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Mar 25 13 3:53 PM

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Post originally from velvetvalley85

Hi all,

After perusing Curezone a while back, I stumbled upon this site. I can appreciate that many people have posted very helpful information so I will post mine in hopes that it can help someone as well. This is a list of my symptoms and my story, but hopefully it will turn into a success story. I am still not better, but I have made progress, and I try to hold out hope that one day soon I will be cured. It has been such a long road that and I would not wish this on anybody. My problems started back in 2003 right around my senior year of high school after a trip to Hawaii. I came back from the trip and had a cough; a really bad cough, like the kind of cough where people pause and ask you if you are alright. This continued for about a month or two. Then came a stomach ache. It came on slowly but became more intense over time. My bowel movements also slowly deteriorated. Being a young man who had never visited doctors when I was a kid because I was incredibly healthy, I refused to see any doctors for my problems. Flash forward to 2009, and I'm so sick I can barely function.

-I sleep at least 12 hours a day (I literally come home from work where my performance is suffering and go straight to bed)
-I have up to 10 trips to the restroom per day where I painfully expel what looks to be dirty water, complete liquid, no solid bowel movements whatsoever.
-I have massive amounts of fluid retention in my stomach (as in I can press down on my stomach at any time and it will make these disgusting gurgling noises).
- I have horrible stomach pain, sometimes it feels like a massive buildup of pressure, other times it feels like an intense burn
- My fingernails are completely white
-I grind my teeth horribly at night
-I have really bad anxiety
-My rear end is very itchy

I finally get to a point where I realize that I am dying and I decide to go to doctors. After vising my regular doc and a gastro doc and being subjected to the standard US based testing for stomach problems, I'm diagnosed with IBS-D (with is a complete bullshit diagnosis by the way), given some antispasmotic medication and painkillers and sent on my way (does this sound familiar?). I begin to purchase every book on Amazon I can find with high reviews regarding digestive health and spend hours reading up on the subject online, combing through many many research and medical papers which I can only begin to understand. At this point I have easily spent 1,000's of hours reading about health, mostly digestive health.

One of those books leads me to see Dr. Wangen in Seattle who has a digestive clinic. He runs the Metamatrix tests on me along with some testing for food allergies. The testing for food allergies shows that I am highly allergic to dairy, wheat/gluten, sunflower seeds, green bell pepper and banana. The Metametrix panel shows that I am infected with Strongloydes, a helminth parasite as well as a PPTU (the life cycle of this particular parasite is pretty fascinating; it enters its host through the skin then makes its way to the lungs, hence the cough, then settles in the intestines where it reproduces). We treat the Strongloydes with Ivermectin and the doc tells me not to worry about the PPTU diagnosis as it is likely not a human parasite (It says this right on the lab results and the first doctor who has actually been able to find something wrong with me is in agreement so why would I question it?). In my opinion this is a very irresponsible assumption for Metametrix to make when it is obviously not the case, as proven by all the people on this forum that are still suffering.

Regardless, a couple of my symptoms improve somewhat after the treatment and avoidance of the foods that I have shown to be allergic. My stools become formed for the first time in years, although they still have an extremely fuzzy look to them. The pain is lessened, but I realize that when I cheat on my diet, I am right back to where I was. Treatment wise, I'm feeling better but not where I want to be a couple months later so I re-test for the parasite and test negative- no PPTU, no strongloydes. I figure that something else must be wrong with me so I begin taking supplements. If you name it, I have tried it. Honestly, I have a cabinet full of half or less than half used supplements that all do me little to no good.

Flash forward again to 2011 and I am just feeling a little more off then usual. I go to urgent care where they CT scan me (if the parasite doesn't kill me the radiation from all these damn CT scans I've had over the years probably will). My appendix is ready to rupture so they hook me up to IV's and schedule me for surgery the next day. I ask the doctor to do the open surgery as opposed to the laparoscopy so that they can look around in my stomach to see if they can find any reason for my ongoing digestive problems. Of course, they find nothing, but I figured that if they had to go in there anyways, they might as well take a good look. (by the way, interesting article showing that appendicitis is often related to parasite infection here:

The doc relays to me that nothing is structurally wrong with my stomach that he can see so I focus my attention back on some sort of organism/bacteria/pathogen that could still be living inside of me. I look at the possibility of candida but then I think about the PPTU diagnosis and think that maybe there was something more to that. I begin a regimen of massive amounts of herbal parasite cleanses. I'm talking like 6 different parasite cleanses all at the same time. Whether this is a good idea or not- I have no idea, but the very first day my stool turns pitch black with the consistency and look of sludge coming out of me with that and it lasts that way for three days. I expel all sorts of nasty looking stuff that could be worms or could just be particles of food and a few things that literally look like small yellow beetles, legs and all; could have just been my imagination running wild I guess though...

