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Mar 15 13 12:16 AM

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Herbs by amish company kills parasites/yeast in 3-6 days. Anyone know how to find this amish company? Or how to contact Dorothy? Sounds too good to be true! 

Here is the blog/comment I stumbled on:

Dorothy Harpley Garcia • 5 months ago − I used to work for a homeopath in Utah who specialized in parasite extraction. He used herbs from an amish run company out in Killbuck, Ohio who make the most awesome remedies for parasites and yeast. Their herbs can get you parasite free in 3 - 6 days (kills the eggs too), depending on the species. My boss helped me overcome severe endometriosis without hormones nor surgery. Infact, after working with him and using the amish products I was able to have kids. One tip tho, when people had tapeworms and roundworms we would give them shots of ozonated olive oil. The ozone in the oil would kill off the adult roudworms/tapeworms almost immediately.

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Mar 15 13 3:31 AM

Usually when people speak about parasites they tend to think about worms and maybe flukes but little regard is given to protozoa.   Protozoa are not treated in the same manner as the above.   

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