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=20pxIn 1946, Norman R. Stoll, a researcher at the Rockefeller Institute and an expert on parasitic worms, delivered a legendary address to the American Society of Parasitologists, which he titled “This Wormy World.” At the time, servicemen were returning home from the Second World War in great numbers, and many of them, Stoll noted, bore parasitic infections that they would carry for the rest of their lives. “Back from the Pacific come a thousand-odd Americans with schistosomiasis, and a few times that many with filariasis,” and many more, by far, with ancylostomiasis, or hookworm, he said. Sixteen years later, at a meeting of the New York Society of Tropical Medicine, Stoll remarked that, although the world had made progress in the fight against malaria, thanks to new drugs and a wider use of DDT, hookworm “remains the great infection of mankind.”

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