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May 15 13 9:02 PM

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My 3 yo (and his 6 yo brother) have had untreatable, chronic constipation (backed up bowels) for almost a year.  No amount of laxatives, enemas, magnesium oxide, supplements, etc, have worked. The little guy keeps clogging up faster than we can clear him out.  His older brother is showing slow improvements.

only watery stools coming out, but difficulty passing stools
spurious diarrhoea
eats a little then gets full quickly
abdominal pain
severe bloating
foul smelling and frequent burps
wet-sounding burps (I think this is reflux.  sometimes he says he threw up in his mouth.)
low energy
anal pain and itching
sometimes he feels so full and nauseated he won't drink water
complains of headaches (but he's only 3, so not sure he knows)
slow to no growth

Treatments tried:
Lots of probiotics
Lots of herbals to treat candida and bacteria
lots of supplements
GAPS diet for 6 months

Did a CDSA in Jan which showed lots of candida and bad bacteria (klebsiella, strep, clostridia).  All parasite tests came back negative.  H pylori was negative.

Liver fx test in April showed high AST and ALT.  Retest in May was normal.

Nothing has worked!  In fact, he appears to be getting worse.  It's hard to know exactly how he feels because he's so little and can't really tell us accurately.  But strangely, I have been having some similar symptoms, especially nausea after a small amount of food (like half a piece of toast), fatigue, headaches 2-4x per week, heartburn.  Recently, I was very hungry at lunch and ate quickly.  About 3/4 through my sandwich, I started sweating profusely and felt like I was going to faint for about 10 minutes.  Then another night, I woke up at 3am with intense heartburn.  I am not so concerned about myself and have not seen a doctor for any of this.  I only my symptoms because I feel like they give me a window into what he is experiencing.  I am desperately concerned about my little boy.  He's 3, but he looks like he's only 2 yo or 20 months.  Docs are not taking this seriously because--so far-- the boy's cognitive development seems ok (highly verbal) and he is able to play.


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May 16 13 2:05 AM

Proper parasite testing may be an answer  -   perhaps it is just a bacterial issue based on the posted results. 

Magnesium and potassium work to relax the cells including the intestinal tract - magnesium oxide is not a good choice in magnesium since it has low bioavailability -  mag citrate seems to be a better choice for issues of constipation but check with your doctor.  As far as general supplementation with magnesium, products like UltraMag which contain a multi blend of magnesium is probably the best choice.

You might want to look at Dr. Leo Galland's material since he has expertise in the GI, or perhaps you might want to contact him.  

Galland's articles

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Jun 7 13 6:46 AM

my quess is amoebeoa /protozoin more thoards prttozoian, giardia lambdia, B. hominus all symptoms match... try cipro250mgs 2x a day / metronidazole400mg 3xd /furazolidone100mg 4xa day good luck this should work, sorry to hear about the children..Dr, Jesse

antimicrobial treatment regiment's

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Jun 7 13 8:33 AM

I am sorry to say, Dr. Jesse, your protocols are wrong. They will not work for E. Histylotica or Giarida. WHy on earth should Cypro be taken for protozoa? Even Cahill gives doxy to kill the bacteria not protozoa.

The best drugs for Eh are Tinidazole and Paromo, and for Giardia it is metronidazole and or Quinacrine. Read Dr. martin Wolfe's papers. Tinidazole never works along for EH. it has to be taken for 5 days, before Paromo. to be taken on the sixth day for 10 days. So I wonder why on earth recommend treatments like alinia that has never worked for anyone. Alinia is for cryptosporodium. Not for Eh. 

If anyone who has taken Cahill's protocol is not better then, it was not the right dosage or you have some OTHER PARASITE.


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Jun 8 13 7:57 AM

in sorry to say you are right if you isolate the microbe. In this case it on needs to guess extra-intestinal. this treatment is efficient to cover all amoeba/ protozoa.. cipro has the ability to inhibit resistance. a macrolide( azithro) is far more effective the doxy, as far as cahill treatments goes i don't agree. so unless you know that this the treatment is tailored for both amoeba/protozoa w/o isolation in .amoeba(furoxone secnidazole).to cover protozoan (furoxone+Secnidazole),,So your pedantic data puffery is not valid in this specific 3yr child's case.  research smart ,practice stupid 

antimicrobial treatment regiment's

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Jun 8 13 10:08 AM

"furoxone secnidazole" and "metronidazole400mg 3xd /"

These are the wrong drugs for protozoa. I tried the Australian CDD triple thearpies which includes, which included secnidazole and furazolidone, and they never worked for me.

