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Apr 20 13 6:43 PM

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I have now done abendazole 400 twice a day combined with paromomycin 250 and iodoqinol 325  for 14 days.
I have also just finished a week ago tinidazole 2.5g followed by paromomycin 1g then quinacrine also. While on the drugs I feel better. Less constipation and can eat more. When I finish though I feel so much worse and each time I'm getting worse. I never get diarrhea only constipation that feels like its backing up into my stomach.

I am now on a formula diet because even the gaps/scd diet I was on before was giving me huge pain. I seem to have lost motility in my whole digestive tract. I can hardly eat anything and don't want to. I get 4-5  days in a row of excruciating bowel pain like my nerves are on fire. This keeps getting worse the more times I take meds.

I feel like I'm dying, but also really want to die. I eat only to live but don't know if I'm getting enough calories on my formula. Feels like my body is shutting down.

Is there any hope for me. I want to go on and find answers but I have had too many days in a row of doom and despair. The pain is more than I can tolerate and painkillers don't help they just make me more constipated and in more pain

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Apr 21 13 5:49 AM

Hi Walter, I know it's tough, but please don't give up.

It's always hard trying to comment based on limited info, but this is what I would personally try regardless of budget.

- A teaspoon or two of turmeric mixed in water about 3 times a day (especially before bedtime). And/or cooking with it. Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory, as well as having other excellent health properties.  

- For motility, I would get a mini-trampoline - the cheapest around - and gently bounce on it for 10 mins or so several times a day and 40 mins or so after a meal. If I couldn't get one, I'd mimic bouncing on the floor, your feet don't need to leave the ground. The action helps with motility. Walking at a relaxed pace is also excellent.

- I would do bath soaks in just water and bath sea salts (dead sea salt if possible - two hand fulls), and add some epson salts to it too. I do these at 42 C, but anyone trying these for the first time might want to start at 40 or 38 C, as 42 might be too hot for a 'beginner'. Emerge as much of the body as possible, and for as long as possible. Do not use any soaps or shampoos or any other detergents - this is just a soak. GREAT CARE should be taken when getting up/out - anyone not used to hot soaks might feel like they're about to pass out - so getting out very slowly is a must.Drink plenty of (natural mineral) water to rehydrate after getting out. This is a great detoxification technique.

- I would also be drinking 2 litres of (natural) water a day, and making sure I'm getting enough salts too.  

- I know it's an oldie, but I would try cabbage juice as well, before each meal if possible (organic or home-grown is best), it helps heal the gut.  

- I have been eating papaya (and some of the seeds) and pineapple recently and found that they've been helping a little, but maybe go easy on the pineapple to begin with or wait to see whether the things above help first. They are good, natural anti-parasitics - even against protozoa.  

If you try any of the above, please let us know if any of them help. I am reluctant to advise you to do anything in particular as I am anxious of how weak you are and obviously don't know the full extent of your symptoms, hence I hope you don't mind my reply stating what I would personally do, rather than what I would advise you or anyone else do. With that said, please don't give up, so many of us know what you're going through. Please keep logging on for support and updating us on your progress.

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Apr 21 13 5:56 AM

I forgot to mention raw garlic - I was having this with my three main meals a day and found it was the only thing that helped with my headaches!

Anyone trying garlic may need to start on small doses though, as too much to begin with can irritate the stomach.

Also, probitotics - after taking drugs I would always try to boost good bacteria - and that could explain you feeling worse after coming off the drugs.

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Apr 22 13 4:21 AM

 I eat only to live but don't know if I'm getting enough calories on my formula. Feels like my body is shutting down.


Just wanted to quickly add that I think many of us fall into the trap of excluding foods in fear of them making us feel worse, and it gets to the point where our diets become so limited our bodies don't get the calories and nutrients it needs. Our bodies *need* a certain amount of calories (and nutrients) to function properly.

I recently fell into the same trap (got worse over the years) and became very weak, and recently have taken on board the GAPS philosophy - where our bodies intrinsically know what we need, just as we become thirsty when dehydrated or hungry when needing fuel, we crave or want certain (non processed) foods when our bodies need them. I always thought this anyway (but just fell into the fear-of-food trap) so it was nice getting it affirmed.

So I'd personally eat, build my body back up - our bodies need fuel, our cells need fuel to regenerate (even salt!) and I'd let my body guide me and make sure I'm not starving myself.

Hope that helps, and that you're feeling a little better today.

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