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Parasites in humans influence each other via shared food sources
March 12, 2014 
University of Zurich 
Over 1,400 species of parasites -- viruses, bacteria, fungi, intestinal worms and protozoa -- are able to infect humans. In most cases, the right medicine against a parasite cures the patient. If he or she suffers from an infection by two or more species of parasite at the same time, however, it soon becomes more difficult to diagnose and treat. Medication can even exacerbate the medical condition if one pathogen is killed off but the second flourishes. One reason is the little-understood interactions between the parasites that reside in the same host.  

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;University of Zurich. "Parasites in humans influence each other via shared food sources."
ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 12 March 2014.

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