They are no longer used to treat protozoa like EH. It seems you are guessing (to use your word) about these things.

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Jun 12 13 7:30 PM

So sorry to hear you are all struggling.  My family of 5 has been sickened repeatedly by our own well water contaminated with numerous parasites.  We finally put in a new well last week but are still not using our water yet.  So we have some experience with what you are dealing with. 

A couple of thoughts -

- do you have well water?  Even city water can contain cryptosporidium in some places because it is highly resistant to chlorine.  You might try to investigate the source of your infections.  Did you travel recently?  Does everyone in your family have symptoms?

-it does sound like giardia, blasto and probably other protozoa along with worms.  There is probably a mix.  It appears that your son has not taken anything that would kill parasites.  Albenza or alinia works better on giardia for us than flagyl - which did nothing.  Iodiquinol helped too.  Tindamax has worked too but everyone is different.  Cipro helped me once for gut issues.  Blastocystis caused terrible constipation as one of it's main symptoms for us. 

- you might research the Dr. Detricht Klinghardt parasite protocol, which is a 6 week course of various parasite meds and does clear many parasites.  You would want to try to find a Klinghardt trained practitioner near you to help with this.

-Stool testing is not accuate - if you are near Cahill - can you go to him? 

- the best testing we have found is actually musle testing or electrodermal screening (EDS testing) with an experienced practitioner.  My family has been through lyme disease, PANDAS waterborne parasites, worms, and many more things so we have used both mainstream medicine (pretty much worthless to us) and also alternative (very helpful!).  If you find a good EDS practitioner, they can actually test your water to see if it contains giardia, blasto, etc...whereas it is almost improssible to test for these through mainstream water testing labs.  If you can find one who does it, the cost is very high.  Our EDS practitioner helped us figure out that our well water was contamined.

-you might consult with the Australian herbalists (Mullum herbals)  who have created a protocol for blasto if you want to try the herbal route.  You can talk to Jacinta (an excellent herbalist) on the phone.

- My children are healing from PANDAS by treating parasites.  They started to make improvements on an herbal parasite cleanse over the winter (Caprasite) and now are making faster improvements with the recent MMS autism parasite protocol.  Not just for autism!  I am taking it too.  You might read everything on this site - the constipation might be really helped by MMS enemas because others have had success getting rid of it with MMS.  It helped my son's.   Be sure to read the istructions carefully and watch the videos since you don't want to do too much of it.   See:

- rife treatment has helped me with parasite symptoms but it helps first to find out what you have so you know what frequencies to use.  This is where a good EDS or muscle testing practitioner can help.

Hope this helps.  So sorry to hear your little one is suffering.  I know how hard that is.

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Jun 12 13 8:11 PM

Atequator!! I am so sorry to hear of your children going through this:(

Depending on where you are located- maybe someone on this site can recommend a good doctor or testing in your area.

I am considering testing with parawellness- Retired doctor who apparently can find parasites by stool and urine sample. I haven't ordered the test yet but will keep you all posted on the outcome.

FletchfFletch can you give an update on your parawellness diagnosis? Do you think the doctor was accurate in his finding??

Anyone else have experience with PARAWELLNESS??

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Jul 9 13 5:43 PM

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the thoughtful replies!  Sorry I had trouble reading the replies to this earlier, which is why I stayed away for so long.

We just got results back from a Metametrix stool test.  Confirmed Positive for Blastocystis Hominis and Positive for Parasite of Unknown Taxonomy.  We had been suspecting Roundworms for a while before we got the results back.

My child has not received any treatment for protozoa.  He received one dose of deworming meds, I think for pinworms, maybe a year or so ago.  The doc didn't think he had worms at the time, so basically just gave me a little bit of deworming med to prove that he didn't have it.

We will try treating him for Roundworms.  Any recommendations?  I have heard mebendazole is better than albendazole, but only albendazole is available here.  Any suggestions on dosage and duration of treatment?  

For the Blasto, we will try to see if we can do the CDD protocol, but there are a couple of snags here. We live in Singapore, and many of the drugs are not available here.  Also, I think some of the drugs are not safe for children (e.g., doxy?).  We should probably treat the 3 yo and his 6 yo brother at the same time, but unfortunately, only have tests to confirm Blasto in the 3 yo.  To get 6 yo tested will add further delays to starting treatment, but I suppose if we only treat the one and not the other, reinfection is likely to reoccur, right?  What do you all think of treating the worms first, followed by Blasto treatment?  Klinghardt protocol is to treat the protozoa first, then parasite, but again, it's going to take some time to get the Blasto treatment set up.

