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Dec 2 12 12:51 AM

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Just wanted to pop by and tell that I am finally cured from E. histolytica and am feeling great. It's been six months since my medications ended and three months since both of my stool samples came back negative for e. histolytica. The healing period however was way longer than I expected and three months after my medication I found out that I had ascaris and other more common parasites in large scale. After I got rid of those I started feeling better and better and have had the energy to do exercise even after a day at work. 

At the moment I feel great and I have tons of energy. I am still eating a lot of minerals and vitamins cause I think I am still quite depleted on everything. My stools are always formed, bowel movements regular, I cant' "feel" my stomach anymore and only urinate 1/3 of what I used to. My low blood pressure, pulse and body temperature are also now back to normal. So happy. 

I don't know if this will help for the other ladies who had E. Histo but I have also finally got rid of  my insomnia and trouble falling asleep. After I was feeling so much better but still had trouble sleeping in certain time of my cycle, I thought it must be that my female hormones were a bit out of balance. I read that Maca could naturally help out balance female hormones and also thyroid hormones as it contains a lot of minerals and activates ?hypothalamus? (you should read more about it in case you are interested). I have now been using maca a month and a half and can totally see a difference. I sleep like a log and have also got rid of all my PMS orders. 

Happy wait of christmas to everyone and I hope that you all will be feeling better soon!

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Dec 2 12 5:10 AM

Good to hear and thanks for sharing.   Hormonal unbalance is a common side-effect from these infections whether it be thyroid, adrenal, gonadal etc.    Of course when you throw one hormone off then it affects the rest of the hormonal balance including the sleep/wake cycles.  Monsters these are. 

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Dec 2 12 2:50 PM

Hi  .

How did you get rid of EH? What did you take, for how long and how much?
How did you get EH diagnosed, was it Cahill? Sorry if you have answered those questions already, I'm looking at your message history but I'm not finding it.

Thank you!

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Dec 2 12 10:53 PM

Did you get a diagnosis with traditional labs for the ascaris - what did you use to eradicate them?


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Dec 9 12 7:44 AM

Hi Jazzydude,
 I took a course of secnidazol for my e histolytica . I had 1g of secnidazol twice a day for five days. From third day on the treatment I was very tired, and had difficulty walking (legs of iron feeling), I also passed stools many times a day in the end of the treatment. 

Secnidazole is structurally related to the commonly used 5-nitroimidazoles metronidazole and tinidazole. These drugs share a common spectrum of activity against anaerobic micro-organisms and they appear particularly effective in the treatment of amoebiasis, giardiasis, trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis. Secnidazole is rapidly and completely absorbed after oral administration and has a longer terminal elimination half-life (approximately 17 to 29 hours) than commonly used drugs in this class. In patients with intestinal amoebiasis or giardiasis, clinical or parasistological cure rates of 80 to 100% are achieved after treatment with a single dose of secnidazole 2 g (30 mg/kg in children), similar to the response rates achieved with multiple dosage regimens of metronidazole or tinidazole. Patients with hepatic amoebiasis appears to respond well to 5- to 7-day therapy with secnidazole, but the efficacy of this drug regimen requires further evaluation in larger numbers of patients.


Elimination is essentially urinary and slow so that patients with amebiasis and giardiasis are a healing response with 2 g (30 mg / kg in children) in a single day. Its elimination half-life in blood is 28.8 hours and 30.4 hours in plasma. Due to its slow absorption may stay longer in the intestinal lumen and does its ground action against intestinal parasites such as giardia and amoeba

I was one of the lucky ones: my EH was found from stool tests done by Genova Diagnostics. My infection was not however detected in the EIA test but in microscopic examination that showed EH cysts and trophozoites with blood cells. 

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Dec 9 12 7:54 AM

Hi Lineup,

I did not use any traditional labs to detect the ascaris and the other worms that I had. I think that the methods that I used might be a little controversial for a lot of people. I was then really worried that I might still have EH as back then I had started to have some parasite symptoms again (although different ones that I had before during EH). 

As I am from Europe I read about this bioresonance/ Meridian stress asessment at local parasite forums in my country and found out that some people had found it highly beneficial (here is some info that I found in English about the bioresonance but I do not know anything about this place
I normally would not have done anything like this but as I felt a bit desperate I just decided to give it a shot . Basically, the MSA’s computerized system can assist in detecting evidence of chronic infections (bacterial, viral, yeast/fungal and parasite infections) and this machine "found" I had Ascaris and some other worms that could be causing my troubles and attributing to exhaustion. 

The MSA analyst prescribed me some medication for these worms (but she did not sell the medication, so she did not benefit financially from the medication prescription). I ate 
high dosages of Febendazol for the ascaris for five days, and actually did see some small worms in my stool after the first day medication (I know disgusting). After that I took Hulda Clark's Parasite Complex in high dosages for 25 days and some other herbs for the other worms.

After I was done with the febendazol and herbal medication I felt so much better and it has now been two months since the end of these medications. Call me crazy but this worked for me. 

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Aug 17 13 9:19 PM

Hi "ehinfected" no more( I hope)

How your health? Still ok?
What "other herbs for the other worms" did you use, please?
Also, if you remember, when did you send the stool to Genova(same day or next and if frozen or refrigerated).
Thank you for your posts, there's so many people out there that appreciate these efforts and the same do I.

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