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Aug 12 16 1:28 AM

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Something new I learned today, the Nrf2 pathway. Turns out this is a pathway in where the body's natural antioxidant systems occur. I think it precedes glutathione, SOD and catalase. These 3 are the kings of natural antioxidants which means they are produced inside the body. Low levels of these promote degenerative disease meaning oxidative stress. When oxidative stress gets out of hand then tissues and cells are damaged which puts a further drain on the body. Research continually supports the idea of antioxidants stopping the cascade. 

Infections use up the stores of antioxidants particularly glutathione which is  used to support immune function. So the vicious circle continues. 

Nrf2 is stimulated with naturals such as turmeric, green tea, coffee, red grapes and many other substances. The article states that Nrf2 is many times more powerful than vitamin C and other antioxdiants.

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