Anyways, about a week in, my stool looks perfectly formed. All the fuzzyness is completely gone and to this day it has remained that way (although it does alternate in color from yellow to dark brown, to reddish brown like indian clay). I become very hopeful, but unfortunately most of my other symptoms do not improve. One noticeable symptom that does improve is my fingernails. They begin to grow completely normal while on this cleanse. However, a month later when I stop the cleanses they go back to growing out white.

Since that time I have tried various diets such as SCD, GAPS, Low Fodmaps, primal, and the McCombs plan with his accompanying diet each for a minimum of 3 months with little to no relief- and I followed each one to a T. The one thing I did notice when I was on the SCD I also completely avoided all sugar (including fruit and honey and other sweet things allowed on the diet) and again my finger nails grew out completely normal. Not sure exactly what to make of this besides that my body doesn't react well to sugar (maybe that is what the parasite inside me feeds off of). If anyone has any insight on the finger nail thing I would appreciate it because there isn't much info out there to tie it to parasite infection- although I am positive that it is related. At one point I tried doing on again off again with sugar for two weeks at a time and my fingernails come out striped. Kind of bizarre but I guess that anyone with these issues has bizarre symptoms.

Thus far, I have completely avoided antibiotic treatments as I was able to treat the strongloydes with Ivermectin which an anti-parasitic as opposed to an antibiotic. I literally haven't put an antibiotic in my body since I was a young boy, around 5 years old. As such, I am probably the perfect test subject as I don't think I would have resistance to any antibiotics, although whether the bugs inside me have resistance to certain ones may be a different story.

I plan on seeing Dr. Cahill shortly (yes, I have read of his weaknesses and shortcomings- I have practically read every single post on this site actually). I know that I will almost definitely get a diagnosis of EH, according to every one else's experiences here. I will take that diagnosis to my regular doctor get the scripts for a protocol such as the one that helped briboy. At this point, I don't want to mess around with small baby doses that have low cure rates. I want to destroy whatever I have living inside me that shouldn't be there.

I should probably add that my significant other from the time also has similar although much lessened digestive problems. She was spared of all the food allergies at least although her digestion is fall from perfect and she does have abdominal pain; albeit not constant like mine. Her problems are mainly neurological, with tingling/numbness on the left side of her body and pain in her back, shoulder, and neck as well as a rash near her scalp. Her problems all started around the same time that mine did as well. Both of us looking to finally kick this thing in the ass so hopefully we are able to do so.

I will keep you guys updated about how everything goes if anyone is interested in hearing it.

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Mar 25 13 4:23 PM

   As messed up as this all is, your story is quite common - very typical of parasitic infection and American medicine.   

Identification is vital -

Parasites damage tissue and dysregulates the immune response so food allergies, and everything else you mention is quite common.   It is important to maintain a high nutrient level to stop the damage.  I would have my Vitamin D levels checked which along with Vitamin A and colostrum helps maintain sIgA levels  see link   other nutrients become exhausted due to the high stress the parasites create, of note adrenals should be supported as well as detoxification.  Please see this post

So are the stools still formed?  Which products did you take?

We continue to try to provide a high quality environment not only for our current members but also for future victims in which case we encourage you to participate and report and significant findings.   Thanks for stopping by.  

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Mar 25 13 5:08 PM

Yes, ever since I took all of those parasite cleanses my stools have been 100% perfectly formed and that was about two years ago.  I believe that I must have also had some sort of Helminth infection that I was able to resolve with the parasite cleanses, but I also believe that I have some sort of ongoing protozoan infection that the herbal cleanses were unable to destroy.  The parasite cleanses I took (all were taken concurrently for roughly 30 days)...

