Dec 20 12 4:20 AM

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Intestinal parasites may be causing your energy slump by Dr. Leo Galland

Last year I saw a patient who had returned from her Christmas vacation complaining of persistent dizziness and fatigue that had not improved for over a year.

Before visiting my office she had consulted three other doctors but no cause for the dizziness was found.

When I questioned her about the vacation, which took place at a Caribbean resort, I discovered that she had experienced a transient episode of diarrhea there and since returning home had been unusually constipated and gassy.

She had never mentioned these intestinal symptoms to a doctor before, because it was dizziness and fatigue that bothered her the most.

I've seen many patients with chronic fatigue caused by intestinal parasites, so I had this woman tested at a specialized laboratory. The test revealed infection with a parasite called Giardia lamblia, a condition called giardiasis.

After treatment with anti-parasitic medication, her gastrointestinal symptoms slowly resolved, along with her main complaints of dizziness and fatigue.