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Hi everyone,
reporting back:
it's been two months after our last Paromomicyn regimen and 3 weeks after Albenza (for whipworms) and both my girlfriend and I are doing good.
Almost perfect bowels movements and no pain, bloating, gas!
So in the end Cahill made a huge difference for us.
Mt 3 years ordeal with US doctors seem to be getting to an end...
Our biggest problem will be not getting re infected next time we spend time in Mexico...
But at least now I will know that:
It wasn't IBS
It wasn't allergies
It wasn't food intolerance
It didn't need a colonoscopy
We will also know that maybe the dosage prescribed by Cahill is not always adequate and maybe Flagyl before Paromomycin is the way to go...
We will also know that symptoms might continue for a long while even after taking meds.
28 June 2013 01:20 PM013 01:20 PM
Hi fexxo:   Good to hear!  Thank you for reporting back, could you detail the drug regimen (name, dosage, length of treatment and if the drugs were taken together).   Also was this a eh diagnosis?   I will post this in the success category.   Thanks. 
fexxo, this is really great news, and I hope you stay free of parasites, and eat safe and cooked food. I am really happy for you. I think perhpas it was whip worm after all?
28 June 2013 03:52 PM
Well, over a span of a couple of years this is what happened:
Girlfriend and I diagnosed by Cahill:
prescribed 10 days of 125mg of Paromomycin 3 times a day and Doxycycline once per day (can't remember the dosage sorry).
felt better right away, but after a few weeks symptoms came back.
Cahill insisted that's normal, retested us and declared us EH free.
We went on feeling not well for almost 8 months, in the mean time we traveled all over Mexico and South East Asia, so I don't if we never got better, or we got re infected or we passed it back to each others.
Went back to Cahill, both tested positive to EH got prescribed again
10 days of 125mg of Paromomycin 3 times a day and Doxycycline once per day (can't remember the dosage sorry).
Felt much better, much faster than last time.
After a couple of months though symptoms came back.
Not feeling like spending money while paying for insurance I tried to go to my doctor who sent me to a Gastro who insisted on doing a colonoscopy, stated that EH is very easy to take care and we should have been better by now. He also stated that EH is impossible to be passed during sexual relations. When I asked him to please test me for EH, he decided to give me a prescription:
10 days of Flagyl (500mg 3 times a day)
Felt awful
never felt like I was getting better.
Spoke with a European family doctor who prescribed be Paromomycyn, stating that it should always be taken after Flagyl to take care of luminal infections.
Prescribed for both my girlfriend and I Paromomycyn this time 250mg 3 times a day.
Got better quickly, much better than before.
My girlfriend was so so, better but still having malformed stools.
At that point I noticed worms in my stools, went back to Cahill who tested me for worms and EH, just in case:
negative for EH
positive for whipworm.
Bot girlfriend and I prescribed Albenza for 3 days once a day 2X200mg pills
and then repeated after 15 days.
Now we're both much better, but actually my girlfriends bowel movements have not been that great in the past two days and she's been accusing abdominal pains.
Will keep you posted, hopefully it's just part of getting better, also we've started eating out in restaurants again...
Maybe don't post it in the success stories yet!
01 July 2013 02:17 PM
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