There are ZERO doctors here who are knowledgeable about protozoa or parasites.  Most doctors' response is always that the child will outgrow the symptoms.  We have been struggling for over 1 year now.

Regarding water supply, we drink filtered water (using a British Berkefeld/Doulton water filter).  But we only switched to this filter a year ago.  It's possible that the infection was acquired when we had a worse water system.  It's possible that the current water system is not taking out the bugs.  Hard to say.  Husband thinks muscle testing is a scam.

My 3 yo also has symptoms consistent with PANDAS.  We are no where near tackling that monster yet.  I have to convince my husband that it is real first.  One thing at a time.

Many thanks for all your help and any further advice is greatly appreciated!

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Jul 9 13 8:30 PM

Just wanted to add that his renal panel came back today showing poor kidney function.  Creatinine elevated at 77 (below 40 is normal) and urea high at 10.8.  Does anyone have any experience with bad bugs causing kidney failure?

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Jul 10 13 1:37 AM

You seem to be going through a lot there. It must be so hard to see young children going through this as they aren't able to express their feelings very well plus symptoms are even more scary for them. I've had elevated urea for a few years which I was told is an indicator of gut infection. It is reduced now but I'm still infected with dientamoeba fragilis and recently found my reverse t3 thyroid is extremely high which is also an indicator of infection.
I'm not sure of your situation but are any of your neighboring countries able to supply advice and medication? From reports of travelers to Thailand medications seem to be available OTC in abundance.
Yes doxy is probably not the best idea for a child. As an adult I overdid doxy and it isn't something I'd recommend to anyone unless its was a life and death situation.

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Jul 10 13 6:50 AM

Thanks for your reply, Troyza.  I think what we have is a major gut infection, but what exactly it is and how to treat it is unknown.  Unfortunately, the gut doc sees elevated urea and creatinine and doesn't want to treat for gut infection, wants us to go to renal doc instead.  Renal doc said, "apart from the abnormal results, it's not abnormal" whatever the hell that means.  We are in a Catch 22.  Can't treat gut bugs until kidneys stabilise.  Kidneys won't stabilize as long as there is gut infection.  Renal doc says it's reversible now, but if this keeps up, we are facing long-term irreversible kidney damage.  Not sure how many of these antibiotics are safe for children, certainly not doxy.  Docs here are totally uninformed.  In Thailand meds are available OTC, but then I'd have to know what I'm doing and I don't really know what I'm doing.

It is very sad because he's still just a little kid.  He's in a lot of pain a lot of the time.  The rare times when he feels ok, he is a delight, but unfortunately, he feels crummy more and more and more.

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Jul 14 13 4:26 AM

He has been having abdominal pain off an on, today pretty bad, plus dark green moss-colored loose stools.  Does this sound like blast or worms?

I have read that parasites can cause kidney problems and that infections can cause liver problems (which green stools are indicative of).  Anyone here have similar experience?

Thanks in advance.

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Jul 17 13 12:34 PM

atequator- I haven't been on this site since my last post to you but I just happened to check in today.  The green stool is BLASTOCYSTIS in my experience.  My children's situation is very similar to yours and I have been through many protocols so I think I can help you!  The green stools will go away within a day or two if you get on the right protocol.  But blasto is hard to get rid of and you can't stop treating it. I am sorry that your husband does not believe in muscle testing but you can still beat this without it.   Rife treatments do make the green stool go away for me but that is a slow process and it is unlikely your husband will believe in rife therapy if he does not believe in muscle testing. 

The best news I can share with you is that the MMS is working WONDERFULLY on my 3 children.  I have discovered that PANDAS symptoms are mostly caused by worms....the MMS and MMS/parasite protocol should work for your children.  I see dead worms in the toilet every day with my kids now on this protocol.  Along with this, I see major improvements in behavior.  Stomach pain is disappearing and PANDAS symptoms are almost gone.

PLEASE consider the baby bottle MMS (now referred to as CD) protocol along with the CD autism parasite protocol.  You can join the closed facebook group to find out more and order Kerri Rivera's book, which gives step by step info on how to get rid of roundworms and all of the other parasites and viruses and bacteria.  THis protocol is much safer than using the systemic meds which can cause HUGE herx reactions if you are loaded with parasites.  Along with MMS, the only drug used is Mebendazole and it is not very well absorbed so it just kills things in the intestinal tract and does not hurt the child.  I think this would at least be a good start for you and you can use the systemic meds later if you need them.  ALSO - you can do this without a doctor because a doctor will not help you anyway with blastocystis.   I am doing the PP (parasite protocol) on myself as well and am seeing great progress.  I am so excited about this protocol.  You do have to get over the fact that enemas are required for the second phase of it but my childen made HUGE improvements after starting the enemas and that is how you get the parasites out fastest without side effects.

