Mar 10 13 7:38 AM

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Hi Guys

Great to find you here - thank you for existing! I was diagnosed with Blasto via stool test four years ago, and despite herbal regimes, paramomycin, flagyl, and doxycline, still have it. Am looking at the 10 day triple cocktail now - buy am confused as to what is the most up to date version of it, and also, how sometime that lasts ten days can eradicate a bug with blasto's reproductive cycle.

Any feedback or experience gratefully received. I have another protazoan infection - protomyxzoa , a blood born protozaon, controversially identified by a Dr Fry in Arizona - and long term flu-like illness, and am also looking with great interest at the xyitol/lactofferrrin protocol here.

Hope you are all having a decent day in terms of health