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Apr 4 16 2:58 PM

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Hi. I need help identifying my parasite so that I can implement a specific therapy.
It's tiny, white or translucent. I'm not sure if I have another as well or if this guy has another manifestation as something resembling hair.
I was suspicious I had a parasite problem before visual confirmation based on previous experience as well as CFS, frequent bouts with flu symptoms, diarrhea and depression. I have had isolated light blood discharge rectally as well. The discharge was only apparent on the TP and rather than being 100% blood resembled what you'd think was half blood, half saliva. Recently after not eating for about a day I became nauseas and vomited a strange black substance.
I became 100% sure when bleeding I saw several on my skin. These are white and/or translucent and I'm sometimes able to pick them off with tweezers. This has happened multiple times. If I don't clean the typically pinprick sized wound immediately when I wipe the tiny puddle or little stream I will have one or more little weird red circles.
I live in Mexico and am aware of the risks and my USA "born and bred" immune system. I've been here for four years now.
My previous experience was a nightmare. I had a large infection. When they tore a large building down next-door we had a nice infestation. Shortly afterwards I had multiple parasite species I believe from mice poop. One dreadful worm species grew larger and dominant and I believe ate the others as well as specks of fungus on the infection and ultimately the infection as well. He was also cannabilistic. It was a horror. I saw over 10 different doctors here, all of whom told me I didn't have parasites. The ridiculous thing is that they didn't do any tests or even allow me to soak my infections in hot water which would dissolve the soft tissue revealing baby's etc. I couldn't wait to see a doctor in the US and after finally securing health insurance (out of season, Obama care) at great expense, I went to the emergency room to get a referral to see the only parasite specialist in So Cal I could find. The US ER doctors were worse. They rudely told me I was hallucinating. You see...I'm an addict. I'm telling you this in the interest of full disclosure. Please don't judge me. I was introduced to hard drugs at a tender age as a very confused, lost, sensitive kid embroiled in an abusive upbringing. Despite this I was a good kid always wanting to be "good". I had eleven years clean when I relapsed five years ago. Despite popular belief, drug addiction is not a lack of character, willpower or exclusively the domain of " bad" people. Although their certainly are a lot of people bordering on evil, criminals in this trap. Hardened with no conscience whatsoever. Not all of us however. I relapsed despite dedicating myself to living my purpose of helping others. While I have compromised a lot- I have not resorted to any theft whatsoever although there's opportunity galore and great financial need. Not only that but I return excess change to cashier's, return lost wallets etc to their rightful owners. Additionally I have not lied and continue to live by the golden rule "do unto others as you would like done unto you". I have also lost basically everything and am suffering body, soul and spirit.
My previous parasite went away. I don't know why. This one isn't and I have nightmares of these guys eating my organs.
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Apr 10 16 2:40 AM

Sorry for the delay in giving an answer, I have been away.

No judging for the problems in fact there is more light on the deficiency of neurotransmitters (dopamine, endorphins etc) - There has been significant research on Substance P which is a neurotransmitter. The P stands for pain which can accumulate in the brain and when Substance P becomes too great, we look for ways to lessen it.

I believe strongly in the role of nutrition and bad nutrition leads to bad neurotransmitters.

Yes your experience regarding doctors is correct and is a continual problem with those who suffer. Keep in mind that doctors receive 15 minutes of instruction about parasites in medical school (according to one source). Doctors can only see what has been exposed to them this is why if you present an idea that is outside their knowledge that you will be rebuffed. You need to find the people who can help and oddly enough doctors south of the border understand this problem.

One lab who has been good is ParaWellness Labs and they can mail you a test kit, cost is $300. The doctor writes extensively on his website about the problems with identification. Cost is around $300. I have a list of other providers if you need them.

Identification can be a great help but can be troublesome. Otherwise learn to categorize the different groups so it makes it manageable. That is worms, protozoa, flukes. Keep in mind there can be pathogenic bacteria, fungus, yeast and others that can make someone sick, however many treatments cross over into those areas as well.By grouping, you can pinpoint specific therapies because each group requires specialization, though some therapies can cross link.

You have to be persistent and creative in the attack and use every available weapon to find. And don't forget this is a big war in the mind, emotions and will.

It is also important to log the treatments and review the outcomes so adjustments can be made.

Let us know what other concerns you have.

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