Please feel free to email me at if you would like more info on this protocol.  It is cutting edge and CURING autism.  


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#14 [url]

Jul 18 13 9:32 AM

Thank you, Megan.  He just finished his last dose of mebendazole today.  Absolutely no improvement.  The only day when he had a pretty good poop was the day I took him to see an osteopath (same guy who does muscle testing, whom my husband is convinced is a quack).  Unfortunately, the improvement was short-lived and it was back to green stools and more pain again today.

To be honest, MMS scares me.  I have heard such polar views on it, and either view seems plausible to me.  I will definitely try to read more on it.


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Jul 18 13 3:26 PM

 Hi Atequator, have you tried any botanicals such as coconut oil with turmeric first thing and last thing at night? A good quality probiotic such as bio-cult? And natural anti-parasitics such as fresh pineapple and papaya after or before meals? What about milk kefir (fermented for 2 days)?

I have found Mastic gum helpful too (usually active against h pylori).

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Jul 19 13 2:40 AM

MMS must be used with caution - I used it extensively with no effect.  It is a strong oxidizer much like ozone or h202.  

ebrooker brings up some good points, I would add that the product from Deseret Biologicals called Amoeba is a good homeopathic product that also has isopathic remedies for many protozoa including blasto.  Homeopathy is generally regarded as being safe but always best to check with the doctor.

The coconut oil as mentioned by ebrooker has many antimicrobial properties (caprylic and monolauric acids which can be bought separately) there has been reports of it killing blasto specifically. 

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#17 [url]

Jul 19 13 4:18 AM

We have tried coconut oil for a long time and a month or two ago started using MCT Liquid which contains caprylic and monolauric acids and is more concentrated than coconut oil.  No help.  Haven't done the other anti-protozoa things though.  I don't know if I could do MMS with a 3 yo.  I know others have had success with it, even with younger children.  I'm just not sure I'm confident enough to try it on such a small child.  But I appreciate everyone's responses nonetheless and will continue to keep an open mind and look into all our options.  Thanks!

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#18 [url]

Jul 19 13 4:36 AM

If the child has roundworms, this would not show up as pptu - this is a distinct diagnosis.   Parawellness may be your best bet for identification of the pptu.   I would imagine that Singapore has some incidence of e histolytica which would mean someone in the area has to know something about treating protozoa.    Did you talk to the Health Ministry

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#19 [url]

Jul 21 13 8:04 AM

I used to feel the same way about MMS....didn't want to go near it because of what I read on online.  When our practitioner recommended it for my kids, I looked into it much more thoroughly.  I consulted with 2 other highly respected docs that our family had been to and they both recommended it for our kids.  AND I did my own research.  It is curing AUTISM.   Please watch Kerri Rivera's videos and the other many testimonials on Utube from other moms of PANS/PANDAS children and Autistic children.

The baby bottle method of administering MMS starts with one drop in 8 oz of water.  Then you take one ounce 8 times per day (every hour).  This way, you only get 1/8 of a drop per dose.  The MMS is no longer active in your body after one hour.  My kids had little herxing...and when they did start acting more emotional, I dropped down to a lower dose.   You ramp up slowly by 1 drop per day to get to the target dose.  All of this is explained in the website I forwarded to you. 

The vermox will not kill everything.  Alinia helped my kids a lot with protozoa but didn't cure blasto for me.  Tindamax helped me temporarily for blasto.  Iodiquinol can help sometimes too.   You have to keep trying things.  I would start the MMS protocol and do alinia or something like that.  Please do your research, especially if your child has PANS symptoms.  This is mostly from Parasites!!!!!!!!


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#20 [url]

Jul 22 13 7:56 AM

Thank you, Megan.  I need to read much more about the MMS.  Thank you for the links.  The low dose method does sound promising.  I will try to keep an open mind.  My children do not have autism.  The PANS symptoms are worrisome, but also PANS is hard to verify.  I know there is one test by Cunningham that is available, but it is very expensive.  It is also hard to know what is just typical toddler obsessions versus PANS-induced obsessions.

As for the MOH, forget it.  The government is in denial.  It's a first-world country with many third-world problems, but nobody wants to admit this.  They want to believe this country is as clean and disease-free as Switzerland, nevermind the differences in climate and population density that might contribute to the spread of disease.

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