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Sep 3 13 3:55 PM

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Does anyone know of a good yogurt maker under $30? I'm looking at the Aroma AYM-606 it has a timer but comes with plastic cups. I prefer glass cups. It's not clear if I can get glass cups later. I like to make probiotic yogurt with Culturele, Bacillus coagulans etc..

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Sep 3 13 4:04 PM

I have that one and it works well.  I used it while I was on the GAPS diet for a few months back a year or two ago (and used raw goats milk to make the yogurt).  Haven't used it since though.  I remember looking for glass cups as well but I couldn't find any that would definitely fit so I just stuck with the plastic (they are BPA free at least)...

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Dec 16 14 10:17 AM

Buy a thermos for 10 bucks. It works just fine. I have a thermos. It makes better yogurt than yogurt maker. You have to check the temperature before mixing the probiotic with milk. Boil milk then wait for it untill it reaches 40 C. You can then mix the pro with milk and pour the mixture in the thermos. 

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Dec 26 14 8:57 PM

Thermos is a good idea if you have one handy. If not I recommend buying the yoghurt makers with one large pot (about 1.5 ltrs) rather than several smaller pots... because of the cleaning! When making it several times a week cleaning all those little pots is a pain in the ass! I use my own glass fermenting jars in mine.

Also, don't get one with a timer unless you can set it to 24 hours (most commercial ones only go to 15 hours).

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