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Nov 28 13 12:45 AM

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Endocannabinoids Inhibit the Growth of Free-Living Amoebae

What do you think? heres a vid
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Nov 28 13 3:59 AM

Link not working :( good post did not watch the entire video but is she advocating cannibis use?

If so, I have a post called 'Got Pot?' - a look at how cannabinoids kill off anti biotic resistance organisms. There is an interesting guy in Canada (Rick Simpson) who makes a paste out of pot that cured his cancer which is no surprise since much of the research shows that cancer origins are microbial, but don't tell that to the medical system :)  By the way he uses the Indica strain which is the recommended one. 

Microbes are debilitating creatures and the cause of much suffering. 

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Nov 28 13 11:45 AM

I haven't watched the vid, but my understanding is that cannabis is an immune suppressant, and it may provide some relief in auto-immune diseases (of which I would consider cancer as being one) - however I would think it better to find out what your body has a problem with (ie a microbe!) and deal with that instead.

But then again, if it is an immune surpressent - perhaps it can have the same effect on pathogenic microbes... a bit like a efflux pump inhibitor?

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