Apr 28 17 12:29 PM

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uBiome is a new service that tests the microbiome of your gut with a at home testing kit. Cost for this is $89. Here is what they say:

SmartGut™ is a comprehensive screening test, with the most extensive panel of species and genera on the market. Using next generation high-throughput DNA sequencing technology, our test identifies specific pathogens and other microbes in your gut that might be making you feel unwell.  We also measure your bacterial diversity and other useful metrics about your microbiome.. 

Symptoms and diagnosesSmartGut is a screening test that can help you monitor your overall gut health regularly. It detects the microorganisms associated with several common gut symptoms, including: Abdominal pain/tenderness Constipation Crohn's disease/Ulcerative Colitis Bloating Diarrhea Gas General Screening Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)