping or acid reflux. I have had stomach pain, worst at night like a bad ache. Subsides in the morning. Also have you tried Ciproflaxim? at the bad bugs website jackie has an interesting article on it. Supposedly infections can become very resistant after using this antibiotic. I lived in Indonesia for 2 years where I became infected and while over there I was given a range of different antibiotics for gastro problems and I am wondering now if I may have taken ciproflaxim and that has caused my infection to be so resistant.



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#15 [url]

Dec 30 10 6:27 PM

Hi homer37,

Thank you very much for the reply.

B.hominis usully lives in the cecum which is at the border between the small and the big intestines. But there is no exclusivity when it comes to protozoa. They can live in other places as well.

Dientamoeba.fragilis in the other hand lives in the colon but I read an article that mentions Dientamoea.fragilis found in the deodenum ( close to the stomach).

There is crypto and Giardia that live in the small intestines and they can cause burping ( because burping is from the small intestines or the stomach).

I believe that the protozoa needs a higher doses of the antimicrobials. They are a size of a human cell.

Did you try S.boulardii? There is an article published that proved its effectiveness.

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#16 [url]

Dec 31 10 4:08 AM

Hi jyt,

I will definitely try a supp of S.boulardi, can you recommend a supplier? also checked out your information on Bacillus laterosporos, did you decide to try it? I think I may try it also.

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#18 [url]

Dec 31 10 6:06 AM

Привет СГП,Я blasto, но не получают хронические отрыжка или изжога. У меня были боли в желудке, что хуже по ночам, как плохо болеть. Субсидии в первой половине дня. Также вы пробовали Ciproflaxim? на плохой сайт Джеки ошибок есть интересная статья на нем. Предположительно, инфекция может стать очень устойчивы после использования этого антибиотика. Я жил в Индонезии на 2 года, где я заразился и в то время там мне дали целый ряд различных антибиотиков для желудочно проблемы и мне интересно, сейчас, если я, возможно, принято ciproflaxim и что вызвало мое инфекции настолько устойчивы.УраГомер


I have a constant heartburn.
BH can cause heartburn. If BH secrete serotonin. Then it affects themotility of the 12 duodenal ulcer. As a result of bile thrown into the stomach causing heartburn.
I just tried to Cipro. After that, my symptoms have increased by 10 times.

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#19 [url]

Dec 31 10 9:17 AM

Hi Homer,

The brand used in the study called Reflor.

But you can buy S.boulardii everywhere and it's cheaper than other probiotics strains ( because it's a yeast I guess)

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#20 [url]

Dec 31 10 4:40 PM

Hi pashteton,

The heartburn is usually from the small intestines or the stomach. It's one symptoms of what is called dyspepsia ( indigestion, chronic purbing, acid reflux, bloating, ect).

Have you been tested for B.hominis?

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