May 23 16 2:02 AM

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Dr. d'Angelo's article on parasite and human health. Here is an excerpt:

=16pxA major principle I learned in my holistic medicine studies is that much of our ill health starts in the gut. In practice this is very true. When you think about it, the tube that goes from the opening of the mouth to the opening of the anus is a long convoluted continuous tunnel that is open to the outside world. What goes in and does not get absorbed into the body will ultimately be eliminated. This rule does have an important exception. Many organisms will find the environment down in the gastrointestinal tract to be just what they need to survive and flourish. As any microbiologist would tell you, the number of living organisms down there are in the trillions and outnumber the cells of the human body. It therefore becomes necessary to sort out friend from foe. This can be a daunting task when it comes to the identification of the hundreds of parasites that can potentially inhabit the human body.

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