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Apr 19 13 2:41 AM

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Hello everyone,

I'm a new member so I'll briefly share my story. After 13 years of ill health (IBS, joint & muscle pain, food intolerance, persistent vaginitis) I had a GI effects profile done which revealed the Protozoa Endolimax nana and PPTU. After a course of flagyl I had a parisitology profile done which revealed blastocystis and PPTU. This is despite taking saccharomyces boulardii during the flagyl and the probiotic VSL#3 afterwards!

So clearly I am prone to these types of infections so I was interested to hear from others who have had the full GI Profile done to see what your beneficial bacteria levels were like. My lactobacillus levels were good but my bifidobacteria levels were borderline deficient and my beneficial e.coli was almost deficient. I've been reading a bit about the e.coli lately but there doesn't seem to be any specific research on Protozoa prevention. Any input or info would be greatly appreciated.


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Apr 19 13 4:02 AM

Beneficial e coli (BEC) is a vital probiotic that is seldom talked about in Western circles but is well known in Europe.  It plays a key role in the population of other probiotic species and is considered essential to repopulate to bring the gut back into normalcy.  MutaFlor is a German product and they have much literature on their site to support their claims, unfortunately it is hard to come by in the US.  Bifo species populate the large intestine while lacto species tend to populate the small intestine. 

I have not found any direct correlation between BEC levels and protozoa, research does point to that protozoa tend to feed on bacteria species.   Certainly probiotics may lend a hand in a more indirect way in that they work with fiber to produce SCFA's which helps the gut reline itself.   The GI tract is home to most of the body's immune system through lymphoid tissue (Peyer's patches) etc.   sIgA (secretory immuno globulin) is vital for colon and immune health and there is a good page on the forum about this.   

Flagyl is touted as the gold standard but practical studies show a different picture, there are better drugs to take.  Eradication of protozoa species is not as easy as the medical community states.  Thanks for joining and please feel free to participate. 

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Apr 19 13 4:50 AM

Thanks Lineup. Luckily you can get mutaflor in Australia. I'm also lucky enough too live 2 hours from the CDD in Sydney and have an appointment for JUne. I just didn't want to get into a cycle of eradicating Protozoa and and replacing it with another because I havent dealt with the internal terrain. I'm actually a herbalist now  so am currently rotating strong herbs, taking colostrum, lactoferrin, probiotic but after 8 weeks it's still not gone so the cdd is my backup plan.  Sounds like the mutaflor is definitely worth adding. 

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Apr 19 13 12:42 PM

Hi Lizbeth

I also have blasto, and have tried a wide variety of herbal regimes, probiotics and dietary modifications, also several antibiotics. Am about to do a version of the CDD protocol, and then follow it up with herbal stuff. Interested to hear what herbs you consider suitable in this situation?


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Apr 19 13 4:12 PM

I have done 2 weeks each of:
1. Metagenics Bactrex (phellodendron, oregano, cloves, thyme)
2. Mullum herbals blastocystis 1 mix (coptis, baical scullcap, long pepper)
3.Mullum herbals blastocystis 2 mix (pomegranate, baical scullcap, oregano) but had to stop after 10 days as pomegranate gave me diarrhoea.
4. Mediherb brand bacto - cand (phellodendron 3x stronger than bactrex, andrographis, oregano and anise)
5. About to start my own mix of nigella, baical scullcap and Brucea Javanica.

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Apr 19 13 10:04 PM

hi Lizbeth, where do you get mutaflor in australia?

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Apr 22 13 4:03 AM

thanks Lizbeth, really appreciate the info.


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