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Sep 15 13 10:09 AM

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I'm running out of options on how to fight Giardia.

I'm looking at Oregano, Fenbendazole and possibly repeat metronidazole+albendazole because this last combination had the most result so far (after 2010).

I found reports of Fenbendazole use from Margellion online communities and parasite drugs at curezone. There does not seem to be much research info on human use. This is all I found on pubmed and did not find any more on other search engines.

Effectiveness of single doses of Fenbendazole Hoe 88I against Ascaris, hookworm and Trichuris in man.

Fenbendazole (Hoe 881) 5-(phenylthio)-2-benzimidazolecarbaminicacidmethylester in doses of 1-0 g and 1-5 g per person were effective against Ascaris and gave substantial egg count reductions against hookworm (mainly Necator americanus). The 1-5 g dose gave good results against Trichuris. In a trial with a suspension of Hoe 881 with a high specific surface of 25 m2/g there was no advantage over tablets with a specific surface of approximately 8 m2/g. Two doses of 500 mg given with an interval of 24 hours were no more effective than one dose of 1-0 g. In a comparative trial using Hoe 881 1-5 g, Pyrantel 10 mg/kg and placebo respectively Hoe 881 showed equal potency against hookworms and Acsaris as Pyrantel and good effectiveness against Trichuris. Pyrantel showed only moderate activity against Trichuris in this trial.

[Visceral larva migrans. Successful treatment with fenbendazole (author's transl)].

Visceral Larva migrans (VLM) is a parasite, which produces a disease by nematode species. Specific hosts are certain mammals. After penetrating the human organism, these parasites never mature to adult worms but can produce a lot of various symptoms which are dependent on the kind of manifestation. Perilous illnesses are described. The incidence is undoubtedly more than is realized. A new microprecipitation test has proved to be highly specific for the diagnosis. An effective nontoxic treatment in human medicine--exept for mebendazole--was not known until now. We report about the illness of a patient with all typical laboratory findings and clinical signs. The application of Fenbendazole for the first time in humans showed to be highly effective against this ubiquitous illness.

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Sep 15 13 1:23 PM

Fenbendazole (Panacur) is the treatment of choice in dogs - usually two courses of 6 days each, two weeks apart, to make sure all cysts in both the active and inactive cycles are killed. Sometimes Metronidazole is used as well.

Which treatments have you tried so far JD? I hear that Giardia can be a real pain to get rid of!

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Sep 15 13 2:43 PM

I did way too many treatments. I may post the entire list or at least a partial list after I get cured. The point of taking medicine two weeks apart is quite valid and I have done this method only once with tinidazole and albendazole when I was first diagnosed with Giardia. My next step is going to follow the two week strategy.

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Sep 15 13 4:09 PM

I heard that people clean the dogs bum at the end of the first and last course so they don't get reinfected - so it might be worth changing bedsheets/underwear etc around those times too?

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Sep 24 13 12:13 PM

interesting Giardia related Fenbendazole links

Giardiasis, Clostridium perfringens Enterotoxicosis, Tritrichomonas foetus, and Cryptosporidiosis

Fenbendazole and its effect on the immune system of the sheep.

Fenbendazole treatment without environmental decontamination eradicates Syphacia muris from all rats in a large, complex research institution.

Diagnosing cases of acute or intermittent diarrhea: Giardiasis, Clostridium perfringens enterotoxicosis, Tritrichomonas foetus, and cryptosporidiosis (Proceedings)

Handbook of Small Animal Gastroenterology - Chronic Diseases Of The Small Intestine

Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Giardia spp Infections in Dogs and Cats

interesting forum thread on treating dogs with fenbendazole. People are suggesting treating for 7 days then repeating the same dose after 15 days. One person did a 3 day course every other month to keep giardia from coming back.

It may be interesting to repeat Fenbendazole for 3 days after 15 days from the first two 7 day treatments.

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Sep 24 13 1:22 PM

When you took Metro, what dosage were you on?

I am currently taking 400mg 3 times a day (recommended Giardia dosage?) and Doxy 100mg twice a day - just on the off chance it helps. Not holding my breath tho!

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Sep 24 13 1:38 PM

I took it with albendazole for over 10 days (11 or 12), this has been the best combination for me after Giarlam(Furazolidone
) in 2010. I tried Furazolidone again in 2011 for 12 days but it did nothing.

