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Thank you for stopping by.   This forum is set up for victims of protozoa infections, and specifically for those who have received a PPTU (Parasite Present Taxonomy Unknown) from Metametrix, however all are welcome.   

If you register with this forum you will be given a personal email box which you can access at the top right of the page.  You can communicate with anyone on the forum including myself in which I am more than happy to help you.  

**please visit this link for updated information http://pptu.lefora.com/2010/09/18/welcome-please-read-2/

**Update:  there have been many people who have seen Dr. Kevin Cahill in NYC who does innovative testing which is quite affordable.  His fees plus an airfare should cost less than $1000.  He has diagnosed e histolytica in many of them in spite of Metametrix's results showing PPTU.  
You can see the separate category for information about his treatments.   

It is my opinion that there are species of protozoa parasites that have not been recognized as pathogenic.  This should come as no surprise as medicine is slow in understand new concepts.  Physicians are generally ignorant when dealing with this problem.  Typically they will recommend Flagyl as an answer which seldom works.   Currently we are experimenting with the Lactorferrin/Xylitol protocol which based upon personal and member feedback is giving very good results.  You can access this protocol here  -  I would ask that you give us feedback on your experiences if you chose this protocol, this helps all of us learn and conquer this.  

Understand that these infections can shift things quite dramatically such as immune system dysregulation, cognitive and emotional issues, liver congestion and adrenal fatigue as well as energy levels etc. I have good information on other supportive protocols that will help you deal with your infection more effectively.  This includes adrenal and liver support information, please click here for access to this information. 

We will not tolerate rude, insensitive remarks, this is a forum of respect.   If you cannot respect others then please post elsewhere.   

This is a group forum in that all should participate and provide input for all to see, it is not a forum where people 'grab and run'.  That is, please be respectful to those who suffer by offering your treatment protocols and outcomes whether positive or negative.    The purpose of this forum is the find treatment strategies for protozoa parasites that have yet been understood.  All treatment strategies are welcome including pharmaceuticals, herbals, homeopathy or other therapies.  We do not hold a sectarian viewpoint on treatments.  

Anyone visiting this forum should understand that this forum is for education purposes and these treatments are experimental in nature and that you will not hold this forum liable for any bad outcomes.  It is up to you and your healthcare provider to decide the best treatment strategies.  
This forum is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.

Please do not be shy in posting, there are no bad questions to ask.  We are all here to learn and to share. 

Lastly I would prefer that posting should hold some value based upon some scientific theory and you should post some valid reference to that.