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Feb 15 13 11:44 PM

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Hi everyone. Was wondering if there were any suggestions for where I might be able to order the following;

Diloxanide furoate

Am going to attempt self treatment and of course don't have a prescription. Will also be taking ;

Lugols iodine
L glutamine


S. boulardii
Three lac
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Feb 16 13 7:55 AM

What are you taking them for? How were you diagnosed? My best bet would be to say keep searching for a doctor who is willing to prescribe them, that way you know they are the real deal, you want to get it right the first time with such a heavy duty bunch of antibiotics! If you can't i would say a canadian pharmacy might be a good option! Where do you live?

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Feb 16 13 9:31 PM

Hi trick the box. Im in sydney australia. I've been diagnosed PPTU twice by MM. Have done other tests with local labs but came back with nothing. Also had a colonoscopy / endoscopy done with CDD in Sydney but found no trace of blasto or D. Frag. Am just about to send of samples to a Melbourne facility by the name of healthacope pathology which was recommended by geneva pathology in the sates to see if I can narrow in on a diagnosis. Have read pleanty on dr Cahill but he's on the other side of the globe. Have had my gp rx me two courses of flatly and one of nitazoxinide prior but with no positive results. Have been doing a lot of research and as no one can properly diagnose me I thought broad spectrum antibiotics would be the way to go. Have found goldpharm for the humatin, and another east something for the tinidazole and nitazoxinide but having trouble with the dilox. Would much prefer to do it the proper way with prescription but without a diagnosis it's almost impossible to get a doctor to agree to such a severe course of action. It's very frustrating. My best bet might be pleading with CDD but the doctor there wouldn't even recognise METAMETRIX as being accurate. He hasn't even heard of them!! I have looked at the Canadian pharmacies but they all require prescriptions!

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Feb 16 13 10:34 PM

research and as no one can properly diagnose me I thought broad spectrum antibiotics would be the way to go.


Have you tried finding a Dr that does sigmoidoscopy test for parasites in Australia?

Here is a quick search for sigmoidoscopy with google maps.

The test should be done by a Dr that understand how to test for parasites.

Sigmoidoscopy  does not seem to be aways accurate but unfortunately all stool tests I have tried failed to detect anything with the exception of Labion lab in Brazil which is a great lab.
In my experience a sigmoidoscopy parasite test done by a good Dr is the next best thing after a Labion test but I'm not a Dr.

Good luck.

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Feb 17 13 3:46 AM

I find it crazy that there are only a few doctors in the world
Who do signoisodcopy teating, i myself had to travel from
The UK to the US after saving for 5 months. I think collectivley once we are cured we should write to doctors, councils, healthcare systems, everyone who may have clout, telling them our story in hope that sigmoidoscopy becomes more
Of a common practice. Here in the uk they test with Stool samples that are not kept in any sort of preservative solution, even in the school of tropical medicine! Its crazy!

My best bet with the DIlox would be to ask around on curezone too, it is my understanding that quite a few people have tried the triple therapy which includes dilox so they must have sourced it. I found a trade source but not sure if it requires prescription. Hope that helps

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Feb 17 13 6:24 PM

Thanks for the info / advice guys. i haven't tried sigmoidoscopy but i have had two colonoscopy / endoscopies with biopsies taken and had no results, the latest by CDD here in sydney. 

I too think the system is severely lacking in people who know what they are talking about and have the facilities/ technology to do accurate testing. Its very frustrating and quite often it feels like I'm having to work AGAINST the system rather than the system working FOR me. Granted my case has never been straight forward but i also think working with practitioners who were more flexible and had a greater depth of knowledge would have made the journey up to date ALOT easier. I am particularly frustrated with doctors who seem as though they are happy to continue practicing without any interest in increasing their knowledge of things they do not fully understand. Surely that is why you would become a doctor in the first place. I have decided that once or if i ever get better i'm going to start a web page or find a way to tell my story and help others in similar positions. I think there must be so many people suffering out there because the medical community has let them down. I wonder how many people suffering of IBS, with proper help and accurate testing could find the actual cause of their, according to medicine ' incurable sindrome'. 

Even my doctor at the CDD which is supposed to the most specialist centre in australia for people suffering from parasitic infection had NEVER EVEN HEARD OF METAMETRIX and refused to even acknowledge that the testing was accurate. How can someone who has no knowledge of a testing facility or their methods ( which are supposed to be the most sensitive in the world ) claim that they are not accurate ?! its that kind of closed mindedness that really is doing no one anuy favours and in a general sense actually hindering the progress of medical science and treatment.

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#7 [url]

Feb 17 13 8:03 PM

Well, my opinion of MetaMetrix is very low. I was tested with them and got the PPTU result like many others. It turned out MetaMetrix did not detect Giardia and Entamoeba histolytica which Labion (EH & Giardia), Aloysio de Carvalho clinic (Giardia) & Cahill in NYC (EH) detected.

I'm not sure if you know this but a sigmoidoscopy test for parasites is very different from a colonoscopy with biopsies. The thing with colonoscopy is that you take a lot of laxatives which can make the detection of protozoa much harder. A sigmoidoscopy test for parasites is not the same as a sigmoidoscopy for other purposes.

Cahill & Aloysio de Carvalho clinic use sigmoidoscopy for the parasite test.

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Feb 18 13 8:02 AM

 i haven't tried sigmoidoscopy but i have had two colonoscopy / endoscopies with biopsies taken and had no results, the latest by CDD here in sydney. "

Stay away from Borody's business. He does not know anything about parasites, and he is really like any gastro guy. Yes they claim to specialize in parasites; but they  know nothing about them. So many people who end up going to them end remaining sick, including Jackie Delany herself. Borody diagnoses people with some bogus thing called disbiosis and then he asks them to do expensive pooh transplants, which make people so deadly ill. Imagine doing pooh transplants at a clinic where they do not know how to diagnose parasites, and not knowing where the pooh came from. My friend from Australia who has been sick for 10 years was better when she went there, and she did a poo transplant and made her so deadly ill. Borody charges upward of 15,000 dollars for a transplant. It is a business. The doctor who treated me said he if he were in Europe, he would personally take him to court and put him in jail, because it is illegal.

Clearly this CDD does not know anything about parasites. He always suspects protozoa, and when people do not get better, he suggests pooh transplants. Listen to this: when my friend said, the pooh transplant did not work for her, Borody told her to buy her machine from him and use it at her home regularly. All she had to do was find a donor to donate her poo. Yes, he even sells pooh transplants machine to people! Unbelievable.

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