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May 6 13 5:44 PM

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Hi all,
Just thought I'd let you know I'm having a significant herxherimer reaction with adding cellfood to my blastocystis protocol. Not keen on starting hydrogen peroxide I sought out another method to oxygenate the body and I am an in the throes of a healing crisis, the severity of  which I haven't experienced since my first round of herbs.. I'll keep you posted.


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May 6 13 6:14 PM

Do you mean you are feeling better or worse? Herxherimer usually means you are feeling worse to feel better but how can you be sure it's herxherimer? Only time will tell.

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May 7 13 6:06 AM

Oh I meant significantly worse. I've been through it enough times to recognize it. I thought I had candida for a long time and a lot of the natural antifungals happen to be anti-protozoan so always thought I was having candida die off but not so apparently.

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