Humaworm - used as specified
Dr Mccombs Parasite Cleanse (Morinda Supreme and L-Argisept) - used as specified
Chaparro Amargo Tincture - 30 drops in morning/ 30 at night
Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse (Black Walnut, cloves, wormwood) - used as specified
Para-Cleanse From Hummingbird Herbals containing: Garlic, Black Walnut, Mugwort, Wormwood, Oregon Grape, Gentian, Rhubarb, Fennel, Licorice (didn't count the actual drops; just put in a few droperfuls twice a day)
Oil of Oregano (Didn't count the actual drops; just put in a few droperfuls twice a day)
So altogether when I say that I was taking 6 parasite cleanses, I will actually taking about 50 or more different herbs in combination at amounts that were already higher than suggested (My aunt suffered with the same digestive complaints about 10 years ago and was able to resolve all of hers by taking large amounts of parasite cleanses- so that was my inspiration)
I should probably also add that I was able to convince my doctor to prescribe Auranofin (Ridaura) for my infection, which I believe to be EH.  I took it at a dose of 1 pill a day for 30 days (can't recall what the exact dosage is but I still have the bottle so I could check if anyone is interested; started about two months ago). With how promising the lab trials had been, I thought that it was worth a try (but I read someone's post that said actual human trials weren't nearly as promising according to Dr. Cahill).  Similarly, my fingernails also grew out completely normally during this regimen- meaning that it did something.  I would guess that it was inhibiting the parasite somehow since my fingernails reacted this way, just as they had when I was on the multiple parasite cleanses and just as it had when I was completely avoiding all sources of sugar whatsoever.  However, once I stopped, they began growing out white again.  None of my other symptoms seemed to improve either while on it. 

I think one of the key issues that many people don't realize makes them susceptible to these types of infections in the first place is low stomach acid.  If you are suffering with these problems and haven't read up on the subject, do yourself a favor and do a quick google search.  Your bodies stomach acid is your first line of defense against parasite infections.  A healthy person who produces sufficient stomach acid will be able to destroy many pathogens/parasites before they are able to colonize in your system.  I discovered that I had extremely low stomach acid.  To determine this, all you need is Betaine HCL pills.  The protocol can be found online, but I was able to get up to 9 650 MG pills with each protein containing meal before tapering down and making my way to where one caused a slight burning sensation in my stomach (signifying that my body is now producing sufficient HCL). 

I recall reading stomach acid and low stomach acid arthat a healthy body is supposed to produce the equivalent of roughly 16 650 MG HCL pills when a protein containing meal is eaten; meaning that mine was operating at less than half capacity.  It's an easy and painless thing to fix.  If you manage to clear a parasite infection and you have achlorhydria or hypochlorhydria, you are likely to be reinfected by one or another parasite again in the future.  And don't take proton pump inhibitors; the symptoms of high and low stomach acid are the same, but most people suffer from low stomach acid even though they are treated as if they have an overproduction of stomach acid.  Due to the damn pharmaceutical bastards and western doctors general lack of knowlege regarding gastrointestinal problems, doctors have developed the practice of prescribing PPI's (a highly profitable medication for pharma), which will likely cause further detriment to your health.  Anyone who suffers with this affliction should at least do their research and be aware of these issues.

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Mar 26 13 5:31 AM

If you go to Cahill, and he diagnoses you EH, ask him if he finds trophozites with red blood cells in them. If he says not, then that is MOST LIKELY not Eh. and as i have said, many here have not gotten better with his drugs, very small dosage, without tissue drugs,(just Paromo and Doxy); and also know, that a woman I sent to Cahill who was has the wrong diagnosis of Blasto from a local lab, was diagnosed by Cahill with Trichuria and Giardia. BEfore she went to Cahill she never had diarrhea. A very unusual case. Giardia without diarrhea! She was lucky, and she got better after 2 and half months of taking helminths drugs. Completely recovered.

So having formed stool like you obviously means nothing, and I do not know what you mean by "formed"; you surely got rid of something, but still have something. But if Cahill says no trophozoites, with red blood cells, then strongly recommend you looking into helminths, which Cahill CANNOT OFTEN find. You know now not to trust him if he says that he could not find anything else. My bet is he will of course finds "eh," what he thinks is "eh," as he does in almost everybody.

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Mar 26 13 8:56 AM

@ :

Hmmm...Yeah, from what I've read it doesn't seem like the paro/doxy conbo has worked for very many people.  And from many people on this site it seems that even after you visit Cahill you may not know what you have. It does seem a bit suspect that he diagnoses EH in so many people- but then again, maybe this parasite is becoming an epidemic in the US with how easily it is spread and how no doctors in the US seem to be able to diagnose it.  Add that to the fact that we have a pretty skewed sample of people on this forum (all had the PPTU diagnosis from MetaMetrix) and maybe it all makes sense.  Maybe the PPTU diagnosis very often turns out to be EH.  I will reserve my final judgement of the Dr until after I get diagnosed and treated.  It does seem bizarre that he prescribes such seemingly insufficient dosages, even for people who have been living with these infections for years and years, which is why if I get a diagnosis that I am confident in from him, I will take that diagnosis straight to my Dr and get the scripts that have been successful for others on here.  I'm done messing around with this crap. 

Yeah, I will definitely ask him about the trophozites with red blood cells.  That women did have an interesting case if she didn't have any diarreah.  We'll see what the good Dr has to say.  I will report back.  Thanks. 


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