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Jul 2 13 2:35 AM

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I use vitamin c at high dose as a laxative.

Does flushing your bowels or using other laxatives effect the effectiveness of luminal amebicides because you want them to stay in the gut?

Can't find any info on this

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Jul 2 13 3:31 AM

I can't tolerate any fiber

I read the study, I'm not sure if it would translate to protozoa treatment. It makes sense that the body protects bacteria from being destroyed but parasites?

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Jul 2 13 3:45 AM

Vitamin C is used to increase the effectiveness of your immune system. Vitamin C appears to enhance antibiotic effectiveness and reduce recovery time. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that vitamin C can increase concentrations of the antibiotic tetracycline in your body and can subsequently reduce the effectiveness of the vitamin, however. UMMC explains that this effect also occurs with other members of the tetracycline family of antibiotics, including doxycycline and minocycline.Read more:

So I don't know......who is right?

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Jul 2 13 6:37 AM

True, vitamin C helps immunity but I would think that the vitamin C would degrade the antibiotic as any antioxidant would do but your articles say differently.    I wonder what the life of an antibiotic is in the body - I would imagine that some of the dosing recommendations (2x or 3x per day) would work better since you are keeping a steady flow of the antibiotic in the body.   I was thinking that doing the vitamin c away from the antibiotic might be better but if you are dosing multiple times per day...

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Jul 2 13 5:07 PM

the article doesn't straight out say that antioxidants inhibit antibiotics for example:

However the mechanism behind the antioxidant mediated protection against these two groups of antibiotics could be different. In addition, presence of glutathione increased antibacterial activity of β-lactam antibiotics showing that glutathione could act as a differential antibiotic susceptibility modulator for bacteria 

Instead it seems to say that antioxidants interact with certain antibiotics to decrease their effectiveness but increase the effectiveness of others including B-lactam antibiotics.

And it increase effectiveness of doxy

I wonder what it is for luminal agents and -dazole drugs?

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