This is what I took that gave me some relief after 2010
albendazole 400mg twice a day (8pm & 8am)
flagyl 500mg 4x a day (8am, 2pm, 8pm,2am)

I switched from 4xd 500mg flagyl to 3xd on day 5. I was too nauseous to continue taking
4 x 500mg a day. Felt pretty good on the last two days of medicine.

I have tried most medication for Giardia. It's true that I purchased some of the stuff from online pharmacies but judging by the side effects and my previous experience with the same legit medication. None of what I purchased online was fake.

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Sep 24 13 3:25 PM

Wonder why it is proving resistant for you JD. Do you have fillings or caps? I hear microbes can hide there, in fact they often create biofilms around teeth.

Are you sure you still have it? (and your problems are not caused by something else?) Giardia have a distinct look so you might be able to pick it up on a microscope? You don't need anything fancy - up to 800x should be fine.

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Posts: 1,687

#12 [url]

Sep 27 13 3:14 AM

JD:  Biofilm and antibiotic resistance are more than likely the culprits unless you are not hitting them with the right drugs.  

The Goldenseal Leaf is having strong effects --- binds up the EP or start with biofilm protocol using lactoferrin with xylitol assuming you are on the right meds which I am sure you have tried.  If they are antibiotic resistant then the drugs may not have the effects as before (part of the adaption process). 

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#14 [url]

Oct 16 13 3:51 PM

I did 10 days at 30mg per kg per day once a day and I'm repeating it 15 days later at 40mg per kg but I'm not sure if I will do 10 days yet. I had minimal side effects with Fenbendazole and it has been the easiest to take so far. I had the ocasional more energetic day but It's too soon to say if it really solved the problem. I slept much better on the 15 days after the first course of fenbendazole. I'm currently taking the second course.

Wish me luck.

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Jan 7 16 9:14 PM

symptoms of giardia? Albendazole effects?

Hi Jazzydude,
                     I just now found this site on my giardia research. I am about to start on albendazole at 400 mg a day for 5 days, from my reading it works better then Metronidazole towhich the bacteria re becoming resistant and it has a better outcome and less side effects. The dose I saw was just 400 mg a day, and also is what is recommended for dogs. I am wondering tho if you could tell me the symptoms you have had from giardia? I had runs for 6 months, then that resolved on its own almost, tho I was taking andrographis and polygonum which I think helped alot, but then over the past 5 months I have had an odd feeling of irritation in upper gut next to stomach and then it has progressed to stomach which is sore and will occasionally had pin prick sensations quite sharp all of a sudden. Odd.. I have taken ulcer remedies for past month but not helped much so am wondering if I actually had giardia or some type of stomach worms.  I Have had dogs with it, I also work closely with my goats and they had regular worms and stomach worms bad this summer enough to kill several of them  and  they are very hard to get rid of as no new wormers and worms are getting resistant to all. Copper actually worked best for the stomach worms with goats!  But I could have any of the things since it seems whenever I am cleaning feed pans or water pails they pooped in somehow water gets splashed in my face or eyes, which is a way things can get absorbed into ones system.  I would appreciate it if you or anyone else reading this could relay the actual symptoms they got from giardia?  Thanks!

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#16 [url]

Jan 7 16 9:23 PM

Oops, a PS I just found in my reading that the dog dose of Febendazole is 50 mg per kg.. And it is considered safer then albendazole. You can also look up veterinary medicine of wormers for primates to get approximate people doses but I find the dose be lb or kg to be the same for people or animals

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#17 [url]

Jan 12 16 5:46 AM

There are a number of protozoa that could mimick giardia and there could be bacteria involved. The only way to be sure is some specific testing. I can give you a link to some trusted providers. Of course the bigger issue is how to treat. After years of reading, the treatments should be considred suggestions. By that I mean there are some standards of treatment but these can vary so experimentation and observation are the best guide. 

There are some natural herbs that can help (glad you got results with andrographis) - neem, caprylic acid, hemp oil (not marijuana oil, just hemp) graviola, caprylic acid or monolauric acid. I have a tincture mix of cubeb peppercorns, black seed, andrographis and paprika that punches through the infections. 

Giardia from the CDC

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