Oct 20 14 5:47 AM

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With immune system activation comes a fall out of that reaction;  hormonal changes, immune system shifting and oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress comes from the very strong oxides that the immune system produces, it is this oxidation that damages cell memebrane intergrity leading the cellular damage.  When the cells become damaged the the whole organism suffers.  Many people report brain fog, loss of memory, depression and anxiety etc.   There are always new studies that are showing how the inflammatory (immunity) causes problems in the body, this article focuses on the nervous system and how it is affected by inflammatory conditions.  


Here is a snippet:

During a neuroanatomy lecture in medical school, one of our professors related his own experience of blanking out during an exam on this very topic. He related how he sat there, becoming more and more stressed, with the clock ticking as he racked his brains for answers. Stumped, he finally relaxed a little, sat back, folded his arms behind his head and simply said to himself: "So, tell me about yourself!"Only about half the class got the joke, but that's another story. But seriously, if our brains could talk to us, what do you think your brain would like to discuss? Well, I imagine it would give us some advice... namely, on how to take better care of it. Here are some basics I think all brains collectively would appreciate us paying attention to...o The brain is more susceptible than any other organ to oxidative stress (inflammation).o When under chronic stress, your brain is both subject to the effects of inflammation and is less able to deal with them.o Ditto for chronic mental illness, such as autism or Alzheimer's.

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