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Aug 6 13 8:48 PM

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Hello guys,

I just wanted to share my experience in exchange of hopefully reaching out to others who are having same issues as me. Below is an introduction of what I am going through:
I am a 25 year old male and I am currently at the end of the rope. I am absolutely losing my cognitive function and slipping into depression.

About 6 years ago, I was an Amoxicillin for acne, and during this time I developed mental symptoms - insomnia, anxiety, irritability. Went from introverted calm, intellectual person to full blown anxious, adhd..

Over time, coincidentally discovered that my symptoms are triggered mainly by diet.

SYMPTOMS (From that one that affects me the most to least)
1.) Feeling isolated - brain/body disconnectedness. Am I really here ? 
2.) I can't remember anything. Watching a movie, or reading, I keep rewinding, turning the page over. This is getting worse.
3) Insomnia. Wake up feeling rushed, anxious, and very tired. 
3.) Balance. Closing my eyes in the shower, brushing teeth. I feel like I am moving/rotating. I cant feel my surroundings.
4) Ears feel stuffy and rining (started in February this year)
5.) Nerves twitching that start with eating, and dies down with fasting. (Mycostat and Candigone got rid off this) 

* I have absolutely no GI issues. No gas, pain, or anything. My stools come out usually pretty normal and no diarrhea. 

July 2012
Diflucan 100mg for a suspected yeast infection: CURED EVERYTHING. I was crying in happiness. Is this what every healthy person feels like ? I could literally feel everything, and read 200 pages of a book.
This lasted for a few days, and the symptoms came back....

CandiGone and Mycostat helped for a few months. I was slowly getting my consciousness back, but had to stop because my doctor wanted to get me tested. This is what he found from Metametrix:

Yeast/Mold 3+ (Could be due to dairy. I eat home made yogurt on a regular basis.)
Blastocystis Hominis
Possible Parasite Taxanomy Unknown.

Other anti fungals: Nizoral and Lamisil with no effect. 

I just submitted another sample to Metametrix. I know that my mental issues are caused by either a bacteria or a parasite. I am leaning towards Blasto.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my story with others who might have similar issues. If you have any suggestions, please let me know so I can discuss it with my doctor. 

Thanks and wish you luck. 

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Aug 6 13 10:45 PM

kartelious, your story is very similar to my own! I had a PPTU via MetaMetrix but found out it was Dientamoeba Fragilis just recently via Parawellness Research. Antifungals have helped me also, mainly nystatin but I haven't taken it for some time. I've recently had more antibiotic and antiparasitic treatement via colonic infusion,, to see if it will help. I'm still on medication for it so I will not know the outcome for a few weeks. All I know is that when I fasted for the procedure I felt pretty relaxed and calm. I've been diagnosed fructose, lactose and gluten intolerant, which are all probably occuring due to the DF protozoa. Unfortunately there aren't many options when it comes to treating these infections, so we have to try whatever we can. Feel for you!

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Aug 7 13 11:45 AM

I strongly recommend the GAPS book - as it is a very good resource for anyone who has neurological symptoms.

I started feeling depressed towards the beginning of this year, proper depressed - couldn't help crying as I felt like I was dying (still do! Just not crying so much!) and after reading GAPS I started Milk Kefir - I stopped feeling depressed almost overnight. Previously I had to take a Selenium complex to help with the depression - so strongly points to a malabsorption problem.

I'd stay off sugary foods, yeast etc and try to eat clean - no artificial crap etc as that will help too. Good luck!

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