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Jan 24 13 7:17 AM

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Just wanted to let everyone know that about 6 months ago I was put on a 3 month course of Tetracycline for what was being called tropical sprue (basically damaged small intestine villi with no identifiable cause), it looks exactly like celiacs under a scope. I only lasted about 2.5 months from severe candida but after coming off felt that whatever sort of parasite that was bothering me was gone. I still have stomach issues here and there but overall feel that it did the trick. I am not saying anyone else should do this and probably would have done something different if I were not talking to a gasto doctor but it seemed to do the trick. I picked up a bug after traveling and afte about 6 months or so got a PPTU from Metamatrix.
Good luck 
if you have any questions let me know

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