Jun 14 14 3:11 AM

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Video description from the website:This is a video series dedicated to answering two very important questions.  The first question is “How does our gut health influence the health of the rest of the body?“.  The second question is “Why do supplements, esp. methylation nutrients, make my symptoms WORSE?”  These are questions which come up again and again in the minds of both doctors and patients.   These are questions which hold the key to understanding the root cause of many methylation problems.  And these are questions I am going to unravel for you over the course of the next three videos!  In today’s first of three video posts, we are going to start the discussion by looking at stress…Stress impacts our health in ways we are just now understanding.  And how the digestive system is impacted by stress is the focus of exciting new research that sheds light on many questions regarding health and methylation.  Many people take methylation support nutrients, often based off a genetic test that shows they need it, only to have their symptoms get WORSE after taking the vitamins?  How is it possible to get worse by taking things which are known and proven to be good for you?  What process or explanation can help us understand why some people get sicker when they take supplements?  These are huge questions!  And ones that I have spent a great deal of time working to figure out.  And I believe I have found scientific evidence that shows WHY and HOW people get sick from vitamins…and we can do to fix it!  After all just talking about a problem is one thing, but fixing it is another.